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Indo Farm Tractor Price list 2022 starts from Rs. 3.90 to 17.10 lakh in 2022. Indo Farm offers a range of 20+ tractor models in India, and the HP range starts from 26 hp to 110 hp. Indo Farm Equipment Limited is an ISO-certified company located in Himachal Pradesh and is into the manufacturing of world-class tractors, cranes, engines, and diesel gen-sets and has now recently launched Harvester Combine Agricom 1070 for wetland paddy harvesting. Indo Farm commenced commercial production of tractors in October 2000 at its plant located at Baddi in District Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Spread over an area of 34 acres, the Indo farm tractors plant started with the production of a single model. Within a decade of successful operations, Indo Farm grew to a company having models in the range of 22 HP, 26 HP, 34 HP, 38 HP, 45 HP, 50 HP, 55 HP, 60 HP, 65 HP, 75 HP, 90 HP and 110 HP with affordable Indo farm tractor price in India. Way back within a year of its operations, the company had successfully indigenized the engine components, manufacturing, and assembly processes, and accordingly stopped the import of engines.

Indo farm Tractors Price List 2022 in India

tractor hp HP:- NA
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 500 Kg
tractor hp HP:- 95
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 4
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 2600 Kg
tractor hp HP:- 95
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 4
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 2600 Kg
tractor hp HP:- 110
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 4
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 4500 Kg

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Recently Asked Question about Indo farm Tractors:

Indo Farm Tractor HP range starts from 26 hp to 110 hp.

Indo Farm tractor price range starts from Rs. 3.90 lakh* to Rs 17.10 lakh* in India.

Ranbir Singh Khadwalia, the founder/CMD of Indo Farm Equipment Limited toiled for years by the proverbial midnight oil and within 20 years of its existence brought his company on the world map.

Indo Farm's most powerful tractor is Indo Farm 4110 DI.

The most fuel-efficient Indo Farm tractor is Indo Farm 3040 DI.

Indo Farm 2030 DI is the best tractor in Indo Farm tractor.

At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Indo Farm tractors price list.

The best Indo Farm tractor in India is Indo Farm 1026 NG 4WD.

At tractorgyan, visit Locate tractor dealer page to find Indo farm dealer and showroom.

Indo Farm tractor's average lifting capacity is 500 kg to 2600 kg.

25+ Tractor models are available in the Indo Farm tractor brand.

The best 50 HP Indo Farm tractor is Indo Farm 3048 DI.

Indo Farm 4190 DI 4WD has the best hydraulic lifting capacity which is 2600 Kg.

The most popular Indo Farm tractor in India is Indo Farm 3048 DI.

The latest models of Indo Farm tractors are Indo Farm 4110 DI and Indo Farm 4195 DI 4WD.

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About Indo Farm Tractor Price list 2022 in India

In 2022, the Indo Farm tractor has a total of 20 tractor models available in India, with horsepower ranging from 22 to 110 hp. The Indo Farm Tractor price in India ranges from Rs. 3.90 to Rs. 17.10 lakhs*.

Indo Farm Equipment Limited, based in Himachal Pradesh, manufactures world-class tractors, cranes, engines, and diesel gensets, and has just developed the Harvester Combine Agricom 1070 for wetland paddy harvesting.

Indo Farm began commercial tractor production in October 2000 at its Baddi factory in the Himachal Pradesh district of Solan. The plant, which covers 34 acres, began with the production of a single model. it developed into a corporation with models ranging from 22 to 110 HP and numerous modifications within a decade of effective operations. 

Indo Farm tractors have diversified and actively developed the best farm tractors in India since their inception in 2000, putting them at the top of the list of best and most efficient tractors. Despite the fact that the company has expanded into the manufacturing of machines, equipment, and tractors, the production and sale of tractors remain their greatest and most unique product.

Indo farm tractor models are also the greatest in the collection of farm autos, as a consequence of a unique blend of sophisticated technology and ingenuity. This may provide the particular tractor brand with an unrivaled competitive advantage. As the top tractor manufacturing company in India provides user-based solutions and end-to-end services, which means it offers a diverse range of tractors with dry or oil-immersed brakes, as well as models with charging ports and great engine efficiency.

Indo Agricultural tractors have everything to offer our true heroes in farm machines and autos. The company also has dependable tractor dealers all around the country who can assist you get the greatest tractor models delivered right to your home. 

History of Indo-Farm Tractors In India

Indo farm began operations in 1994, with Ranbir Singh Khadwalia as the company's founder. The company aspires to supply farmers with not only the highest-quality tractors but also to assist them to realize their dreams and achieve maximum pleasure. The company manufactures the greatest tractors with engine capacities ranging from 22 to 110 horsepower.

Indo farm is delighted to boast that it meets the demands and wants of farmers and that it never fails to meet their expectations and objectives. The company also manufactures tractors, tractor components, and other farm machinery, as well as having an exclusive harvester model launch and being the industry leader in selling the best tractors.

The agriculture industry is difficult to succeed in; it is one of the most important and significant sectors of the Indian economy, and selling and purchasing goods is difficult. As a result, tractor manufacturers today work exceedingly hard to provide tractors of the highest efficiency and quality, and tractors are also built in the United States. Indo farm tractor Considering the primary needs of Indian farmers to ensure that their needs are met through the appropriate application of technology and scientific methodologies.

The agro-industry foresees more favorable future outcomes for enhancing the power and strength of farmers. The economy has already resurrected the fact that the tractor industry has benefited the farming industry much because tractors have a direct impact on agricultural production. Great farming yields are the result of the ease with which the greatest and most well-equipped farming equipment may be provided. As a result, the industry's adaptation and diversification keep the bar high for generating the best and most solution-driven results for farmers. 

Which are the most popular tractors of Indo Farm in India?

"The most popular product sells out more"

This is a widespread misconception; people in the market believe that things that sell well generate more buzz and are thus popular. However, a product's popularity is based on its quality, efficiency, and performance, not on its sales volume. The usability and efficiency of the product are what make it popular and memorable.

Indo Farm tractors have become quite popular in India due to their great comfort and operational capabilities. Indo-farm tractors in India not only make farming easier for farmers, but they also assist them in simplifying complex field jobs that may be a major source of difficulty for them and price of indo farm Tractor is also not a matter of concern because its price suits almost all farmers in India.

What are the Indo farm tractor price lists in India in 2022?

When making a large and long-term investment, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. Indo-farm tractors in India take care of the farmer's preference and affordability, and hence offer axing tractors at a variety of affordable costs. Indo-farm tractor price in India starts at Rs 3.90 lakhs*. The most expensive tractor made by the Indo farm tractor brand costs Rs 17.10 lakhs*.

The nicest thing about the Indo Farm tractor brand is that it has tractors in every price range, which allows every farmer to make informed decisions and easily afford a tractor. Indo farm tractor on road price in India in 2022 is affordable and straightforward.

Where can we find Videos of Indo farm tractors?

Learn about the characteristics, features, and specific costs of Indo farm tractors in India by watching a video on Tractor Gyan's YouTube channel. We have a large library of indo farm tractor videos to assist you in making better selections. These Videos will provide important information regarding tractors, as well as data on each of the tractors' individual parts.

Who are the dealers of Indo farm tractors in India in 2022?

Indo Farm tractor manages and operates 55 regional offices across the world, with 300 power dealers. Dealers have made it simple for potential buyers to determine the correct Indo farm tractor price list.

Dealership marketing is the next big thing that firms should be aware of, as it boosts sales and gives all tractors the proper exposure and notoriety across the world. Indo-farm tractor dealers have sold approximately in large quantities in the past, which is why the tractor brand has become so well-known in the market.

Getting a tractor is no longer difficult; instead, you can find one simply by looking for tractors in your area. You should absolutely check for tractor Showrooms in your area to get the finest Indo farm tractor offer.

How to get an Indo Farm tractor loan?

 If you visit our website Tractor Gyan, where we have all the details on how to get tractors on loan, getting an Indo Farm tractor loan will become stress-free and rapid. You can simply find all the information you need concerning paperwork, EMIs, and other connected difficulties on the tractor Gyan website.

Our website will offer you a variety of options to help you save money on your Indo Farm tractor. Visit and look through the financing department.

Are there any second-hand Indo Farm tractors in India in 2022?

Tractor Gyan currently has a large range of used Indo farm tractors. We provide a free listing of second-hand indo farm tractors with detailed specifications and prices. Visit Tractor Gyan to learn more about the greatest second-hand tractor in India.

The sales figure of Indo farm tractors in India in 2022 stands to be 2459. The Indo farm tractor model in 2022 has seen a great journey in sales in Indo farm 3048 DI.

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