All Sonalika Tractors In India

41HP - 50HP

HP:- 42
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1600 Kg

51HP - 60HP

HP:- 55
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capicity:- 2000 Kg

Above 60HP

HP:- 75
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capicity:- 2500 Kg

Below 20HP

HP:- 20
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 650 Kg
HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1600 Kg

21HP - 30HP

HP:- 22
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 650 Kg
HP:- 90
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capicity:- 2500 Kg
HP:- 30
Cylinder:- 2
Lifting Capicity:- 1200/1000 Kg
HP:- 30
Cylinder:- 2
Lifting Capicity:- 1200 KG

31HP - 40HP

HP:- 39
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1200 Kg/1600 Kg
HP:- 34
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1200 Kg
HP:- 60
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capicity:- 2000 Kg

About Sonalika Tractors

Sonalika ITL is one of the most famous tractor brands not only in India but worldwide. Its continuous strive for excellence and customer satisfaction has made it a leader in this industry. Features like low fuel consumption, high pulling power, low emission, and low maintenance have given Sonalika Tractors and Sonalika Mini tractors have given it a lot of advantages towards its competitors and its wide range of variety and easy availability has made it preferable among farmers.

Today, Sonalika Company is continuously leading the path of success and making efforts to mechanize Indian farming and increase the income of Farmers.


Sonalika aims to build products that can satisfy the different needs of their different customers. They want to provide full satisfaction to their customers and help them to improve their productivity instead of just selling them their products.


Sonalika’s vision is to become the world’s leading company in terms of tractor and farm equipment manufacturing. As well as to lead the market in customer satisfaction by providing them with advanced and innovative products according to their needs.

Core values

Sonalika’s core values are to accomplish its mission with passion and deliver quality while treating their customers as their family and promoting teamwork and trust among their employees.

It was set up in 1969 by Lakshman Das Mittal as a small farm machinery company with the aim to mechanize agriculture in India. Gradually Sonalika expanded its business and started manufacturing tractors in 1995. With its constant hard work and innovations, it started to export its tractors in various countries like Africa and became one of the leading farm equipment manufacturing companies.

Sonalika tractors founded in 1969, based in Hoshiarpur (Punjab), is a well International brand of tractors popular for providing tractors and mini tractors with the best features at affordable prices. Spread across 100 countries, Sonalika tractors is the third-largest manufacturer of tractors in India and it manufactures tractors ranging from 20 HP to 90 HP. The variety and a large number of models give a farmer's plethora of options to choose from. 

Sonalika has very quickly won the hearts of India as it is one of the most trusted brands of tractors in India. Powerful engine, sturdy design, and best at price features are the reasons for the success of this company is the largest market of tractors in the world. They probably produces the most number of models of tractors in the world. With over 40 models divided into 7 different series gives you a variety of options to choose a tractor that best fits your needs.

DI & RX Series:-With over 18 tractors, this range of tractors presents you Sonalika mini tractors of 20 HP to utility tractors as powerful as 60 HP. All tractors are 4WD equipped with 'Cooltech Engine' for heavy-duty performance. With advanced multi-speed PTO, power steering, oil-immersed brakes, and Hydraulics with maximum lift capacity ranging from 600kg to 2000kg.

Sikander Series:-Sikandar series of Sonalika has a range of 15 tractors of different ranges equipped with massive High torque HDM engines, HS-HT gearbox. Bigger radiators, exso sensing hydraulics, and DCV are some of the distinctive features of this series.

Mileage Master series:- As clear from its name Mileage master has been clearly designed to take mileage to the next level. From mid-sized tractors of 35-50 Hp range, Sonalika tractors make sure that every fuel drop counts. This range of tractors comes with a very efficient 4 Stroke Di engine, powerful hydraulics, and an oil-immersed braking system.

Chhatrapati series:-Exclusive series of two tractors namely DI 745 III and DI 42 this series comes equipped with HDM engines, oil-immersed brakes, and 540 PTO. These tractors are suitable for a variety of farm implements as well as commercial usage.

Paddy special series:-As clear from its name it's a specialized series created for the paddy field, it consists of 2 tractors of 42 and 47 horsepower. It's application limited to puddling, these 2 machines offer you maximum comfort through a wider deck, oil-immersed brakes, and power steering.

Sikandar DLX series:-Sikandar DLX series has a variety of agricultural as well as mercantile applications. Comfort is one of the salient features of Sonalika tractors, Sikandar DLX series with Ergo seat and wider deck truly justify it.

Tiger series:-Tiger series takes the high tech tractors to another level. With various features like Sky smart technology, expo-sensing hydraulics, auto air-fuel sensors, and Intelligent HDM+ engines makes each of these tractors one of a kind in the Indian market.

It is often seen that farmers are deceived by the dealers in the marketplace. They either end up giving more than required for a tractor or end up buying a tractor that isn’t worth the investment. 

Quite worrisome! Right

But now you don’t have to worry because we at TractorGyan are here for you to tell you the whole procedure that you need to follow while buying a Sonalika Tractor. Here are the steps you need to have a safe purchase-

  •             Firstly you need to choose a perfect Sonalika companion for your field. For this, you need to sort out your needs and type of                                implements you want to use with your tractor. After you are done listing your needs you need to go through the internet to find your                    perfect partner that can fulfill your needs,as well as that, fits your budget.
  •             When you are done finding your perfect Sonalika tractor you need to look at your budget and decide whether you want to buy a new                  tractor or an old tractor.
  •             Let’s look at what you have to do if you are going for a new tractor. 
  •             To get a new tractor you first need to find your nearest Sonalika tractor dealer. 
  •             Just like its wide range Sonalika tractors and Sonalika Mini tractors, Sonalika has a wide range of networks across India. It has  .                       800.Sonalika dealers all across India. 
  •            You can also find your nearest dealer on our site ( by clicking on the find dealer option and filling the information                        required.
  •             Now that you have found your nearest dealer you have to contact them and visit their showroom to know the price and to check the                    other details in person.
  •             You better don’t hassle things and ask the price offered by different dealers so that you can get the best price for a tractor and you                      don’t have to pay a single extra penny. 
  •              Now if you are going for an old tractor then here is everything you need to do-
  •              Firstly you need to find the dealers who want to sell their tractors. You can easily find them on our site (
  •              Then you need to contact them and go and personally check the condition of the tractor.
  •            ** We advise you to carefully check the details and condition of the tractor before deciding anything and compare the prices offered by                   other dealers as well so that you don’t have to pay a high price for your tractor.
  •               Here’s the most important point-

**Thoroughly read all the paperwork and terms & conditions before signing the deal. And make sure to inquire about the warranty period and interest rate if you are going to pay using EMI.

Sonalika tractors are one of the most trusted brands of tractors in India. Be it providing the best features at reasonable or providing cutting edge indigenous technology, Sonalika tractors have all the feathers on their hat. Sonalika tractors promise to deliver the best at the affordable price with comfort and style. Manufacturing various specialist series of tractors suited for specific operations remains one the most admired and unique features of Sonalika tractors.


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