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New Holland Tractor price starts from Rs. 5.35 - 27.00 Lakh* in India. The most affordable New Holland tractor price is Rs. 5.35 - 6.08 Lakh* for New Holland 3032 nx model while the most expensive New Holland tractor price is Rs 26.00 - 27.00 lakh* for New Holland TD 5.90. New Holland tractors hp start from 35 to 90 hp they are known for offering inventive tractors

New Holland is a brand of CNH Industrial and began its operations in 1969 in collaboration with Ford & Escorts. In 1971, it manufactured the first Ford tractor in India. As an independent company in India, New Holland officially started its operations in 1996 and the first 70 HP by New Holland was launched in 1998. The manufacturing plant in Nodi is certified with quality standards like ISO 9001:2008, ISO 50001:2011, EN 16001:2009, and many more. 

After that, this company continued to launch mini tractors to heavy-duty tractors in the Indian market to cater to every farming need. At present, the Popular tractor Series that this company offers are the New Holland NX series, New Holland TX series, and so on. All these tractor ranges are packed with advanced specifications and technology. They have unmatched implementation support. Some of the most famous tractor models are New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus, New Holland 3230 NX, New Holland 3600 TX Heritage Edition, and so on. There are over 20 tractor models of New Holland in India. 

New holland Tractors Price List 2023 in India

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tractorsNew holland Tractors Key Highlights

Popular Tractors New holland 5620 Power King (Trem-IV), New holland 3230 NX, New holland 5630 Tx Plus 4WD, New holland 5620 TX Plus 4wd
Most Expensive Tractor New holland TD 5.90 4WD (26.00 - 27.00 Lakh)
Most Affordable Tractor New holland 3230 NX (6.45 - 7.20 Lakh)

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New holland Tractors Customer Reviews

tractor model New holland 3630 TX Super

user review


 18 Sep, 2023

New Holland 3630 TX Super

tractor model New holland 5620 Power King (Trem-IV)

user review

Arjun kamble

 13 Jun, 2023

New holland 5620 Power King (Trem-IV)

tractor model New holland 3630 TX Super Plus+

user review

Manoj kumar yadav

 15 May, 2023


tractor model New holland 3037 NX

user review

vinay singh

 04 May, 2023


tractor model New holland 3032 Nx

user review

FNU Chandra Yadav

 08 Mar, 2023

New holland 3032 Nx

tractor model New holland 5620 TX Plus 2wd

user review

Rohtash sahu

 13 Feb, 2023

New holland 5620 TX Plus 2wd

Recently Asked Question about New holland Tractors :

What is New Holland tractor price in 2023?

New Holland tractor price in 2023 is Rs. 5.15 Lacs* which goes up to Rs. 26.90 Lacs*.

What is the New Holland tractor HP range?

The New Holland tractor HP range starts from 35 HP to 90 HP.

Which is the best New Holland tractor in India?

The best New Holland tractor in India is the New holland 3230 NX.

Who owns New Holland tractors?

CNH Industrial owns New Holland tractors.

Where can I find updated New Holland tractors price list?

At tractorgyan, you can find the updated New Holland tractors price list.

Which is the best New Holland 4wd tractor in India?

The best New Holland 4wd tractor in India is New Holland 5630 TX Plus 4WD.

Which is the best fuel efficient New Holland in India?

The best Fuel efficient New Holland tractor in India is the New holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition.

What is the New Holland tractor average lifting capacity?

New Holland tractor's average lifting capacity is 1100 kg to 3565 kg.

Which New Holland Tractor has lowest Price?

Lowest price New Holland tractor is a New holland 3032 Nx.

Where can I find updated New Holland tractors price list?

At tractorgyan, you can find the updated New Holland tractors price list.

Which is the best 50 hp New Holland tractor?

The best 50 HP New Holland tractor is the New holland 3630 TX Super.

Which New Holland tractor model has a best hydraulic lifting capacity?

New Holland TD 5.90 4WD has the best hydraulic lifting capacity which is 3565 Kgs.

Which is the Most Popular New Holland tractor in India?

A Popular New Holland tractor in India is the New holland 3630 TX Super Plus+.

Which are the latest Models of New Holland Tractors?>

The latest models of New Holland tractors are New holland 3630 TX Special edition and New holland 3230 TX Super 2WD.

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About New Holland Tractor Price List in India in 2023

New Holland tractor price starts at Rs. 5.35 Lakh* and goes up to Rs. 27.00 Lakh* (on-road price) in India in 2023.

The leading tractor manufacturer is best known for offering 35 HP to 90 HP tractors. Farmers can buy New Holland tractors in India with its extensive dealer network. As the brand offers more than 20 models with the best new Holland tractor prices, farmers are likely to find their ideal tractor without much hassles. 

New Holland tractors in India are designed with the latest technology and innovation. With advanced engines and high-end hydraulics, these tractors are capable of helping small-scale and commercial farmers with the same ease and perfection. 

New Holland tractors are manufactured in its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Greater Noida. Spread over 60 acres, this manufacturing plant is capable of manufacturing 60,000 tractors. The plant is licensed with ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2008, EN 16001:2009, and ISO 50001:2011 quality standards. 

History of New Holland Tractors

The foundation of the New Holland tractor company was laid In 1895 by the hands of Abe Zimmerman. He opened a small equipment repair shop in Pennsylvania, USA. This is how this tractor manufacturer gets its name. 

Back in 1906, the journey proceeded with Leon Claeys, a skilled Belgian mechanic, when he ventured into the production of threshing machines. In a parallel stride, he established his factory in Zedelgem, Belgium, a site that continues to house the Harvesting Centre of Excellence of New Holland to this very day.    

New Holland, what we get to see today, is the amalgamation of many companies. During 1917-1922, Ford launched the Fordson Model F tractor and it soon gained fame because of its affordable price.                                              
Slowly, New Holland also entered into the domain of other farm equipment and it manufactured its first baler in 1940. I was its self-tying automatic pick-up baler. In 1961, New Holland launched its first self-propelled forage, SP818.

New Holland’s India journey started in 1986 when Ford acquired Sperry New Holland and shaped Ford New Holland. In 1996, New Holland Agriculture was established and just after two years, in 1998, the company launched its very first 70 HP tractor. 

In 1999, we got to see an advanced 50 HP tractor, New Holland 3630, from this company. Then, the journey continued with the launch of the New Holland 3230 (42 HP) tractor in 2001, New Holland 3030 (35 HP) in 2002, New Holland 3630 TX and New Holland 5630 TX, in 2003, New Holland NDL series in 2009, and many more. 
Presently, New Holland tractor models manufactured in India are exported to more than 70 countries of regions like the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and North America.

What are the key Features of New Holland Tractors? 

Regardless of the model you select, New Holland tractors are best known for offering inventive features and facilities. Many of the features are the industry’s first and are here to revolutionize the farming industry. Have a look at these inventive features. 

1. The Advanced Auto Command™ Transmission system that is featured in many new Holland tractor models is here to support seamless and continuous speed adjustments. 

2. EcoBlue™ SCR Engine Technology is used in many of its tractor models. This advanced engine meets stringent emission standards and will empower fuel efficiency. 

3. TerraGlide Front Axle Suspension is used to improve the operator's comfort and stability as it reduces shock and vibration when driving over uneven terrain.

4. SideWinder™ II Armrest is best known for offering ergonomic controls and integrated functions—this intuitive design aimed to enhance operator comfort and ease of use.

5. Advanced Suspension Systems of New Holland tractors are used to enhance ride comfort and reduce operator fatigue during long hours in the field.

6. Precision Farming Technologies like auto-guidance, auto-steering, and variable rate application systems are included in many New Holland tractor models. Using these technologies, farmers can easily optimize field operations and maximize yields.

7. The Three-Point Hitch system is included in many of the New Holland tractors. This system promotes precise attachment of implements. 

8. New Holland Tractor Price list always has something for every budget which makes them one of the favorite brands of tractors.

What are the Popular Series of New Holland Tractors?

The New Holland tractor series is one of the most powerful and efficient on the market since it offers heavy-duty tractors with incredible features that never rust out due to market need. This company's tractors are well-known for handling vast and complex field tasks with ease and efficiency. Agriculture and the fertile land business need consistent and rigorous efforts and management, which can be simplified with the use of tractors. The following are some of the most well-known New Holland tractors in India.

Excel Tractor Series:-

The New Holland Excel tractor series has the most efficient and powerful tractors in the market, with a full range of heavy-duty tractors, giving great services and an excellent user experience. The engines in this series have a power range of 47 to 90 horsepower. Excel series by New Holland tractor prices in 2023 are from Rs 7.11 and 14.80 lakh*.

Turbo Super Series:-

The New Holland Turbo Super Series is the next in the New Holland tractor family, and it is stunning in appearance and performance. This line of tractors is a true icon of innovation combined with the perfect mixture of technology. The tractors in this series have engines that range from 47 to 75 horsepower. These New Holland tractors cost between Rs. 6.90 and 14.35 lakh*.

Tx Tractor Series:-

In the field, these tractors are high-performing and efficient. They are equipped with the best and most innovative features, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency in the field. The New Holland Tx tractor series ensures that agricultural applications are met, and it aids in the completion of all tasks such as harvesting, cultivation, sowing, and plantation.

These tractor series' engines are dependable and durable, with high performance and excellent economic mileage in the field. These tractors have engines that range from 39 to 75 horsepower. Under this series, further advanced tractor models like TX Super Plus, TX Plus, TX Super, and TX Special Editions are also offered. 

Nx Tractor Series: 

New Holland offers another series of tractors, the New Holland Nx series, featuring three tractor models. The series features tractors of 35 HP-42 HP and advanced capabilities like Constant Mesh AFD, SOFTEK Clutch, Multisensing with DRC Valve, Real Oil Immersed Brakes, and many more. Some famous models from New Holland NX series are New Holland 3032 Nx, New Holland 3037 Nx, and New Holland 3230 Nx. 

New Holland Tractors HP range in India

The New Holland embodies a halo of elitism as it offers a variety of tractor models between 35 HP to 90 HP engine horsepower. We have jotted down New Holland tractor models keeping the prime focus on different HPs and their engine performance.

New Holland Tractors Under 40 HP:-

New Holland is the major elite in the business world that offers reasonable and cost-effective tractors. New Holland Tractors under 40 HP are energy-saving with an impressive fuel tank capacity. The best New Holland 35 HP tractor admired for its high performance is the New Holland 3037 TX with an engine capacity of 2365 cc, 3 cylinders, 42 liters of fuel tank capacity, and a lifting capacity of 1800 kg.

New Holland Tractors 41 hp - 50 HP:-

The New Holland tractors under 41 HP to 50 HP are recommended based on their performance and comfort for the drivers. The tractors are fuel-efficient and productive in operations. The New Holland 45 HP tractor price list is quite affordable starting from 5.26 lakh*, having the best lifting capacity of around 1500-2000/2500 kg and amazing engine power of 2500 to 2900 cc.

New Holland Tractors 51 HP - 60 HP:-

Known for delivering outstanding performance in their operations, the New Holland 55 HP tractor is best applicable for powering and handling various farming implements. This tractor category comes with modern vehicle features, comfy seating, and a sophisticated structure. The tractor models feature 3 cylinders and a dual-clutch with oil-immersed multi-disc brakes.

New Holland Tractors 61 HP - 70 HP:-

This class of hot-selling tractors from the impressive New Holland 61 HP to 70 hp tractors are packed with well-furnished features that include a 3 to 4-cylinder diesel engine and advanced mechanisms of 2300 RPM and 12 forward + 3 reverse gears. These New Holland tractor ex-showroom prices are within the range of 9 lakh*- 14 lakh* approx. The best New Holland 65 hp tractor is the New Holland 5620 TX Plus. These models have an average of 60 liters of fuel tank capacity.

New Holland Tractors 71 HP - 80 HP:-

This tractor category includes big shots like New Holland 7500 Turbo Super 2WD 4WD Tractors, New Holland 5630 Tx Plus 4WD, and New Holland Excel 8010 Tractors that are well suited for rough farm area applications. The New Holland 75 HP tractor prices are super affordable and are the leading edge in technology. Their structural mechanism comprises 12F and 12R gears and engine performance aided by 3 or 4 attached cylinders.

New Holland Tractors 81 HP - 90 HP:-

These heavy-duty market captivators from New Holland are functional and automated to operate with different implements on the field giving bountiful production. The best New Holland 85 HP tractor from the series is the New Holland TD 5.90 4WD which gives away a combination of outstanding features such as power efficiency structural strength and outstanding mileage that all-in-all utilizes the full potential of the tractor.

What Is The New Holland Tractor Warranty?

New Holland tractors are equipped with the latest technology and features built to last. Yet, the New Holland tractor warranty is six years or 6,000 hours warranty on all of its models. As this is a transferable warranty, New Holland Tractor Company customers are bound to experience the best outcome. 

What is New Holland India's Toll-Free Number?

New Holland Agriculture India has established a Customer Care Center and the New Holland India toll-free number is 1800 419 0124. This number is available in five regional languages other than Hindi and English.

Why New Holland Tractors Service Centers For Maintenance?

New Holland tractor service centers are best for maintenance because here you will find the best expertise and expert help. Professionals here will be able to understand your new Holland tractor’s requirements and provide customized solutions. 

Where can we find videos of New Holland Tractors in India?

Visit TractorGyan's YouTube channel to take a video tour of New Holland tractors in India, and learn about their characteristics, features, and precise costs. We have a complete set of New Holland tractor videos that will assist you in making better decisions.

What are the prices of New Holland tractors in India in 2023?

In India, the price of New Holland tractors is reasonable; these costs are both affordable and marketable. This brand's tractors have all the functions of a farm field or agricultural area, making them more popular in the market.

Farmers are accustomed to using agricultural equipment to help them with their farming tasks. The nice thing about New Holland tractors is that they come with all the creative and functional features at reasonable pricing. This company's tractors are valuable to Indian farmers, and as a result, these tractors are favored to be acquired by many farmers, putting them at the top of the list of best tractors in the country.

New Holland tractor price is Rs. 4.85 - 27.00 Lakh* (ex-showroom price) in India. New Holland tractor has something for every budget.

Are there any New Holland Second-hand Tractors in India?

New Holland Agriculture India is a customer-focused corporation that is known for its tractor innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. The used New Holland tractors are also in good condition and should not be considered scrap. 

The reason for this is that New Holland tractors are particularly well-designed and have a complex and creative strategy that allows them to be reused even if they are used. Switch your search options to TractorGyan to buy any second-hand New Holland tractors in India.

TractorGyan is a well-known portal in India where you can buy and sell second-hand New Holland tractors.

How can we get New Holland tractors on Loan?

Visit our website Tractor Gyan, where we have provided all the details on how to get tractors on loan, getting a New Holland tractor loan will become stress-free and quick. On the tractor Gyan site, you can get all the details and transparency you need about paperwork, EMIs, and other associated information.

Our website will assist you with several schemes that will assist you in purchasing your desired New Holland tractor at a reduced price. So, go to www.tractorgyan.com and go through the lending department.

Why Tractor Gyan For Buying New Holland Tractors In India?

New Holland tractors are designed to help farmers in their farming tasks. However, farmers have to make the right choice about these tractors. They have to carefully understand the features, specifications, and other offerings of New Holland tractors before making a purchase. 

This is when farmers need the help of Tractor Gyan. The platform is useful in bringing only the latest and updated information about the latest New Holland tractor models in India. The team will help you provide information related to New Holland tractor on-road prices in India and available models, and even you can compare the picked model with the rest. With this information handy, farmers can make wise decisions.

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