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Powertrac is a series of tractors combined with the power and efficiency of Indian frugal engineering with European finesse. Powertrac tractor price in India starts from Rs.3.30 lacs* to 9.40 lacs* in 2023. Powertrac tractors are the industry's most efficient tractors with power ranging between 25 HP to 75 HP. Powertrac tractors hp are built to fulfill the farmer's agricultural requirements more efficiently with their well-designed power engine capacity and farmer-oriented features. Powertrac tractor prices are under a reasonable budget, which enables the farmers to buy them according to their needs. The most popular Powertrac tractor in 2023 is Powertrac Euro 50 powerhouse, Powertrac 439 Plus powerhouse, Powertrac 434 plus powerhouse, Powertrac 445 Plus, etc. whereas popular Powertrac mini tractors are Powertrac 425 N, Powertrac 425 DS, etc. At TractorGyan, you will get insights on new Powertrac tractor models, and the Powertrac tractor price list in India 2023.

Powertrac Tractors Price List 2023 in India

Powertrac Tractor Series in India


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Recently Asked Question about Powertrac Tractors:

The Powertrac tractor price in India 2023 starts from Rs. 3.30 Lakh* to Rs. 11.90 Lakh*.

Powertrac tractor hp range is 25 hp to 75 hp.

Powertrac tractors come under Escort Group (Escorts Agri Machinery) which was established in 1944 by the Nanda brothers Yudi Nanda and Har Prasad Nanda.

Powertrac's most powerful tractor is Powertrac Euro 60.

The most fuel-efficient Powertrac tractor is Powertrac 434 Plus.

Powertrac 439 Plus is the best tractor in Powertrac tractor.

At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Powertrac tractors price list.

The best Powertrac tractor in India is Powertrac Euro 45 Plus 4WD.

At tractorgyan, visit locate tractor dealer page to find the Powertrac dealer and showroom.

Powertrac tractor's average lifting capacity is 1000 kg to 2000 kg.

35+ Tractor models are available in the Powertrac tractor brand.

The best 50 HP Powertrac tractor is Powertrac Euro 50.

Powertrac Euro 55 PowerHouse has the best hydraulic lifting capacity which is 2000 Kg.

The most popular Powertrac tractor in India is Powertrac Euro 50.

The latest models of Powertrac tractors are Powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse and Powertrac Euro 47 Powerhouse.

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About Powertrac Tractor Price List in India

Powertrac tractors are the best and most refined tractors in India in 2023, and they are in high demand by farmers due to their efficiency in performance and long-term durability. The Powertrac Tractor price in India starts at Rs 4.30 lakhs*. The company's most expensive tractor is the Powertrac Euro 75, which costs Rs 11.90 lakhs*. There are 25+ Powertrac tractor variants in India, with engine efficiency ranging from 25 to 75 horsepower.

The most common Powertrac tractors are the Powertrac 439 Plus, Powertrac Euro 50, and Powertrac 434. In addition, the company has a fleet of micro tractors that assist farmers in lessening their workload and increasing agricultural efficiency.


History of Powertrac tractors in India -

In India, Powertrac tractors come in 27 different models, all of which are top-of-the-line in terms of functionality and performance. The Powertrac tractor was introduced in 1960 by the Escorts Kubota firm, which is also known as Escort Agri Machinery. Along with the Powertrac tractor brand, the business introduced its other brands in India named Farmtrac tractor, digitrac tractor.

Escorts Kubota has its foundation for launching remarkable and future-proof technology that has a superb tractor composition set. The purpose of the tractor launch is to increase the usage of farmland, resulting in a proportionately easier labor and increased output for farmers.

The Powertrac tractors have good engine efficiency, with engines ranging from 25 to 60 horsepower, which is ideal for production. The Price of Powertrac tractors in India starts at Rs 4.30 lakhs, which is very cheap. The price of Powertrac tractors is reasonable and very cost-effective in India. 


What makes the Powertrac tractor series the best in India in 2023? 

The Escort company's best manufacturers are the Powertrac tractors in India, as these tractors have been excellent in their performance and efficiency. The company relies on a customer-centric approach, which has allowed them to develop tractors that meet the demands of every farmer. Here are some of the best framer's assistants from the Powertrac tractor series.

Powertrac Euro series -

This is Powertrac tractor's most revolutionary tractor series, as it guarantees the delivery of the best and most solution-based tractors, making cropping and farming simple for farmers. Powertrac tractors have engines that range from 28 to 60 horsepower. 

Powertrac tractors are the highest performing and a perfect resource for farmers due to their speed, lifting capability, and roomy infrastructure. These tractors come in two different configurations: 2wd and 4wd. powertrac Euro tractors were priced between 6.80 and 9.10 lakhs*.

Powertrac DS series - 

These tiny tractors of powertrac are ideal for all paddy and puddling applications in the field. Farmers prefer to use small tractors, and Powertrac is well-known for producing high-efficiency tiny tractors that attract other tractors in the field.

Powertrac DS series tractors' extensive features and functionality enable them to work admirably even in the most difficult farming conditions. The three greatest small tractor models in the Powertrac DS series feature engine efficiency ranging from 25 to 39 horsepower. Powertrac tractor prices in India are between Rs 5.10 lakhs and Rs 6.60 lakhs*. 

Powertrac ALT Series -

It is the most recent and newest tractor series, which also features a yellow tractor revolution. Powertrac ALT tractors are equipped with modern and innovative features and functions that allow them to easily handle all commercial and farming jobs.

Powertrac ALT series tractors are capable of sowing, planting, cropping, and a variety of other tasks. The tractors' engines have a power range of 28 to 41 horsepower. Powertrac ALT tractors are priced between Rs 5.6 lakhs and Rs 6.55 lakhs*. 

Powertrac Next Series -

As the name implies, Powertrac Next series tractors are designed specifically for the future generation of farmers. The tractors have a fresh look, design, feel, and performance caliber, and they are equipped with modern features and functionalities.

Powertrac Next Series is produced in response to the needs and demands of today's farmers. These tractors have powerful engines, large machinery, cutting-edge technology, and comfy seats. Powertrac Next tractors have engines that range from 52 to 60 horsepower. These tractors cost between 7.60 lakhs and 9.20 lakhs*.

Powertrac Powerhouse Series -

The Powertrac Powerhouse series includes innovative tractors having potent engines with better tractor structures. The tractor has advanced features, comfortable seats, cool and spacious workspace, etc.

The Powertrac Powerhouse tractor's Hp starts with 39 HP - 55 HP. The price range starts at Rs 6.20 Lakhs*. Famous models of this series are Euro 47 Powerhouse, Euro 50 Powerhouse, and 434 Plus Powerhouse. 


Powertrac Tractors HP Range:

Powertrac tractors are highly functional and never go out of demand, the company also provides a wide range of 25+ Powertrac tractors which comes with a different set of specifications and features along with beautiful designs which are apt for different farming activities.

Powertrac Tractors provide tractors with horsepower ranging from a minimum of 25 HP and a maximum horsepower of 60 HP. Having a huge variety of tractors to choose from, certainly can create some confusion, and in confusion, one might not be able to choose the correct tractor for that very reason we have to provide all the best tractors of powertrac in different Horsepower ranges.

Powertrac Tractors under 30 HP:

Powertrac under 30 hp tractors are suitable for small land areas, personal lawns, vineyards, and more such tasks, but a good mini tractor must be strong, durable, and packed with features that make the mini tractors versatile and fit for Indian soil which is diverse, the best Powertrac 25 HP tractor is Powertrac 425 N which is a 25 HP tractor, can lift up to 1300 Kg of which makes it a heavy-duty mini tractor, 2 cylinders to hold enough fuel so that the tasks can be performed efficiently. it has a powerful engine RPM of 2000 and provides water-based cooling. this powertrac tractor 25 hp price is Rs.3.30 - Rs.3.45 Lacs* which makes it more desirable than its peers.

Powertrac Tractors under 31-40 HP:

Powertrac 31 hp - 40 hp tractors are fit for small to medium tasks both on and off the field. Powertrac Tractors of 31-40 HP delivers exactly that, which is why they are preferred more than the tractor of peer companies. The best Powertrac tractor 35 hp is Powertrac 434 RDX comes with 3 cylinders to carry fuel which can last as long as the tasks are carried out without any hassle and effortlessly.

Powertrac Tractors under 41-50 HP:

Next up in line is the power range which is considered to be the mainstream in the farming world the 41-50 HP tractors that are suitable for medium to heavy-duty tasks to be performed both on and off the field. Powertrac 41-50 HP tractors has set the bar high for its peers by bringing its A-game. The best powertrac 45 hp tractor is the Powertrac 439 Plus Powerhouse comes with 3 cylinders and holds efficient fuel to carry out tasks on the farm efficiently. It can lift up to 1600 Kilograms of weight and is powered by a powerful engine of 2000 RPM. 

Powertrac Tractors under 51-60 HP:

The last one on the list is the heavy-duty HP range which is a 51-60 HP tractor, the tractors belonging to this hp range are heavy-duty, fit for carrying out humongous tasks on the field, and deliver impeccable performance to their owners. Powertrac 51 hp - 60 hp tractors provide a variety that is capable of doing exactly this and much more. The best Powertrac 55 hp tractor is the Powertrac Euro 55 Powerhouse, which comes with 3 cylinders, a powerful engine of 1850 RPM, and a Dual-clutch this powertrac tractor 55 hp price is Rs. 7.10 -7.40 Lacs*.


Where to inquire about second-hand Powertrac tractors in India in 2023?

It is not difficult to locate a used Powertrac Tractor. These tractors are both cost-effective and high-performing. Because the mechanisms and equipment employed in these tractors are of high quality, they are in more demand to be used.

The Tractor Gyan has a list of used tractors in India for 2023, complete with all relevant information to assist you in making an informed purchase. Every farmer can benefit from the Powertrac tractor models' recommended solutions. 


Where we can find Videos of Powertrac tractors?

Take a video tour of Powertrac tractors in India on Tractor Gyan's YouTube channel to learn about their characteristics, features, and exact costs. We have a comprehensive collection of Powertrac tractor operation videos to help you make smarter decisions. This video will provide all the necessary information about Powertrac tractors and also give details of every single part of different tractors.


Who are Powertrac tractor dealers in India in 2023?

In India, there are 1000 certified dealers and 1200+ sales outlets for Powertrac tractors. The company has spread its wings of success all over the country, partnering with incredible dealers. If you're interested in purchasing a Powertrac tractor, visit our website.

Find out everything you need to know about the Powertrac tractor dealers in your area. You will get all of the relevant and appropriate dealer information at Tractor Gyan. Make contact with them as soon as possible.


What is the price of Powertrac tractors in India?

The Powertrac tractor price ranges start in India between Rs 4.35 Lakhs - Rs 10.36 Lakhs*. The on-road price for Powertrac mini tractors also ranges between Rs 3.15 Lakhs - 5.65 Lakhs*, which is quite appropriate and worth paying for. Thus, farmers completely rely on this brand in terms of the powertrac tractor on-road prices and the costs of their exquisite tractors. 


How to get a Powertrac tractor loan?

Getting a Powertrac tractor loan will become stress-free and quick if you visit our website Tractor Gyan, where we have all the details on how to get tractors on loan. On the Tractor Gyan website, you may easily get all the information you need about paperwork, EMIs, and other related issues.

Our website will provide you with several plans to help you get a better deal on your Powertrac tractor. So, go to www.tractorgyan.com and check out the financing section.


Why Tractor Gyan for Powertrac tractors in India? 

Tractor Gyan is the greatest website for obtaining all tractor-related information. It is the most essential website for listing Powertrac tractors for sale and purchase. 

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