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  • Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor Price, Feature, Specification, Review Video. Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor On-road Price in India
  • Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor Price, Feature, Specification, Review Video. Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor On-road Price in India




Euro 50



Cooling System

Coolant Cooled

Wheel Base

2020/2040 MM

Lifting Capacity

2000 Kg

Engine Cylinder


Powertrac euro 50

The Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor has three cylinders to support a powerful tool. The Powertrac tractor model has a horsepower rating of 50, making it more powerful. The Powertrac Euro 50 is equipped with a 2761 CC engine that produces 2200 engine rated RPM and was designed specifically for Indian farmers. The Powertrac Euro 50 features advanced Coolant Cooled technology as well as an oil bath-type air filter.With these options, Powertrac Euro 50 comes standard with 8 forward gears and 2 rear gears.

Powertrac Euro 50 has a forward speed of 2.8 to 30.8 kilometres per hour and a reverse speed of 3.6 to 11.3 kilometres per hour. The Powertrac Euro 50  tractor comes with a single or dual clutch option, making it simple to run in any agricultural operation.The Powertrac Euro 50 weighs 2170 kilogrammes and measures 3.27 metres in length. The wheelbase of the Powertrac Euro 50 is 2040 mm. 7.5 x 16 front wheels and 14.9 x 28 rear tyres were installed on the Powertrac Euro 50 Next. Powertrac Euro 50 is a tractor with two wheels.With a powerful 3 cylinder, 2932 cc engine with 2200 rated RPM and 52 HP power, the Powertrac Euro 50 is equipped to provide more power, higher efficiency, and greater comfort.

Powertrac Euro 50 features a dry-type air filter with pre-cleaner that adds dust-free air to the engine, as well as a water-cooled cooling system that prevents the engine from overheating during extended operation. The Powertrac Euro 50 tractor features an oil-immersed brake, a larger clutch, and mechanical and power steering options, making it very comfortable and smooth for the operator without causing fatigue. Special features include an adjustable Tow-Hook and a Constant Mesh gearbox on the Powertrac Euro 50.

This makes the Powertrac Euro 50 ideal for ploughing, seed drilling, harrowing, puddling, hauling, and other implements that require backup torque in the event of a partial load condition.Powertrac Euro 50 Price is affordable to both small and marginal farmers. The pricing of the Power Track euro 50 is more mild and budget-friendly. If you want a more potent version of the Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor, you can choose these tractors.

Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor Feature in India 2021


  • The Powertrac 50 has both dual and single clutches, making it easy to use.

  • Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brakes are standard on the Powertrac Euro 50 tractor for improved braking and reduced slippage.

  • The Powertrac 50 tractor has a mechanical single drop arm and specially balanced power steering that the buyers can choose.

  • The fuel tank capacity of the Powertrac Euro 50 is 60 litres, and the tractor's high lifting capacity is 2000 kgf.

  • Powertrac euro 50 has an 8 forward + 2 reverse transmission with a forward speed of 30.8 kmph and a reverse speed of 11.3 kmph.

  • Two-wheel drive is available on the Powertrac euro tractor, with 6.5 x 16 front tyres and 14.9 x 28/ 13.6 x 28 rear tyres.

  • Powertrac Euro 50 also comes with a variety of accessories, including tools, a top link, a canopy, a hook, a bumper, a drawbar, and more.

  • Dual Clutch, multi-speed PTO, auxiliary valve, and safety neutral switch key are among the features of the Powertrac Euro 50 Next.

  • Powertrac Euro 50 Next features a 6 splines typed PTO with speeds of 540, dual, multi-speed, and reverse, and a 43 HP engine.

  • The fuel capacity of the Powertrac Euro 50 Next is 60 litres.

  • The hydraulics on the Powertrac Euro 50 Next will lift up to 2000 kg.


Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor Price in India 2021

The Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor Price is Rs. 6.25 Lakh - 6.45 Lakh. The on-road price of Powertrac Euro 50 in India is very affordable and budget-friendly to farmers. All small and marginal farmers can easily afford Powertrac Euro 50 Price. Power track euro 50 price is more moderate and budget-friendly. However, you can choose these tractors if you wish to buy a more powerful version of the Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor.

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Review By:      10-01-2021



Review By: Deepak     11-08-2020


बिल्कुल बढ़िया है एक दम क्लासिक मॉडल है, इस एचपी में सबसे वी आई पी मॉडल यही है। ट्रैक्टर को चलाने में ही ताक़त का अंदाज़ा हो जाता है, इसे ऐसे इतना पॉपुलर नहीं है प्रदर्शन बोलता है ट्रैक्टर है। काम खेती के बड़े हल्के में करता है ट्रैक्टर।

Review By: Mettina     31-07-2020


This is a very good Tractor and I am using this tractor since three months. It is a very comfortable tractor and can be used for all farm applications. It can also be used with many implements. It has a very good engine capacity. The hydraulic lifting capacity and the fuel tank capacity of the tractor is excellent.

Review By: Ajay     16-06-2020


Review By: Jeetu     11-06-2020



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Recently Asked Question About Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor:

Yes, You can buy Powertrac Euro 50 tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of this tractor is 2000 Kg.
Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 50 Lit liters
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.
You can visit tractorgyan news & blog section to get latest updates of the tractor industry.
Powertrac Euro 50 and Powertrac 439 Plus are the most popular tractor models.