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Tractor Rotavator in India

Rotavator price start from Rs. 13,000* and reach up to Rs. 4.5 Lakh* in India 2024. The Rotavator HP starts from 15 HP to 60 HP. The Rotavator price is Rs.15,000* for the most affordable John Deere Rotary Tiller. A rotavator tractor implement helps farmers to get rid of weeds, prepare the seedbed, and do soil tilling. With its sharp blades, the implements also break the compacted soil and promote better oxygen flow. Rotavators Feet are available in 3 Feet, 4 Feet, 5 Feet, 6 Feet, 7 Feet, 8 Feet, 9 Feet, 10 Feet, 11 Feet and 12 Feet .

Some of the most popular rotator models are Fieldking Mini Series, Landforce Supremo, Landforce Vivo, and Shaktimaan Tuskar. The HP rang of all the available rotavator models is between 15HP - 60 HP. Rotavator categories are available, which include Tillage, Land Preparation, and LandScaping.

Popular Rotavator Brands like Landforce, Shaktimaan, and Fieldking offer a wide range of rotavators in India. TractorGyan provides a detailed listing of leading rotavator brands and their models. Based upon the HP, specifications, and power source, rotavators are available in different categories like tractor-mounted rotavators, PTO-driven rotavators, mini rotavators, and engine-driven rotavators.

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Recently Asked Question about Rotavator Tractor Implements:

Ans. Rotavator is a tractor-drawn implement which is mainly used for seed bed preparation within one or two passes and is suitable for removing and mixing residuals of maize, wheat, sugarcane, etc.

Ans. Tractor Rotavator is one of the tractor implements that are used for preparing seed beds and helping to remove and mix the crops like maize, wheat, sugarcane etc.

Ans. 6 Types of Rotavator are there on Tractorgyan : Standard,Heavy-Duty, Mini, Multi-Speed, Offset, Chain Rotavator

Ans. Rotavator Price starts at Rs. 13,000* to Rs. 4.5 Lakhs* in India.

Ans. At tractorgyan, you can find the latest rotavator models in India.

Ans. The most popular rotavators in India are Soilmaster JSMRT (8 Feet), Mahindra gyrovator ZLX 145, Shaktiman reglar light, and New Holland Rotavator RE 165 (5 Feet).

Ans. The best rotavator brands in India are Mahindra and Shaktiman.

Ans. To operate the rotavator, a minimum of a 30 hp tractor is required.

Ans. The amount of subsidy and the process vary by area; for more information on rotavator subsidies, you can visit

Ans. A rotavator, also known as a rotary tiller.

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About Tractor Rotavator

The rotavator or rotary tiller is an tractor implement or a tool that is used for the preparation of seed beds, removing, and mixing residual crops mainly sugarcane, wheat, or maize. The tractor rotavator implement further helps to improve the fertility of the soil saving fuel, cost, and time.

An agricultural rotavator machine is useful for ploughing the farm as it features a series of blades that cut or pulverize and mix with the level of the soil. The tractor rotavator prices start from Rs.13,000* in India and continue as per the range, engine, functions, and other features.

What is Tractor Rotavator Price list in India 2024?

The starting tractor rotavator price can be as low as Rs. 13,000* to Rs. 4.5 Lakhs*. The tractor rotavator price in India varies according to the features and facilities they are offering. Farmers need to compare  the prices of different tractor rotavator models and select a model that fits well in your budget.

Rotavator Models Rotavator Models Price
Soil Master JSMRT C8 (8 Feet) Rs. 1.30 Lakh*
Fieldking Regular Multi Speed Rs. 2.5 Lakh* to 4.5 Lakh*
Dasmesh 642 – Rotavator/ Rotary Tiller Rs. 92,000* to 1.31 Lakh*
Landforce Vivo Rs. 89,000* to 1.35 Lakh*
Sonalika Multi Speed Series Rs. 70,000* to 1,25 Lakh*
Shaktiman Regular Light Rs. 95,281* to 1.15 Lakh*
New Holland RE 165 (5 Feet) Rs. 89,000*
John Deere Green System Rotary Tiller Rs. 96,000* to 1.35 Lakh*
Maschio Gaspardo H 205 Rs. 1.20 Lakh*
Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 145 Rs. 89,000*

Rotavator by Feet

3 Feet Rotavator 4 Feet Rotavator 5 Feet Rotavator 6 Feet Rotavator
7 Feet Rotavator 8 Feet Rotavator 9 Feet Rotavator 10 Feet Rotavator
11 Feet Rotavator 12 Feet Rotavator    

How to Choose the Right Rotavator 

While this tool can save time, labour, and effort in soil preparation, farmers need to have their hands on the right model. 

Here is a list of a few factors to keep in mind while buying tractor rotavator implements in India. 

  • The size of your farm and the amount of land you need to till is important for selecting the rotavator tool. The power and width of the tractor rotavator depend on the land on which it will operate. 

  • Farmers need to consider the types of soil while buying the rotavator machine. For softer soils, tractor implements with light power are preferred. But, if farmers have to work with the hard soil then farmers must pick a heavy-duty rotavator tool. 

  • Ensure that the agricultural rotavator is compatible with your tractor's PTO and hitch. If these two are not compatible with each then farmers will have huge troubles in working with this farming implement. 

  • Look for a rotavator with adjustable depth control so that you can work with different crops and soil conditions.

  • Farmers need to understand and consider the blade or tine configuration of a rotavator machine that suits their needs effectively. 

  • Try to pick a tractor rotavator that is built to last and requires minimal maintenance to save time and money.

  • Do effective research about tractor rotavator prices in India and pick a model that suits your budget.

What are the Uses of Rotavator Machines in Agriculture?

  • Tractor Rotavator machine helps in soil breaking up and leveling 
  • It prepares the seedbed for both main and secondary tillage use. 
  • Agriculture rotavator Reduces fuel use to a minimum and saves time. 
  •  Eliminates all weeds, and it eliminates all traces of prior crop residue.
  • The desired depth can be achieved by adjusting the frame.
  • The land becomes richer because of the rotavator, so plant veggies whenever you grow crops. They will grow with a high probability of success.

Famous tractor rotavator brands in India

1. Fieldking Rotavator

The rotavator of Fieldking comes with an engine capacity of 15 hp to  90 hp. Farmers adore it for its excellent quality and efficiency, which are incompatible in the market. It performs tasks like mixing, puddling, pulverization, and leveling simultaneously and it is not only suitable for dry farmland but also suitable for wet farmland tilling. The starting price of a Fieldking rotavator is Rs. 36,000*

2.  Soil Master Rotavator

The finest agricultural tool in India is the tractor rotavator. This tractor implement in India is the most effective and lessens the workload of the farmers. Due to their distinctive shape, the tractor rotavator machines from the soil master brand operate in the field with little vibration and put less strain on the tractor. It is a unique rotavator that uses double-side sealed bearings for usage in both dry and wet soil, offering improved protection from dust and water. The price of Soil master starts from Rs 15000*.

3.  Dashmesh Rotavator

The efficiency of the Dashmesh rotavators tractor tool is unsurpassed by anybody else, and it has always been a big benefit to farmers. These tool works reasonably well with the farm, making it spectacular and simple for the farmers to cultivate, plant, and root crops. The farming business in India is likely to benefit from high-quality tractor implements; these are added to the tractors and make it simple for all the tractors to deal with the soil in the best possible way.  The dashmesh tractor rotavator price starts from 20,000*.

4. John Deere Rotavator

The John Deere rotary tillers feature an adjustable working depth and an adjustable working width. It is effective at improving soil churning and decreasing slippage. rotavator has been used by farmers for a very long time, and it also offers the advantage of maximizing production. The Rotary Tiller is the ideal fit for crop production, which is another objective of the farmers to attain more productivity and the highest quantity of yields in a month. Tractor rotavators from john deere have to implement the power of 38 hp to 65 hp. A John Deere Rotary tiller costs Rs 15,000* and above.

What are the Specifications of a Rotavator Machine?

When one seeks to purchase a tractor rotavator machine the first thing in mind is its specifications, the tractor rotary tiller is vitally used these days, and thus, you should be aware of its specifications in a broader term. Have a look,

  • Less Maintenance - The best part about the tractor rotavator is that it has very little cost to bear on its maintenance. The quality of the rotavator machine matters here the most. The machine-like is very versatile in use, it uses sharp blades that turn within time, and the soil gets prepared and ready for further use. Tractor equipment in India like tractor rotavator machines bears less cost to the farmer, that’s the efficiency of using tractor implements.

  • Quality Blades - The vital specification of an agriculture rotavator machine is its blades that turn and twist to operate smoothly, these blades are of high quality and so the risk of them getting spoiled easily is very minimal unless the farmer uses them recklessly.

  • Pocket-friendly price - The agricultural industry faces the highest difficulty in bearing the cost of huge machinery, however, for the rotary tiller, the farmer bears very little and minimal costs. The mini rotavator Price is pocket-friendly. It is within budget and comes at affordable rates so after having a tractor in India, a mini rotavator machine is a next thing that a farmer can afford.

  • Great assistance for puddling - The primary use of a rotary tiller is to prepare for the soil but it is also an excellent tool to be used for puddling. If a farmer wants to clear the puddles and manage them with ease then, a tractor rotavator machine is best to use. It is great assistance indeed.

Best Rotavator for Sale

Before you buy a rotavator in India, knowing about the best models and prices is very important. Here is a list of the best-known rotavator tool models you can trust. 

  • New Holland Rotavator- This tractor model has 45-50 HP of implement power and has a gearbox with four speeds. This rotavator price in India starts from Rs 15,000*. 

  • John Deere Rotary Tiller- This belongs to the rotary tiller category that comes with a moveable working depth of 200 mm, 36 HP tractor compatibility, and the rotavator price starts from Rs. 15,000*. 

  • Landforce Vivo- This tractor rotavator tool has features like multi-speed or single-speed gearboxes. With 30-42 blades that are compatible with 25 HP- 45 HP tractor models, this mini rotavator is fuel efficient. The tractor rotavator price in India is within Rs. 90,000* to 1.30* Lakh India. 

  • Indo Farm IFRT-225- This tractor implements comes with 60-70 HP Power and delivers fuel-efficient operations. Its gearbox is equipped with gear drives and the tractor implement price in India starts from Rs. 15,000*. 

Where can you find the latest Tractor Rotavator in India?

Not one or two but there are more than that rotavator model available in India and You can also find mini rotavator models. Visit Tractor Gyan if you're searching to buy the latest tractor rotavator machine and aren't sure which brand or model to choose. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all the tractor rotavator machines available in India so you can quickly learn about the Price of the mini rotavator machine, its features, and specifications. Soon, start asking questions on Tractor Gyan about the tractor rotavator prices so that they may be accommodated in your budget.

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