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Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus Tractor

You can buy the best tractor for your field with popular tractor prices at a reasonable budget. Our tractor price list is a one-stop solution to compare a variety of tractors and farm implements at the best and most affordable prices. We consistently update you with the latest tractor price and specifications of tractors to buy in 2023 in one place. Here we have mentioned top tractor brands that are trending with the latest technologies, which builds your trust and confidence in work. You can also view launched tractors for sale in the Indian Market. Tractor Gyan aims to deliver you the Tractors that best fit your budget. Some of the Popular new tractors in India are Mahindra 575 di XP plus, Swaraj 744 FE, Massey Ferguson 241 DI Maha Shakti, John Deere 5050 D, and many more. Below you can find the best tractor in India with Price List, new tractors for sale, Low tractor Prices in India, budget-friendly tractors, etc.

New Tractors Price List 2023 in India

Latest Tractors

tractor hp HP:- 60-65 HP
tractor cylinder Cylinder:- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity:- 2200 kg
tractor hp HP:- 45
tractor cylinder Cylinder:- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity:- 1650 kg
tractor hp HP:- 20
tractor cylinder Cylinder:- 2
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity:- 750 Kg

Popular Tractors

tractor ho HP:- 50
tractor cylinder Cylinder:- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity:- 1800 Kg
tractor ho HP:- 52
tractor cylinder Cylinder:- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity:- 1500 kg
tractor ho HP:- 55
tractor cylinder Cylinder:- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity:- 2000 Kg

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Tractor price in India starts from Rs. 2.90 Lacs* and goes upto 30.00 Lacs* .

Popular tractor brands in India are Mahindra, Sonalika, Swaraj, Massey Ferguson, John Deere, and so on.

15 hp to 120 hp range of tractors available in India.

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is the best smallest tractor in India.

The best tractors in India are Swaraj 855 FE, Mahindra 575 di xp plus, Massey Ferguson 1035 DI, and many more.

Some of the Latest tractors in India are Mahindra yuvo tech plus 415 DI, Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack, eicher 380 prima G3

Lowest price tractor in India are Swaraj code, Mahindra Yuvraj 215 Nxt.

700+ tractor models you can find at tractorgyan.

You can find details like tractor price, tractor features, tarctor reviews and so on at tractorgyan

25+ tractor brand you can find at tractorgyan,

The most fuel efficient tractor in India are Mahindra 585 di xp plus, john deere 5310 4wd, and sonalika di 750 III Sikandar.

New tractor series in India are Mahindra yuvo tech plus, eicher prima G3.

tractorgyan offeringsTractorGyan Offerings

New Tractor Models & Prices in 2023

“Tractors are not just some massive agricultural vehicle, but an emotion to Indian farmers.”

Searching for the best tractor for your farm needs? Here you go, TractorGyan helps you discover new ways of choosing the best tractors of 2023 by providing you with a comparison of all the tractors in one place. It is not always easy to choose from a wide range of offers. On the Indian market, you will find various models, all at different prices. And as you will go deeper and discover more, the best tractors are not always the ones at the highest prices. Thus, many criteria are used in deciding the best tractors, and they make the richness and relevance of this comparison.

Hence, to help you make the best and most affordable choice among hundreds of tractors available, we have decided to provide you the best comparison of all the tractors to find the high quality and reasonable price ratio tractors.

Moreover, Tractors are not just another automobile, they are the power to the farmers. A tractor of sufficient usability, and remarkable functionalities with an affordable tractor price that suits the budget of an average farmer is what every farmer desires. Farming and agriculture occupations get easy with the use of an ideal tractor. Whether it is tractor price, specifications, features, or the efficiency of the tractor in India, At Tractorgyan you’ll get accurate information about all the tractors in India

After realizing the emerging need for tractors, the companies have tried every tidbit to manufacture and launch amazing tractors that match the demanding needs of farmers according to their tractor price expectations as well as sound justice to science and advancement.

Tractor Price in India in 2023

There are approx 25+ popular tractor brands in India that are existing in the market power packed with powerful functionalities and performance. The tractor price in India starts from Rs 2.50 Lakhs - Rs 29.20 Lakhs*. You can get the best tractors for farming at affordable prices., which helps you to increase your work efficiency extensively.  The popular Tractors in India are launched keeping in mind the tractor price and needs of farmers. Thus, the tractor price in India is very economical for average farmers. Plus, TractorGyan provides you with the tractor price list  to make the comparison easier among hundreds of popular tractors. Adding more to your knowledge, the most expensive tractor is of John Deere 6120 B, and its tractor price is Rs 29.20 Lakhs* and the most economical tractor is Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT worth Rs 2.50 Lakhs*. 

So, At TractorGyan, you will find the best tractors listed according to their budget-friendly price and characteristics. Plus, to make your choice easier, we have comparisons of tractors by category. You won't have to select your product/tractor at random anymore.

New Tractors Price in India by HP (horsepower) -

We all know that tractor prices, features, colors, and sizes influence the purchase of tractors but the purchase of tractors is also influenced by horsepower. Here is the list of the different tractors as per their horsepower.

Tractors below 20 HP: 

Suitable for petite work and small farmlands, because being only 20 HP and below it works perfectly on small lands, and the tractor price for 20hp or below is very low. They are also known as mini tractors. The 20 HP tractor prices start from 2.60 lakhs-3.35 lakhs*, which is quite affordable to average farmers. Here are some of the popular tractors below 20 HP - Swaraj 717, Sonalika GT 20, and many others. 

Tractors under 21 to 30 HP: 

Tractors under 21 to 30 HP are considered one of the best tractors in India for the purpose of heavy-duty work on average-sized lands. 21-30 HP tractor Price starts from 3.17 to 4.46 lacs*. Some of the most popular tractors in 21 HP to 30 HP are- Swaraj 724 XM Orchard NT, and Kubota NeoStar A211N 4WD.

Tractors under 31 to 40 HP:

Tractor ranging from 31HP to 40HP offers new technology, In spite of Despite being technologically advanced, these tractors are budget-friendly. 31-40 HP Tractor price is between 4.55 - 5.70 lakhs”. Some of the popular tractors with a horsepower range of 31 HP- 40HP Tractors are Mahindra Yuvo 265, Swaraj 744 FE E, etc.

Tractors under 41 to 50 HP:

Tractor ranging from 41HP to 50HP is the best tractors in India to go for when you are looking for a heavy-duty tractor but under a specific budget and for average-level land. 41HP to 50HP Tractor Prices range from 5.40 lacs to 7.50 lacs*. Some of the popular tractor models under 41 - 50 hp tractors are Mahindra 475 Di, Eicher 548, etc.

Tractors under 51 to 60 HP:

Tractors ranging from horsepower 51 to 60 hp Tractors are best for heavy-duty and tough work in large lands ensuring tough work    enhanced productivity and durability on the farms. Here are some of the popular tractor models under this hp range Digitrac PP51i, Digitrac 46i, etc. tractor prices start from 6 lacs and can go up to 8 lacs. 

Tractors above 60 HP:

Tractors above 60 HP are Suitable for extremely heavy-duty work and high-quality work on a large level. above 60 HP Tractor, Prices starting from 8.40 lacs and above these tractors are very popular among farmers owning large farm fields. Popular models, Swaraj 963 FE, Sonalika tiger DI 65 4WD, etc.

Famous Tractor Brands in India in 2023

Today, India has more than 27 brands of tractors that are each of different origins and existence. India is the established country that produces different configuration tractors. The top tractor brand in India like Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, and others brands have all done faraway justice in setting the standards and utility of a tractor in the entire industry. The tractor in India is available in the range between 15 HP to 150 HP and tractor price in India ranges from Rs 2.50 Lacs to 29.20 Lacs*. The list of tractors is long and there are various mini tractors, heavy-duty and ultra-functional tractors in India, all are hot-selling and tractor price is economically very efficient for the farmers and other users. 

At Tractor Gyan you’ll get all the necessary and important information about the tractor price, tractor brands, and features in India. Be it Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, Escorts, Eicher, Swaraj, Sonalika, or Kubota, all of them produce the best and most trendsetting tractors. These are exceptional in use and the companies conquer large market shares with great rewards and responses. At Tractor Gyan you can get not only tractor prices, features, warranty, and performance about tractors but also get info about tractor loans, EMI calculators, selling/buying old tractors, and many more.

The new model tractors in India are not only powerful but also have massive durability, and are highly efficient, which are available in the range of 15 HP to 150 HP with affordable tractor prices. The Indian brands of tractors have achieved recognition from all across the globe in 2022 and will continue to get love and respect in 2023. Here are some popular tractor brand lists that you should take note of -

Mahindra Tractors -

Mahindra is recognized as the top tractor company in India. Plus, The company exports farm tractor machines across all continents. Mahindra manufactures more tractors than any other manufacturing company. This itself shows its popularity, demand, and product capabilities. They mainly sell their farming products in China, Australia, India & USA. Mahindra & Mahindra is no stranger to goodwill. The company doesn’t only intend to sell the tractor but also to change people’s lives to bring better upliftment and update.  The engine capacity of the Mahindra tractor is between 15 HP to 75 HP. The Mahindra tractor price in India starts from Rs 2.50 Lakhs* which is the least amongst all other competitive brands. Here we have mentioned some of the popular Mahindra tractor prices. 

Mahindra Tractor Prices

  1. Mahindra 275 DI ECO - Rs. 4.80 - 5.0 lakh*

  2. Mahindra 575 DI - Rs. 6.65 - 6.95 lakh*

  3. Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus - Rs.  6.85 - 7.15 Lakh*

Massey Ferguson Tractors -

The brand is renowned and most popular in the tractor manufacturing industry. They provide the best tractors for your farming needs, no matter how big or small your requirements are, they are suitable for all types of work. Plus, they have a wide range of farming equipment to uplift your farming productivity and also share a strong customer base. This tractor brand in India manufactures a wide range of tractors and farm equipment. The engine capacity of this tractor is between 18 HP - 75 HP. The Massey Ferguson tractor price in India starts from Rs 3.05 Lakhs*. Some of the popular Massey Ferguson tractor prices are listed below:

Massey Ferguson Tractor Prices

  1. Massey Ferguson 1035 DI - Rs. 5.40-5.70 Lakhs*

  2. Massey Ferguson 9500 2WD - Rs. 8.40 - 8.90 Lakh*

  3. Massey Ferguson 7250 Power Up - Rs 7.20 - Rs. 7.70 Lakh* 

  4. Massey Ferguson 5118 - Rs. 3.25-3.40 Lakh*

Swaraj Tractors -

This tractor brand in India produces a winning combination of style and performance. Plus, Swaraj provides a wide range of 30+ tractor models in India to choose from. You can get what you want according to your farming needs. All the tractors are equipped with advanced technological solutions for effective use, which results in positive outcomes. The engine capacity of this tractor lies between 15 HP - 75 HP. The Swaraj tractor price in India is starting from Rs 2.50 Lakhs*. The company offers the best and most powerful engine tractor that is easy to operate on hard soil. Here we have listed popular swaraj tractor prices.

Swaraj Tractor Prices

  1. Swaraj 717 – Rs. 3.20 lakh - 3.30 lakh*

  2. Swaraj 744 FE – Rs.6.90 lakh - 7.40 lakh*

  3. Swaraj 735 FE – Rs. 5.85 lakh - 6.20 lakh*

  4. Swaraj 855 FE – Rs. 7.80 lakh - 8.10 lakh*

Sonalika Tractors -

Sonalika tractors is the leading manufacturer attaining the 3rd largest tractor brand in India founded in 1969. Plus, the company includes various .and international farm tractor brands on offer. It has its influence in 70+ countries around the globe. Further, they have a turnover of around USD 235 million. They have also signed joined venture with Yanmar, japan for the manufacturing of tractors in India. Sonalika has also signed a joint venture with Renault (France) and Claas ( Germany) to upgrade their technology. So, you will surely be going to benefit from buying products from this brand. The engine capacity of Sonalika tractors in India is between 20 HP to 90 HP. The Sonalika tractor price in India starts from Rs 3.0 Lakhs*. Below are some of the popular Sonalika tractor prices in India.

Sonalika Tractor Prices

  1. Sonalika Sikander DI 35 - Rs. 5.65 - 5.95 Lakh*

  2. Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander - Rs. 6.60 - 6.85 Lakh*

  3. Sonalika 42 RX Sikander - RS. 6.45 - 6.70 lakh*

  4. Sonalika WT 60 - Rs. 8.90 - 9.25 lakh*

Eicher Tractors-

This tractor brand in India is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the industry. Eicher tractors offer various 35+ models that are powerful, technologically advanced, and fuel-efficient. They are best at performing commercial farming and haulage activities. These tractors will help you enhance your farm productivity extensively. These tractors are efficient and excellent in performance and their engine capacity lies between 18 HP - 75 HP. The Eicher tractor price starts from Rs 2.90 Lakhs*. Here are some of the popular Eicher tractor prices:

Eicher Tractor Prices

  1. Eicher 380 - Rs. 6.10 - 6.40 lakh*

  2. Eicher 242 - Rs. 4.5 - 4.40 lakh*

  3. Eicher 333 - Rs. 5.45 - 5.70 lakh*

  4. Eicher 557 - Rs. 6.5 - 7.20 lakh*

Farmtrac Tractors-

This tractor is the most powerful and has an engine of excellent durability and efficiency. Farmtrac provides you with 40+ models in India to choose from. You can select the one according to your farming needs. Plus, farmtrac is a part of the escort group, which is famous for its customer-centric approach. So, you can be ensured about your expectations regarding buying tractors. The engine capacity of this brand lies between 22 HP - 80 HP. The Farmtrac tractor price in India starts from Rs 4.00 Lakhs*. Some of the farmtrac tractor prices are mentioned below:

Farmtrac Tractor Prices

  1. Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx - Rs. 7.40 -7.70 lakh*

  2. Farmtrac 45 PowerMaxx - Rs. 6.70 -7.40 lakh*

  3. Farmtrac Champion 35 All Rounder - Rs. 5.35 -5.55 lakh*

  4. Farmtrac Champion 42 - Rs. 5.75 - 5.98 lakh*

John Deere Tractors-

John Deere tractors are one of the most popular farm tractor brands in the world. It is very much in demand in 2022 and is going to be demanding in 2023 also. They also offer Agricultural Machinery, Tools & Equipment to help you in performing farm operations seamlessly. John Deere also provides other Agricultural Machines like Combine Harvesters, Forage Harvester, Cotton Picker, Sugarcane Harvester, Seed Drill, Filed Sprayer, Telescopic Handler, Manure Spreader and several other agricultural utilities. This company employs 1000’s of people in different countries like the United States(U.S.), the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, France, India, Germany, and many others. The company has shown the best results in producing the best quality tractors in India. The engine capacity of this tractor is 28 HP - 120 HP. The John Deere tractor price in India starts from Rs 4.70 Lakhs*. Popular John Deere tractor prices are mentioned below:

John Deere Tractor Price

  1. John Deere 5310 - Rs. 8.60 - 9.39 lakh*

  2. John Deere 5105 - Rs. 6.05 - 6.25 lakh*

  3. John Deere 5036 D - Rs. 5.60 - 5.85 lakh*

  4. John Deere 5310 4WD - Rs. 10.32 - 11.50 lakh*

Kubota Tractors -

The company is one of the leading global manufacturing companies in India and has shown continuous and persistent results in the modification of tractors. They provide 10+ tractor models in India for great work efficiency. Kubota tractor was first developed in Japan and thus comes with the Japanese technology that ensures high yield in the farms. Kubota tractor in India is popular for its quality and the features it provides to customers. The  appearance and charming look of the Kubota tractor make it more authentic and maximizes customer engagement and thus increasing the supply of the product. The company builds elegant models and takes a high position in the market for heavy-duty tractors.  The engine capacity of this tractor is 21 HP - 55 HP. The Kubota tractor price starts from Rs 4.15 Lakhs*. The Popular Kubota tractor price list is given below:

Kubota Tractor Price

  1. Kubota Neostar B2741S 4WD - 5.81 - 5.83 lakh*

  2. Kubota MU 5501 - Rs. 9.31 - 9.49 lakh*

  3. Kubota L3408 - 6.1 lakh*

New Holland Tractors-

Being an agricultural brand the company produces agricultural tractors and farm equipment that are high in efficiency and performance. Today, new holland provides 35+ tractor models for its customer to choose from. The tractor is equipped with advanced technology, and features and brings high performance. It ensures you fast and high efficiency in a short period. It is famous for providing high-quality tractors around the globe. You should count on this product to increase your farm productivity. The engine capacity of this tractor is 35-90 HP and the New Holland Tractor price starts from Rs 5.20 Lakhs*. The popular New Holland tractor prices are mentioned below:

New Holland Tractor Price

  1. New Holland Excel - Rs. 6.90 - 14.80 lakh*

  2. New Holland Turbo Super - Rs. 6.90 - 13.80 lakh*

  3. New Holland TX - Rs. 6.43 - 14.12 lakh*

Powertrac Tractors -

The company provides a vast range of tractors in India at fair and reasonable prices. It has 35+ tractor models to increase your productivity. It is designed according to the needs of Indian farmers. You can opt for anyone as per your needs. It ensures you fast and great work efficiency at the farm. You can get best-in-class tractors from this brand. The engine capacity of this tractor is between 25 HP to 75 HP. The powertrac tractor price starts from Rs 3.30 Lakhs* which is much more reasonable and easy to afford. The popular Powertrac tractor prices are mentioned below:

Powertrac Tractor Prices

  1. Powertrac Euro 45 - Rs. 6.25-6.55 lakh*

  2. Powertrac Euro 439 - Rs.5.65-6.45 lakh*

  3. Powertrac Euro 55 Next - Rs. 7.35 -7.65 Lakh*

At TractorGyan we have a complete list of researched and accurately jotted-down tractor brands with tractor prices that you should know before making any kind of purchase. Our experts are always there to help you finalize the product after hearing your expectations regarding buying tractors. We will guide you to choose the tractors according to your farm requirements. So, get in touch to know more. To know the updated tractor price in India or HP of tractors in India keep visiting the TractorGyan site.

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