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Size:- 8.00-19, 5.00-19, 6.00-19
Size:- 9.00-16 16PR
Size:- 12.4 R28, 340/85 R28, 420/85 R28, 380/85 R28, 420/85 R28 A8/A7 12PR FARMKING, 340/85 R28 A8 12PR FARMKING TL, 380/85 R28 A8 12PR FARMKING TL
Size:- 11.2-28 8PR, FX 515-E, 8.3-32
Size:- 6-12, 5-12, 7-16, 8-16, 8-18, 180/85 D12
Size:- 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 16.9-28, 14.9-28
Size:- 8.00-18, 11.2-24, 12.4-24, 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28, 16.9-28, 16.9-30, 18.4-30

Recently Asked Question About All APOLLO Tyres:

Yes, Apollo tyre is an Indian company.
Onkar Singh Kanwar (born March 1942) is an Indian businessman, chairman and managing director of Apollo Tyres.
The most expensive APOLLO tyre is Apterra HP priced at Rs.21830*.
You can trust Apollo with 2 Years Free Unconditional Warranty
A. Tyre damaged as a result of an impact B. Non repairable puncture. C. Accidental damage.
Price range of these tyres is Rs. 5000 to 30000*.
On the sidewall of a tyre you will be able to find a 10 to 12 digit serial tyre identification number, which is usually preceded by the acronym “DOT”.
You can visit to get complete details of any brand of tractor tyre.

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About Apollo Tractor Tyres

With its corporate headquarters in Gurgaon, India, Apollo Tyres Ltd,is in the business of manufacture and sale of tyres since its inception in 1972. Apollo Tyres Ltd. came into inception in 1972 and has since been a trusted name in the business of manufacture and sale of tyres. With our corporate headquarters in Gurgaon, India, we cater to over a 100 countries across the globe. The company markets its products under our two global brands: Apollo and Vredestein.

These products are available in countries across the globe through a vast network of branded, exclusive and multi-product outlets. Apollo Tyres has multiple manufacturing units in India, the Netherlands and Hungary. At the end of the financial year 2020, the company clocked a turnover of US$ 2.27 billion, backed by a global workforce of approximately 17,200 employees. As of March 31, 2020, the company traded in India on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange, with 59.10% of shares held by the public, government entities, banks and financial institutions.Their vision is to be a premier tyre company with a diversified and multinational presence.

The values of the company are:
1.Customer First-They believe that their customers and those whom they serve are central to everything they do.
2.Business Ethics-They act with integrity.
3.Care for Society-They actively participate in their local communities to address health, safety, environment and community needs.
4.Empowerment-They take ownership for their actions and responsibility for results.
5.Communicate Openly-They are open and transparent in their communication across geographies and levels.
6.One Family-They celebrate their oneness through building trusting relations, respect for diversity and passion towards common goals.

Apollo Tyres established itself in 1972 as a single brand enterprise. Over the years, as the organisation grew and expanded its footprint across geographies, several brands either joined or were born into its fold. While the company focuses on its 2 key brands —Apollo and Vredestein, it also owns two smaller and region specific brands – Kaizen and Regal. Brands, Apollo and Vredestein comprise of tyres for passenger, commercial and off highway vehicles.

Brands Regal and Kaizen focus on the truck-bus tyre segment.Each brand from the company is equipped with its own distinctive visual language and targeted to a specific customer need. This approach has enabled Apollo Tyres to provide a wide range of products for various applications, across geographies — ending with a delighted customer.Apollo tyres are manufactured in India and Europe and are available across all categories, including commercial, passenger vehicles, two wheelers, farm and industrial.

As a brand philosophy, Apollo Tyres believes in giving its customers new choices that put them in control and help them to conquer the road ahead. Apollo enables individuals to achieve their own potential, when it comes to driving and in every area of life as reflected in its tagline 'go the distance'.A choice of global and Indian original equipment auto players, Apollo Tyres' genesis dates back to the mid 1970s, when the first corporate identity was unveiled. It stood for passion, aggression and determination to achieve excellence in all spheres.

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