All Digitrac Tractors In India

HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capicity:- 1800 KG
HP:- 60
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capicity:- 1800 KG
HP:- 47
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 2000 KG

Digitrac Tractor goes under Escort Group to change the tractor business. Digitrac Tractors was propelled in 2019 and is an ongoing participant in the Indian tractor showcase It is the third tractor brand from Escorts Agri Machinery. 

Digitrac is India's first online tractor stage. Digitrac tractors are sold online only through the Digitrac App. This is a forward leap from the customary methods of dispersion and will focus on the youthful and technically knowledgeable farmers. 

Digitrac has a progressed, solid, novel tractor. Digitrac tractors are completely stacked with inventive highlights. Digitrac Tractors are by and by online at the best cost. Digitrac Tractor showed up in 2020 and is a newcomer from Escorts Agri Machinery. Digitrac tractors are a genuine case of advancement and innovation. Presently it's just accessible in Punjab and Haryana. 

Digitrac is India's underlying on-line tractor stage. Clients should purchase Digitrac Tractor Models at away from the solace of their homes. Expenses of Digitrac tractors are low because of these tractors being sold straightforwardly by Escort Company. Demo, Sale, Loan, and Insurance customs are often managed with no exertion. All Digitrac tractors are a perfect blend of global vogue and solace with choices most appropriate to Indian cultivating. Digitrac tractor comes in DigiBlack, DigiSilver, and DigiBlue. You can get all data identified with Digitrac Tractor 60 hp Price in India, Digitrac Tractor Price List, Digitrac tractors value, determination and up and coming models. 

For what reason is Digitrac the best tractor organization? 

Digitrac quickly covers the market of tractors in Punjab and Haryana. It simply depicts the words like modernity, uniqueness, proficiency, progressed, and some more. 

  • Digitrac Tractor has the best PTO power for viable work with the actualizes. 
  • Digitrac Tractor accompanies creative highlights. 
  • Digitrac expects to enable ranchers of India.  

Digitrac represents innovation and as such the tractors are upscale, cutting edge, and amazing to run the executes proficiently. Digitrac tractors are intended for each application and are a blend of global style, solace, and India explicit highlights. All Digitrac tractors come stacked with top of the line alternatives. Clients can purchase Digitrac tractors at straightforward costs from the solace of their homes. 

Costs for Digitrac are low on the grounds that these tractors are sold straightforwardly by the Escorts organization. Demo, deal, advances, and protection conventions can be finished without going out. 

All Digitrac tractors accompany an industry-driving 5-year guarantee. Digitrac Tractors makes superior, multi-application rough machine that gives the greatest solace to the driver at the most moderate tractor cost. 

Digitrac Tractors' arrangement presents a triumphant blend of style and execution, which gives extraordinary client experience to the ranchers. Digitrac Tractors likewise gives other Farm Tractors between 5,60,000 to 7,20,000


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