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Solis tractors is a flagship brand of international tractors ltd, which is the worlds leading tractor brand. Solis tractors are known for their toughness, durability, power, and performance. Solis tractors provide a wide variety of tractors ranging from 27 HP to 60 HP. Solis tractor price in India starts from Rs.5.23 to 8.90 lakhs* in 2023. Solis tractor comes with Japanese 4WD technology that ensures technologically advanced tractors for all types of farm applications. capacity tractors. The Solis tractor price list in India is highly affordable for Indian farmers. The most popular Solis tractors in India in 2023 are Solis 5015 E, Solis 4215 E, and Solis 6024 S, etc.

Solis Tractors Price List 2023 in India

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Sonalika achieves highest ever May overall sales of 13,702 tractors, surpassing industry growth by 4X

blogs Sonalika achieves highest ever May overall sales of 13,702 tractors, surpassing industry growth by 4X

New Delhi, 2nd June’23: India's No. 1 tractor export brand, Sonalika Tractors has always b...

सोनालीका ने मई में अब तक की सर्वाधिक 13,702 ट्रैक्टरों की बिक्री हासिल करते हुए, 4 गुना उद्योग वृद्धि की दर्ज

blogs सोनालीका ने मई में अब तक की सर्वाधिक 13,702 ट्रैक्टरों की बिक्री हासिल करते हुए, 4 गुना उद्योग वृद्धि की दर्ज

नई दिल्ली, 2 जून'23: भारत से नंबर 1 ट्रैक्टर निर्यात ब्रांड, सोनालीका ट्रैक्टर्स हमेशा सक्रिय रू...

सोलिस 5515 4WD - 55 HP श्रेणी में सर्वश्रेष्ठ माइलेज देने वाला 4WD ट्रैक्टर

blogs सोलिस 5515 4WD - 55 HP श्रेणी में सर्वश्रेष्ठ माइलेज देने वाला 4WD ट्रैक्टर

सोलिस हमेशा से शानदार ट्रैक्टर्स पेश करता रहा हैं। आज यहाँ हम जान रहे है सोलिस 5515 4WD ट्रैक्टर के...

Looking for a Tractor that Offers Durability, Performance and Affordability? Get Solis Yanmar Tractor

blogs Looking for a Tractor that Offers Durability, Performance and Affordability? Get Solis Yanmar Tractor

Solis Yanmar tractors are globally popular for their advanced 100 years of Japanese technology. Thes...

सोनालीका ने 1.9% की सर्वश्रेष्ठ उद्योग वृद्धि को किया हासिल, अप्रैल में 12,590 ट्रैक्टर बिक्री दर्ज की

blogs सोनालीका ने 1.9% की सर्वश्रेष्ठ उद्योग वृद्धि को किया हासिल, अप्रैल में 12,590 ट्रैक्टर बिक्री दर्ज की

इंटरनेशनल ट्रैक्टर्स लिमिटेड (सोनालीका एंड सोलिस) के संयुक्त प्रबंध निदेशक श्री रमन मित्तल...

Indian Tractor Industry hits record high of 9.44 lakh domestic tractor sales in FY'23

blogs Indian Tractor Industry hits record high of 9.44 lakh domestic tractor sales in FY'23

Tractor sales in India have surpassed their all-time records of selling tractors and have registered...

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Recently Asked Question about Solis Tractors:

The Solis tractor HP range starts from 26 hp to 60 hp.

Solis tractor price range starts from Rs. 5.23 lakh to Rs 8.90 lakh* in India.

Mr. L.D. Mittal is the Founder & Chairman of ITL Group, a prominent player in the global agriculture sector.

Solis Tractor and Sonalika Tractor come under ITL ( International Tractors Limited) which offers a complete farming solution to the global farming community.

The most fuel-efficient Solis tractor is Solis 6024 S.

Solis 4515 E is best tractor in Solis tractor.

At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Solis tractors price list.

At tractorgyan, visit Locate tractor dealer page to find the Solis dealer and showroom.

Solis tractor's average lifting capacity is 600 kg to 2500 kg.

17+ Tractor models are available in the Solis tractor brand.

The best 50 HP Solis tractor is Solis Hybrid 5015 E1.

Solis 6024 S has the best hydraulic lifting capacity which is 2500 Kg.

The most popular Solis tractor in India is Solis 5015 E.

The latest models of Solis tractors are Solis 5724 and Solis YM 348A 4WD.

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About Solis Tractor Price list in India

In India, the Solis tractor is one of the few types of tractor manufacturers that is excellent in its own right, whether in terms of design, comfort, or infrastructure. Talking about Solis tractor features, the Solis tractor price In India starts at Rs 5 lakhs and is very easily affordable.

The Solis Yanmar tractor HP range stands between 27- 60 HP. International tractors ltd. is also a subsidiary of the corporation. In India, the tractors of solis brand are best known for their distinctive models, which are released with all the features and characteristics that can help it stay on top at all times.

Solis Tractors in India can be used for building, agriculture, and commercial uses with ease. Because a farmer wants to get the most out of Solis tractors, they must invest in the greatest and most productive tractors on the market. In India, the Solis tractor is an example of this type.

When it comes to the Solis Yanmar tractor brand, it is the leading and topmost firm in exporting the most efficient tractors with engine capacities ranging from 20 to 110 HP, which is undoubtedly outstanding and widely liked by farmers today. In India, the cost of solis tractors is quite low and affordable. Solis Yanmar Tractor has a wide range of tractor models to meet the needs and desires of the market.


History of Solis tractor in India -

Solis Tractor brand is the global tractor brand of International tractor limited, which was rebranded and classified as Solis Tractors in India in December 2018. Solis brand has spread its wings in nearly every country; Solis tractor company now has a presence in over 130 nations, making it a tractor industry benchmark. The solis tractors produced under this name are powerful and technologically advanced.

In India, Solis has collaborated with Yanmar a Japanese company with 100 years of experience in diesel engines and also known as "Global 4 Wheel Drive(4wd) tractor experts" They aim to provide best-in-class Japanese technology to our Indian farmers which makes their work easy with affordable price ranges of Solis Yanmar tractors.

Solis Yanmar tractors are also equipped with 4WD technology, high performance, and modern features, making them the preferred option for farmers in Brazil and Latin America. The Solis company is also working on a new line of tractors that will be released in India soon. The Solis tractors' engine capacity ranges from 20 to 110 horsepower, and the Solis tractor Price in India starts at Rs 6.30 lakhs. Farmers will find the Solis Yanmar tractor price list in India to be quite affordable and simple to invest in.


Popular Solis Tractors In India

The popular tractors are Solis 6024 S, Solis 5015 E, Solis 2516 SN, Solis 4515 E, Solis 4215 E, and Solis 5015 E 2WD / 4WD tractors. Solis tractors have engine capacities ranging from 20 to 110 hp, which is considered to be the best and most efficient for farming and commercial uses. Solis Yanmar tractors under these categories are much different and economical into it. There are the 5 best Solis tractor models in these categories. 

Solis Yanmar tractors are known in India for their four-pillar theory, which describes their actual capabilities and ultra-amazing features or specifications that place them at the top of the farmer's wish list for tractor purchases. Reliability, Responsibility, Efficiency, and Quality are the four pillars of the Solis mini Tractor. As a result, the Solis tractor is both efficient and great to use. After all, this is exactly what a farmer would want. 

The popular series of these tractors also includes 

E-SERIES - The tractors in the Solis E series are heavy-duty tractors that function well when in operation. Solis tractors are extremely long-lasting and efficient in terms of performance and functionality.

S-SERIES - For Indian farmers, the tractors in Solis S series are performance-driven, technologically advanced, and mechanism driven. They assist farmers in completing their tasks most comfortably and conveniently as possible. 

SN SERIES - In India, the tractor models in the Solis SN series are classified as micro tractors; however, because the Solis tractors are small in size but powerful, they are best suited for small track areas, pesticide spraying, and intercropping.


Solis Tractors HP Range:-

Solis Tractors are famous for impeccable designs and solid performance which is desired by all the Indian farmers as they have all the attributes of a perfect tractor be it a highly functional engine, large cylinders, amazing cooling system, broad wheelbase and not forget the most important feature of it all, the Horsepower, Solis India provides a wide range of Horsepower ranging from the minimum of 24 HP which goes up to 60 HP. The Horsepower ranges so vividly because it gives out more room for additional features and the ability for more functions to be performed.

It may be hard for many of us to decide while buying a tractor especially when you are buying from such a huge Horsepower range, which is exactly why we have mentioned the best Solis tractors under each Horsepower range starting from 24 hp and going upto 60 HP. 

Solis Tractor under 30 HP:

Solis under 30 HP tractor range involves some of the finest mini tractors, that the country has ever seen, all of the mini tractors by Solis India are loved by all and it shows by the ever-increasing client base and popularity of the firm. The best  Solis tractor under 30 HP is the Solis 2516 SN 4wd which is a 26.5 HP tractor having 3 cylinders that hold sufficient fuel for a mini tractor to give a record-breaking performance and has a powerful engine of 2700 RPM, with a lifting capacity of 600 kg. All of these and more can be yours at just 5.20-5.50 Lacs*.

Solis Tractor 41-50 HP:

Solis 41 hp - 50 HP tractors are suitable for medium tasks, along with more horsepower, more engine power is also catered so that more powerful performance is catered. And this is why it is classed apart from the rest of its peers. The best Solis 45 HP tractor is Solis 4415 4wd a 44 HP tractor with 3 cylinders so that the maximum amount of fuel can be stored to ensure the smooth functioning of the tractor. which can lift up to 2,000 kg of weight. The high-functioning engine gives powerful performance because it is backed by an 1800 RPM engine. This solis tractor 45 hp price range is approx Rs. 7.40 Lacs*.

Solis Tractor 51-60 HP:

The highest HP range of tractors provided by Solis is 51-60 HP, suitable for A-Z tasks on the field involving heavy-duty, Solis made these tractors keeping in mind the needs and wants of an Indian farmer along with the condition of Indian agricultural land. The best Solis 55 hp tractor is the Solis 5724 S which has 4 cylinders and can lift up to 2000 kg of weight, to ensure ultimate functionality is served to the farmers comfortable seating is also provided. It is powered by a beast of an engine of 2000 RPM. this solis tractor 55 hp price is Rs. 4.95-5.25 Lacs*.


What is the price of Solis tractors in India?

Solis tractor Prices start at Rs 6.30 lakhs* in India, making them extremely cost-effective and budget-friendly for farmers. Solis Yanmar tractor Prices in India could be lower than this estimate, depending on marketing factors and the company's decision-making processes.

Solis brand's used tractors are quite inexpensive and accessible. Any farmer of any class could consider buying a Solis tractor because it falls into their price range. The Solis Tractors Price in India in 2023 is quite fair. Continue to visit Tractor Gyan for additional information on the pricing and investment required, as we only present true and correct information.


Where can we find videos of Solis tractors?

Tractor Gyan's YouTube channel has everything you need to know through Solis Yanmar tractors videos. All of the videos on the Tractor Gyan channel were shot with a high-resolution camera to ensure that you have all of the information you need about Solis tractors. So, head over to Tractor Gyan's YouTube channel to learn everything you need to know about the Solis tractor price list, features, and other details. You can also show your support for our Solis tractor education programs by making comments on videos and giving likes.


Are there any second-hand Solis tractor models in India available?

It is not difficult to find used Solis Yanmar tractors in India. We understand the issue faced by framers, which is why Tractor Gyan offers FREE listing options for all second-hand Solis Tractor dealers. These dealers may list their used Solis tractors on our portal and sell them at much more affordable and accessible second-hand pricing.

To get the greatest bargain on a used Solis tractor, you need to know about its quality, efficiency, and utility potential, and TractorGyan provides you with a comprehensive database of information on Solis tractor topics so you can make an informed purchase decision. Are you prepared to purchase the best Second hand Solis tractor at the best price? If so, pay a visit to Tractor Gyan as soon as possible. 


How to get Solis tractors on loan?

With all of the new plans and discounts Solis tractors have recently been added, as well as from several organizations and brands, TractorGyan allows you to get a Tractor Loan for your dream Solis Yanmar tractor. Examine our partner network to find the finest Solis tractor loan possibilities, calculate EMIs, and learn about documentation and other requirements. This may appear to be a difficult task, however, TractorGyan simplifies it significantly.

Thousands of farmers have benefited from TractorGyan's help in obtaining a Solis tractor loan and making the process easier; many of them have successfully repaid the loan and are now in complete control of their income. Solis Tractor Loans feature simple installments and changeable rates, but the fact that they can cover up to 90% of the cost of your tractor makes them much more appealing.


Who are the dealers of Solis Tractors in India?

Solis tractors are India's number one exporter of tractors with engines ranging from 20 to 110 horsepower, and Solis tractors' renowned merchandise can be found in more than/approximately 130 countries. The Solis tractor company has a global dealer network of over 1450 locations.

To find your city's nearest Solis tractor dealer, go to and search for a Solis tractor showroom in India. You'll come upon what you're looking for.

So, now that you know everything there is to know about Solis Yanmar tractors in India, it's time to decide whether or not to buy one if it fits into your list of tractor purchases. Visit TractorGyan shortly to learn more about the brand and other Solis Yanmar tractor prices, types, as well as their costs. We provide information that is both useful and reliable.

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