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All Tractor tyres in India

A good tractor tyre helps a tractor maintain its balance and perform crucial farming activities like ploughing, harvesting, and haulage. If farmers are not using compatible tractor tyres, they won’t be able to use their tractors properly.

Tractor tyre prices in India are within the range of Rs. 2,500* to Rs. 90,000* and vary according to the new tractor tyre models farmers purchase.

Front tractor tyre sizes like 6.00 X 16, 7.50 X 16 and 6.50 X 16 and rear tractor tyre sizes like 12.4 X 28, 13.6 X 28, and 14.9 X 28 are very popular in India.
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Recently Asked Question About All MRF Tractor Tyre

What is the tractor tyre price in India 2024?

Tractor tyre price starts from Rs. 3,050* - Rs. 40,500* in India 2024.

Which tractor tyre brands are Popular in India?

Popular tractor tyre brands in India are MRF, JK, Apollo, Ceat, MRL, Birla, ralco, Bkt and so on.

What is tractor tyre size available in India?

Tractor Tyre are available in different sizes such as front tyre : 6.00 X 16, 6.50 X 16, 7.50 X 16 and rear tyre : 12.4 X 28, 13.6 X 28, 14.9 X 28.

How many tractor tyre models you can find at tractorgyan?

120+ tractor tyre models you can find at tractorgyan.

Which kind of details about tractors tyre can I get at tractorgyan?

You can find details like tractor tyre price, tractor tyre features, tarctor tyre reviews and so on at tractorgyan

How many tractor tyre brands you can find at tractorgyan?

10+ tractor tyre brand you can find at tractorgyan,

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New Tractor Tyre Price & Models in 2024

Tractor tyres are an important part of a tractor. They allow a tractor to maintain the balance and operate seamlessly. The right type of tyre not only increases the functionality of a tractor but also helps farmers to use it on all sorts of farming fields easily.

Considering the different farming requirements, tractor tyres are available in different sizes, types, and varieties. Farmers need to find an ideal Indian tractor tyre type for both front and rear positions.  More than 8 tractor tyre brands like JK Tyre, BKT, MRF, Apollo, Ralco, and Birla offer a wide range of farm tractor tyres. Some famous new tractor tyre models in India are MRF Front 3-Rib tractor tyre, BKT BK308, Apollo Bhim, and Ralco Mahashakti,

The tractor tyre prices majorly depend on the size, type, and brand of available tractor tyres for sale. Farmers need to set a budget and check the tractor tyre price list at TractorGyan.

All Tractor Tyre Prices in India 2024

The starting new tractor tyre price in India is Rs. 2,500*. and, it can go up to Rs. 90,000*. This variation is because we have different models from many renowned tractor tyre brands available for sale.

A rear tractor tyre is generally heavier and larger as compared to a front tractor tyre. Hence, its price is mostly higher than the front tractor tyre price. You can learn about updated tractor tyre prices for both front and rear tyres at TractorGyan.

New Tractor Tyre in India by Sizes

Tractor tyres are available in two categories; front tyres and rear tyres. Because both types of tractors have different functions, they are available in different sizes.

Front Tractor Tyre Sizes

A new front tractor tyre is small in size and supports the weight of the tractor. Below are some of the famous front tractor tyre sizes available in India.

  1. 6.00x16 - 6.00x16 front tractor size is small and is ideal for small tractors.

  2. 6.50x16 - A new tractor tyre in 6.50x16 size is perfect for compact and garden tractors. It is 6.50 inches wide and 16 inches in rim diameter.

  3. 7.50x16 - This tractor size is designed for heavy-duty tractors that are engaged in commercial farming.

Rear Tractor Tyre Sizes

Rear tractor tyres in India are larger and help a tractor to gain traction for operations. Some famous rear new tractor tyre sizes are mentioned below.

  1. 12.4x28  - This tyre size has a tread width of 12.4 inches and is designed to fit in a 28-inch rim. It is suitable for small to mid-size tractors.

  2. 13.6x28 - The extra tread width of 13.6 X 28 tyre size makes it perfect for mid-size tractors and delivers enhanced traction and stability.

  3. 14.9x28 - Farmers can get a 14.9X28 rear tractor tyre if they use their tractor a lot in heavy load pulling. This size is mostly used in heavy-duty tractors.

Famous Tractor Tyre Brands in India 2024

Tractor tyre brands like MRF, BKT, Birla, JK Tyre, Apollo, and Ralco offer an extensive range of front & rear tractor tyres at affordable tractor tyre prices. Farmers can check out the brand-wise tractor tyre price list in India at TractorGyan and choose an ideal Indian tractor tyre within their budget.

What is a New Tractor Tyre Warranty?

A tractor tyre warranty varies according to the tractor tyre brand. For example, the MRF tractor tyre warranty is 6 years from the month of manufacturing while the Apollo tractor tyre warranty is 2 years from the month of manufacturing.

Why We Choose TractorGyan to Buy Tractor Tyres in India?

TractorGyan is India’s most trusted online platform for farmers. It offers updated and verified information about tractor tyre models, tractor tyre price lists in India, features of tractor tyre for sale, and tractor tyre warranty.

With this information, farmers can buy the best tractor tyres in India and use their tractors without any issues.