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  •  JCB 3DX XTRA  On-road price in India. JCB 3DX XTRA  implements Features, specifications, and full video review






Gross Power

74 HP

cooling system


820 MM



CEV Stage IV

Best JCB 3DX XTRA in India in 2023
JCB 3DX XTRA in India is the best agricultural implement. This implement is the most professional and intricate in use and its structure. This implement in the tractors in India is the best in efficiency and reduces the workload of the farmers in an excellent way. Farmers have multiple functionalities and work to manage the entire agricultural fields and farmlands and JCB 3DX XTRA in India is the best implement for this.

For all the farming applications and ease in performance of agricultural activities, JCB 3DX XTRA in India is major in use. This implement has always been a great help to the farmers, the efficiency they have and the work they do is unbeatable and unmatched to anyone. This implement works relatively well with the farm so that the cultivation, plantation and rooting of crops become amazing and easy work for the farmers. Good quality tractor implements in India are a sure treat for the farming industry, these are attached to the tractors in addition and then it makes it easy for all the tractors to work with the soil in the best way and thus, the utility of these tractors is exceptional and cannot be missed on counting. Implements like 3DX XTRA in India are more than farmers think. 

How do JCB 3DX XTRA help in agriculture or farming in India?
JCB 3DX XTRA in India Have always been vitally used by the farmers, getting utmost productivity out of it is another advantage that it has. Crop production is another aim of the farmers to achieve better productivity and the highest amount of yields in a month and JCB 3DX XTRA tractor implement is the best suit for it. Yet, cropping and planting are done to get the resourceful crop out of it, but this tractor implement in India not only helps in cropping but also makes production flow successfully out of it.

What are the specifications/ features  of JCB 3DX XTRA in India?

JCB 3DX XTRAin India is very economical and fuel efficient and it has an implement power of 40-50 HP. It has an amazing quality and efficiency that is incompatible and highly admired by the farmers. The JCB 3DX XTRA in India improves the farming productivity and helps in simplifying the complex and time taking task with ease and convenience. This is used for tillage operation. The tractor implements like JCB 3DX XTRA is to off load the agricultural activities and help every farmer to focus on getting high yields by using easy and advanced methods. This implement in specific has high performance and proven demand in the market. Farmers find it easy to attach with the tractor, by almost cutting down the efforts and time that would be otherwise required if annually done. 


What is the price for JCB 3DX XTRA in India in 2023?

The JCB 3DX XTRA price is quite economical and cost-effective. Farmers find it much easier to purchase as it fits the budget and doesn't require another stress to bother about its affordability. The actual price for JCB 3DX XTRA in India starts from Rs 15000. The price of these paddy depends on the market forces and the market players largely. Thus, speaking about the farmers, JCB 3DX XTRA is one of the most economical and under-budget tractor implements for them. If you want to know the on road price of the JCB models then visit Tractor Gyan soon.

Where to purchase JCB 3DX XTRA in India?

If you want to purchase the JCB 3DX XTRA then visit Tractor Gyan. We have complete and detailed information about all the tractor implements in India. Visit Tractor Gyan and start purchasing the implement of your choice in the best deal. 


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