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Kubota Tractor Implements In India

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Recently Asked Question about Kubota Tractor Implements:

The price of Kubota farm implements starts from Rs. 15000.
Power Tiller and Combine Harvester are made by Kubota.
2 models are available in Kubota Implements.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Kubota tractor implements price list.
Kubota PEM140DI is the most popular Kubota implement among farmers.
Kubota tractor implements are compatible with all tractors so there is no specific requirement of hp.
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About Kubota Tractor Implements

Kubota recognizes that diverse soil conditions necessitate different machinery, as it has been involved in the production of agricultural machinery for a long time. We provide a large selection of implements to help you expand your application.

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. (KAI) is a key player in the Indian agricultural machinery market, having been founded in December 2008 as a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation (Japan).

Kubota India, with a registered office in Faridabad, has introduced machines that have contributed to agricultural advances in India. Kubota Tractors, rice transplanters, combine harvesters, and power tillers, as well as equipment and attachments, are all available from the company. Kubota's mission is to provide superior Japanese technology-based products and services to Indian farmers in order to increase their production. Kubato has headquarters in Chennai, Pune, and Delhi, as well as four depots (Pune, Bhopal, Cuttack, and Rajpura) and over 251 dealers throughout India.

Kubota believes that via the mechanization of agricultural operations, we can contribute to the Indian economy. Our high-quality goods can help farmers enhance their yield and profitability, resulting in a greater level of food self-sufficiency and a higher quality of life in India.

Kubota agricultural machinery is well-known for its long durability, great performance, and spacious driving space. Kubota Agricultural Machinery India continues to supply high-quality equipment that makes farming easier and more efficient.

Kubota dealers offer a wide range of after-sales services, including maintenance, repair, and warranty. When spare parts are needed, four depots in Vijayawada, Pune, Cuttack, and Chennai will provide quick servicing. Our knowledgeable dealers will work with you to meet your needs. Kubota has over 251 dealers in India to assist you in finding the correct Kubota product. Our Dealer Network is always expanding, allowing us to better serve your needs.

What is the USP of Kubota Tractor Implement?

Ø  Kubota's authorized countrywide dealership network provides services and support. Kubota strives to always put the customer first and give exceptional service.

Ø  Before they hit the market, Kubota parts are thoroughly tested. Kubota exclusively sells high-quality components, and by using them, you can ensure that your Kubota is always performing at its best.

Ø  Genuine Kubota parts are designed and manufactured to strict factory standards to ensure that your Kubota machinery performs at its best year after year.

Ø  KUBOTA provides a one-year warranty* on the combine harvester, which means the company will cover it for one year or 1000 hours, whichever comes first, and a one-year warranty* on the rice transplanter, which means the company will cover it for one year or 200 hours, whichever comes first.

Ø  Kubota offers consumers customized financing alternatives to meet their specific needs. Kubota Products have been recognized and registered with major lenders and bankers for the purpose of offering credit to farmers who qualify.

The Most Effective and Efficient Kubota Tractor Implements


Harvesting is one of the most time-consuming aspects of rice growing. Kubota has become an industry expert and thinking leader in Asia, with over 50 years of expertise in harvesting mechanization. Our combine harvesters work quickly and precisely, resulting in increased profitability and long-term durability for our customers.

Kubota harvester with a Single Maneuvering Lever frequently used actions such as making turns and adjusting Cutting Height require only simple movements of the Maneuvering Lever with the right hand. It also has HST Transmission, which realizes the ideal speed for the specific conditions of the job at hand through the simple, stepless movement of the HST (Hydro-Static Transmission) Lever. Furthermore, changing the direction of travel between Forward and Reverse is simple.


Rice is the main diet in Japan, hence Kubota Transplanters are born there. Our Transplanter will make your operation as simple and uncomplicated as possible while increasing productivity and speed. You can be 20 times more efficient with Kubota Transplanters than you can with manual transplantation. To fit your needs, they are available in either a walking or a ride-on version. Kubota's transplanter is simple to use and has a high work efficiency. Anyone can use our Walk-Behind type transplanter because of its ending operability and compactness.

It is also simple to maintain and long-lasting, displaying excellent long-term performance.


We are experts in soil cultivation, which is the bedrock of agriculture. The Kubota power tiller is not only powerful, but it can also function in both wet and dry fields without changing blades. Its diverse characteristics allow for great performance, resulting in increased profitability. The attached 80 cm width rotary helps disperse power during soil pulverization and is equipped with a KUBOTA RT1 40DI-EM, which is exceptionally powerful and capable of working continuously at high rpm. Rotary blades with a mixed curve can till the soil up to 12 cm deep in dry fields and up to 15 cm deep in wet fields, and they can work in both wet and dry fields without the need to change blades.

What is the price of Kubota tractor implements?

Kubota tractor implements are relatively affordable and well worth the farmer's investment. Kubota tractor implements start at Rs.50,000, making them highly affordable to all farmers. The costs of this tractor implement brand are very modest, and they will easily fit into any farmer's budget. Kubota is known for incorporating cutting-edge technology and customized approaches to boost the efficacy of these goods, allowing farmers to make better use of them at all times. kubota's on-road price has always been cheaper than the framers' budget, allowing the brand to become more well-known and accessible to the general public. Without a doubt, this is the farmer's favorite brand.

Where to get information about Kubota tractor implements in India?

To get all the information about Kubota tractor implements there is only one place on the internet and that is TractorGyan. TractorGyan provides all the accurate and detailed information about Kubota tractor implements. TractorGyan has all the information about each and every product kubota implements so that if one wants to buy any Kubota product one can take all the detailed information before buying the product.

TractorGyan not only provides information about Kubota implements but it provides information about tractors. TractorGyan also helps the farmers to compare the different brand implements by providing all information of all brands. TractorGyan is a stop knowledge tool where you will get complete and accurate information about tractor implements of all popular brands hassle-free and easily in simple language. So visit our website now to avail all knowledge about tractor implements effortlessly.

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