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Tractor Backhoe Loader Implements

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Tractor Backhoe Loader in India

Backhoe loader price starts from Rs. 1.3 Lakh* to Rs. 2.3 Crore* in India 2024. Backhoe loader hp starts from 20HP to 90 HP. A tractor backhoe loader implement can dig trenches, foundations, and holes in the farming ground. With a front loader attachment, it can also help farmers to do load lifting and transport the material. Depending upon the features and specifications.

Tractorgyan offers a wide range of 20+ tractor backhoe loader. The most affordable Backhoe loader price starts from Rs. 1.3 Lakh* and most expensive Backhoe loader price is  2.3 Crore*. Some of the most famous backhoe loader models are Preet Hornett, Bull HD 76 4WD, Mahindra EarthMaster, Escorts LoadMax II, and JCB 3DX.

At TractorGyan, you can find a detailed listing of  backhoe loader brands like Mahindra, JCB, Escorts, Bull, Preet, and Escorts. Some of the famous types of tractor-backhoe loaders are centre-mounted backhoe loaders, side-shift backhoe loaders, and mini-backhoe loaders. You can quickly get a Backhoe loader for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Gyan.

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Recently Asked Question about Backhoe Loader Tractor Implements:

The best backhoe loader companies are JCB, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Manitou, Escorts, Bull, Mahindra, etc.

The most common uses of backhoe loaders are digging ditches, laying pipes, planting underground cables, or laying the foundation for buildings and drainage systems. With a few additional attachments, they can do much more.

The price of a backhoe loader is Between Rs. 1.3 Lakh* to Rs. 2.3 Crore*.

JCB has the best backhoe loaders in India.

A backhoe loader is used for digging ditches, laying pipes, planting underground cables, laying the foundation for buildings and drainage systems, and a lot more.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest backhoe loader models in India.

The JCB 3dx Backhoe Loader is the most popular Backhoe Loader.

At Tractorgyan you can find an updated Backhoe loader price list.

The amount of subsidy and process can change area-wise, to know more about Backhoe loader subsidy you can visit

The types of backhoe loaders are center-mount backhoes and side-shift backhoes.

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About Jcb Backhoe Loader in India 2024

A tractor backhoe loader is a unique equipment that combines three types of functions: a tractor, a loader, and a backhoe. Because of these operations, a backhoe loader tool is used for farming and construction-related activities. 

The backhoe loader is the perfect tractor implement for all the digging and excavating purposes. Many famous companies such as JCB, Caterpillar, Escort, CASE, CAT, Mahindra, Volvo, Komatsu, Terex (Manitou), ACE, and Bull Backhoe Loader. There are various types of backhoe loaders, specifically talking about JCB backhoe loaders, the pioneers’ 2DX, 3DX, and 4DX types. The eco excellence series is the ultimate champion of backhoe loaders and is favored by farmers all around the world.

Backhoe loader Price in India 2024

The Backhoe loader price in India differs from model to model and from company to company. JCB backhoe loaders price range starts from Rs. 1.3 Lakh* to Rs. 2.3 Crore* To get the best deals on Backhoe loaders visit Tractor gyan today and get the best deals, hurry!!

Backhoe Loader Models Backhoe Loader Models Price
Manitou MBL-745 S Backhoe Loader Rs. 33.00,000*
JCB 3DX Rs. 35 - 38 Lakh*
Escorts Digmax-II (4 WD) Rs. 22-26 Lakh*
Bull SD76 BS4 Rs.31, 54,000*
Mahindra EarthMaster SX IV Rs. 31-33 Lakh*

How to Choose the Right Backhoe Loader

Farmers need to buy the backhoe loader model after paying attention to multiple aspects. 

  • Farmers need to assess the farming requirements, total farming land, and types of operations they need to conduct using backhoe loader implements. 

  • Buy backhoe loader models that are compatible with the torque, implement power, and PTO of your tractor. For instance, if you have a mini tractor then buy a mini tractor backhoe loader. 

  • If you’re going to use a backhoe loader machine for construction work then you need to purchase a backhoe loader online that is available with multiple tools like buckets, forks, augers, and more. 

  • Assess the type of terrain where the backhoe loader tool will operate. If you’ve paved surfaces then you need to get a wheeled backhoe loader machine. 

  • Farmers need to consider the required digging depth and reach before they buy backhoe loader machines. 

  • Ensure that the machine has sufficient horsepower and torque for efficient digging and loading operations. Consider fuel efficiency as well.

  • Farmers need to set a budget to purchase a backhoe loader machine. They need to research the tractor-backhoe loader price in India. They should buy a model that fits into your pocket. 

Tractor Backhoe Loader Features

  • The backhoe loader machine has a gross power that is mainly the total power output of the engine without accounting for any losses.

  • The engine torque of a backhoe loader tractor helps the engine to generate the tuning force. 

  • The cooling system of a tractor backhoe loader keeps the engine cooled after long-hour operations. 

  • The fuel tank of a tractor backhoe loader implement has a large storage capacity. It can store up to 128 litres of fuel. 

  • The ground clearance of a backhoe loader machine is high enough to allow this machine to move in the field without damaging the crop. 

Tractor Backhoe Loader Specification

  • A backhoe loader tractor implement will have a 3 or 4-cylinder engine. 

  • The capacity of a backhoe loader bucket can be anywhere from 0.5 to 36 m3, depending on the size of the machine and its application.

  • A typical backhoe loader can lift up to 7,980 kg of weight and has an engine model of C3.6, a Cat 424 Backhoe loader with a max speed of 37 km per hour and a bucket capacity of 1.05m3.

  • The pump flow of a backhoe loader tractor implement varies according to the model and it ranges between 100- 120 LPM. 

Tractor Backhoe Loader Implements Benefits

With the use of tractor backhoe implements, farmers can enjoy a wide range of benefits. 

  • A tractor backhoe loader can do digging, tilling, and many other tasks. So, farmers don’t have to purchase different machines. This way, farmers can save huge operational costs to buy backhoe loader models.  

  • Farmers can use a backhoe loader tool for different kinds of soils and farming conditions. 

  • A backhoe loader for sale allows farmers to automate farming and digging-related tasks. This way, farmers can easily save time. 

  • The design and components of a  backhoe loader tool are designed in a way that farmers can use one model of this machine to  handle materials like soil, gravel, and sand with the same ease. 

  •  Because of the stabilizer legs of backhoe loader implements, farmers can experience better stability on the field. 

Tractor Backhoe Loader Types

To address different types of farming requirements, there are many backhoe loader machines. Here are common types of backhoe loader implements. 

  • Standard tractor backhoe loader is the most common type of backhoe loader. This model has a front loader and a backhoe attachment. 

  • Extendable dipper arm backhoe loader has an extendable dipper arm to have better reach. This type of backhoe loader provides extra flexibility. 

  • Farmers can buy backhoe loaders with wheels. This is known as a wheeled backhoe loader tool and has wheels for better movability. These models have better mobility on roads. 

  • Tracked backhoe loader models have tracks instead of wheels. These types of backhoe loader machines are useful for muddy and rough terrain. 

  • Mini backhoe loaders are also known as mini tractor backhoe loader machines. They have a compact design and are ideal for smaller construction and farming projects. 

  • The side-shift backhoe loader machine has a side-shift feature. Because of this feature, this type of backhoe loader machine can assemble to shift laterally. The next type is a ride-control backhoe loader machine to improve the ride comfort of the machine by reducing bounce and shock when travelling over rough terrain. 

Best Backhoe Loader for Sale

Farmers have many options for the backhoe loader for sale to choose from. Here is a list of leading backhoe loader implements. 

  1. Manitou MBL-745 S Backhoe Loader- This backhoe loader is powered by Kirloskar 4R 1190NA1. It has a four-cylinder diesel engine. The backhoe loader tool HP for this model is 74.5 and it has 4 forward and reverse gears. The transmission system is fitted with a synchro shuttle gearbox. The backhoe loader price for this model is Rs. 33.00,000*. 

  2. JCB 3DX- Farmers can price this model of a backhoe loader for sale in India at an affordable backhoe loader Jcb 3DX price in india range of Rs. 35.00 Lakh* to Rs. 38.00 Lakh*. It has features like gross HP of 49, 240 Nm torque, 4 cylinders, water-cooled cooling system, and 114 LPM pump flow. 

  3. Escorts Digmax-II (4 WD)- Farmers can purchase Escorts Digmax-II (4 WD) at a backhoe loader price of Rs. 22 Lakh* - Rs. 26 Lakh*. Its features include 90 HP gross power, rear drive axle, 187 bucket rotation angle, 4800 MM digging depth, and 117.5 LPM pump flow. 

  4. Bull SD76 BS4- Bull SD76 BS4 is a modern-day backhoe loader tractor that has 75 HP gross power. Farmers can buy backhoe loader models and enjoy features like 300 Nm tractor torque, 4760 cc displacement, drive axle mounted, and 201 bucket rotation angle. The tractor backhoe loader price in India for this model is Rs.31, 54,000*. 

  5. Mahindra EarthMaster SX IV- Buy a backhoe loader, Mahindra EarthMaster SX IV, and enjoy features like 55 kW [74hp)@ 2200+-50 r/min, 0.27 m3 bucket capacity, 1.1 m3 loader capacity, and 4959 mm* dig depth. The tractor-backhoe loader price in India is between Rs. 31 Lakh* to Rs. 33 Lakh*. 

Financial loan for backhoe loader

When hearing the word loan we get this feeling of liability and mortgage which haunts us, sure it can sound scary but in reality it is a wise thing to do, buying a backhoe loader is nothing less than an investment in itself but the Rate of interest can be troublesome. Not at tractorgyan though, we provide the Interest rates as low as possible so that you can fulfill your farming needs without any hesitation and tension in paying the loan. Contact us and get a loan on ROI rates so low that you won’t be able to believe it. 

Why Tractorgyan for Backhoe loader?

Tractor Gyan has dedicated all of its efforts to providing the best Backhoe loader models, deals, and offers along with expert advice to farmers and cater to all farming needs be it implements, or agricultural vehicles tractorgyan has information on everything and is constantly working towards getting better every day to provide you with best of the services that we have to offer you. We also provide farming advice such as the best pesticides which will go with crops, land types and regions, and much more. Our main vision and mission are to provide you with the utmost accuracy and best solutions for your farming problems and the best deals on the farming types of equipment you desire.

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