Massey ferguson tractors in India

Below 20HP

HP:- 18
Cylinder:- 1
Lifting Capicity:- NA

41HP - 50HP

HP:- 42
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1700 Kg

31HP - 40HP

HP:- 36
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1100 Kg

21HP - 30HP

HP:- 28
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 739 Kg

51HP - 60HP

HP:- 58
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 2050 Kg
HP:- 30
Cylinder:- 2
Lifting Capicity:- 1100 Kg

Above 60HP

HP:- 75
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capicity:- 2145 kg
HP:- 42
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1700 Kg
HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1700 Kg
HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 2050 Kg
HP:- 47
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1700 Kg
HP:- 58
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 2050 Kg

About Massey Ferguson Tractors 

ट्रैक्टरज्ञान देगा जानकारी सही मैसी फर्ग्यूसन ट्रैक्टरो की बेहतरीन कलेक्शन के साथ।खरीदे ट्रैक्टर अच्छी कीमत पर

The tractor is one of the crucial factors of a farmer’s life. And in the present time, they are having too many options for Tractors, one of them is Massey Tractor. Massey Ferguson is a highly renowned brand in tractor manufacturing industries. Massey Ferguson manufactures a wide range of tractors and farm equipment. One wants their tractor to be innovative, superior build quality, advanced, and Massey Ferguson Tractors are just like that.

Massey Ferguson Tractors has done a commendable job over the years. Massey Ferguson Tractors have been successful in taking the innovation, technology, and efficiency to the next level. Massey Tractors and their team are trying hard to create a bright future for them when everyone will just want a Massey Ferguson Tractor.

Statistics are of great use as they provide us with information about where we are improving and where we need to improve more. Talking mainly about the Tractor market, we know that there are many factors on which the performance of brands depends like a monsoon, new launch of models by competitors, etc.

TAFE, the Massey Ferguson Tractors partner was having a share of 18.6 % in 2018 and 18.4 % in 2019.TAFE has lost 20 bps in FY 2019. We can say that the reason behind the fall by 0.2% is because of the erratic rainfall, delay in sowing, and less rabi yield which all in total has affected the Tractor sales greatly. As the Massey Ferguson Tractor is the second-largest tractor manufacturing company in India it is obvious that Massey Tractors are covering a great part in market share.


FY 16 MS

FY 17 MS 

FY 18 MS





From the above data, you can say that TAFE’s market share has always remained around 19-20% which is the second largest after Mahindra & Mahindra with a 26% share. But TAFE has faced a loss of 1.41 % in share from FY 17 to FY 18 and this fall has continued with 18.4% in FY 19 and 16.9 % in FY 20. Although the reason behind the decrease in share for 2020 is the lockdown due to which there was no sell of Tractor for almost 1 month.

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Massey Ferguson Tractors have completed 50 years in the tractor business and the supporter for such a long journey of MF Tractors is their superior technology and fineness of TAFE. Massey Ferguson Tractors have included some of the unique solutions for making MF tractors more efficient, advanced, comfortable and to enhance the performance of Massey Tractors. Have a look at the astonishing features of Massey Ferguson Tractor.

Simpson Engine: Simpson diesel engines are used in TAFE and Massey Ferguson Tractors. Simpson and Co Ltd. provides 15 models such a: SC 213, S217, S325, TSJ 327, S433, TSJ 436, ST 440, SJ 327, SJV 326, SJ 436, S 440. Simpson engine provides reliability, durability, and quality to the Massey Ferguson Tractor. The Simpson Engines includes many high-quality designs and more power, torque.

Hydraulics: Massey Ferguson Tractors come with Mark 1 A Hydraulics in its Tractors and enures the following things. Zero power consumption: No oil is heating is there at a time of no lifting and lowering of implements which provides less fuel consumption and more hydraulic pump life.

Weight transfer: 3 point linkage helps in effective weight transfer.

Draft control: It enables you to do draft correction easily.

Lift Capacity: Massey Ferguson Tractor can lift different capacities depending on the MF Tractor from 1700 kg up to 2300 kg. Transport Lock Valve, Hydraulics Control Valve, Lever settings are also there.

4 PTO: Massey Ferguson Tractor is the only tractor that comes with LPTO, RPTO, MSPTO, and GSPTO.

Hydraulic Pump: Massey Ferguson Tractor comes with a completely oil-immersed pump which gives you smooth operation and longer life.

Max Oil-immersed brakes: Massey Ferguson Tractor comes with maximum oil, disc, and contact.

Comfort: Massey Ferguson provides you with comfortable seating, easy operation.

Braking system: The braking system is highly tough and quick of Massey Ferguson Tractor. The New MDDS Braking system is included in Massey Ferguson 1134.

Looking for the Massey Ferguson Tractor but don’t know how to purchase. Don’t worry we are here to help you out.

Firstly you just have to decide one thing: Are you going to buy a new Massey Ferguson Tractor or old MF Tractor?

And, if you have decided which one to buy then let’s just move ahead. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step1: Decide your requirements.

Before going further into the brand and model of tractor you must be aware of-

  •  Why are you buying a tractor?

  • What applications do you need to perform by the tractor?

And once you get the answers to these questions move to step 2.

Step2: Set your budget.

The tractor price varies a lot, so your budget wouldn’t be a big problem. Just try to keep a little margin in the budget for a tractor which is little out of your budget but it’s really nice.

The Massey Ferguson Tractor price goes from 4.50 lacs INR. to 15.20 lacs INR.

Step3: Search for your ideal MF model.

You can refer to the TractorGyan site for searching your ideal model. Here you can search the Tractor by brand here(i.e, Massey Ferguson) and then you will get some recommendations here.

Now you just have to select the perfect MF Tractor which suits your criteria, just click on that and you will get specification and details related to it.

Step4: The final stage i.e., buying.

Here you have two options you can either directly connect to the dealer you know and to the showroom or you can locate the dealer online.

If you know the dealer or showroom just go directly there and ask them to show the model. Check the policy and model carefully and now you just have to pay the amount then the Massey Ferguson Tractor is all yours.

And if you don’t where to find the Massey Ferguson Tractors dealer, you have to visit the Massey Ferguson Tractor site where you will find a dealer locator option, There you have to enter the required entries and you will get the address of dealer. And now you just have to visit the dealer and move ahead as mentioned in the above case.

We hope that TractorGyan has made your Massey Tractor purchasing journey easy.

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Recently Asked Question about Massey Ferguson Tractor:

Q.1 Which is the best tractor in massey ferguson?

Ans.Massey Ferguson 1035 DI is the best tractor in massey ferguson.

Q.2 What is the price of Massey tractor?

Ans.The price of Massey tractor is starting from 4.70 lakhs*-13 Lakhs*

Q.3 What's the Hp of massey ferguson 245 di tractor?

Ans. The Hp of massey ferguson 245 di tractor is 50 Hp.

Q.4 Where are Massey Ferguson tractors made?

Ans. Located in Kansas, the Hesston plant has a 55-year history manufacturing farm equipment and In India Massey Ferguson manufacturer in Chennai.

Q.5 What is the Massey Ferguson Tractor HP range?

Ans.From 27 Hp to 75 Hp is the Massey Ferguson Tractor HP range

Q.6 Which is the best Massey Ferguson mini tractor?

Ans. Massey Ferguson 6028 is the best Massey Ferguson compact tractor.

Q.7 What was the first Massey Ferguson tractor made?

Ans. Launched in December 1957 the MF35, was the first Massey Ferguson branded tractor.

Q.8 Who makes engines for Massey Ferguson?

Ans. AGCO Sisu Power engines have been used in Massey Ferguson tractors for more than 30 years

Q.9 Are Massey Ferguson tractors good?

Ans. Yes, It is one of the best brands in the Tractor Industry, Massey Ferguson offers high performance, extra comfort, and uncompromising quality.

Q.10 Which is the nearest Massey Ferguson Tractor showroom from my area?

Ans.Go to Tractor Dealers Section under More option on our Website Select your Brand,City,State and you will get your nearest showroom.

                                            Top Massey Ferguson Tractor Models Price List in 2020:

Massey Ferguson Tractor Models

Massey Ferguson Tractor Price

Massey Ferguson Tractor Features

Massey ferguson 7250 DI

Rs.6.50-6.85 Lac*




Lifting Capicity:-1800 Kg

Massey ferguson 7250 DI Power Up

Rs.6.85-7.45 Lac*



Lifting Capicity:-2300 Kg

Massey Ferguson 241 Di TONNER

Rs.5.90-6.55 Lac*



Lifting Capicity:-1700 Kg

Massey ferguson 241 DI PLANETARY PLUS

Rs.6.15-6.75 Lac*



Lifting Capicity:-1700 Kg

Massey ferguson 1035 DI

Rs.5.20-5.65 Lac*



Lifting Capicity:-1100 Kg

Massey Ferguson 1035 DI Tonner

Rs.5.65-6.15 Lac*



Lifting Capicity:-1100 Kg

Massey ferguson 9500 4WD

Rs.10.25-10.75 Lac*



Lifting Capicity:-2050 Kg

Massey ferguson 9500 2WD

Rs.8.15-8.65 Lac*



Lifting Capicity:-2050 Kg

Massey Ferguson 245 Di

Rs.6.75-7.25 Lac*



Lifting Capicity:-1700 Kg

Massey ferguson 2635 4WD

Rs.14.15-15.25 Lac*



Lifting Capicity:-2145 Kg