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All APOLLO Tractor Tyre In India

Apollo presents many tractor tyre models that deliver optimal performance and longer life. An Apollo tractor tyre has features like specialized tread patterns, compatibility with different tractor models, and reduced soil compaction. Apollo tractor tyres have 8 Ply ratings for better strength and load-bearing capability.

Apollo Tractor Tyre Price: The Apollo tyre price range is between Rs. 3400- 59500* in India.

Popular Apollo Tractor Tyres In India: Apollo ensures that Indian farmers have a suitable tractor tyre. This is why it offers multiple models. Some famous Apollo tractor tyres are Apollo Farmking, Apollo FX 222, Apollo Bhim, Apollo Dhruv, and Apollo Agrex85.
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Recently Asked Question About All Apollo Tractor Tyre

What is the price of Apollo Tractor tyres?

Apollo Tractor tyres price starts from Rs. 3400*- Rs. 59,500*.

Which is the most popular Apollo tractor tyre?

Farmking, Apollo FX 222, Apollo Bhim, Apollo Dhruv, and Apollo Agrex85 are the most popular Apollo tractor tyre.

Is Apollo Tractor tyre a good brand?

Apollo Tractor tyres are long-lasting, offer excellent road grip, and competitive pricing, these are one of the safest and most reliable tractor tyres you can go for.

How many different sizes are available in Apollo tractor tyres?

Apollo tractor tyres are available in all different sizes including  Front tyres in sizes such as 6.00-16, 7.50-16, 8.25-16, 9.00-16, and 9.50-20 and Rear tyre sizes such as 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28, 16.9-28, and 18.4-30. 

What is the durability of Apollo tractor tyres?

The durability of Apollo tractor tyres depends on how well the vehicle has been maintained, driving style, farm and road conditions, etc.

How many Apollo tractor tyre models can you find at Tractorgyan?

11+ Apollo tractor tyre models you can find at Tractorgyan.

Where can I get complete details about the Apollo Tractor tyre?

At Tractorgyan, you can find complete details about the Apollo tractor tyres.

How do I find the manufacturing date of My Apollo tractor tyre?

You have to find 4 digit number on the sidewall of a Apollo tractor tyre. The first 2 digits of the 4-digit number represent the week of manufacturing and the last 2 digits of the 4-digit no. represent the year.

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Apollo Tyres In India 

Apollo tractor tyres are durable, functional, and easy to use.These tyres are available in multiple ranges like The Farmking, Virat, and FX. Each Apollo tractor tyre from this series is designed with advanced technology. 

Farmers can purchase Apollo front tractor tyres and Apollo rear tractor tyres for all kinds of tractor models from this brand. Apollo tractor tyre price is affordable.The starting tractor tyre price is Rs. 3400* and according to the features, this tractor tyre price can increase and reach up to Rs. 59,500*. 

An Apollo tractor tyre is available in a special tread design and enhanced grip. With the help of the best Apollo tractor tyre, farmers can reduce soil compaction and operate the field without damaging the crops. 

Apollo Tractor Tyres Key Features

The leading Apollo tyre 2024 models come with many advanced features that we’ve listed next for you. 

  • Apollo tractor tyres are built with computerized designs and they have better functionality on the ground. 

  • An Apollo tractor tyre has uniform lugs for better performance. 

  • Due to high rubber content on high friction areas, the best Apollo tyre will have a better life and perform delivery. 

  • The wider footprint of Apollo tyres ensures better grip on the ground. 

  • Apollo agricultural tyres can help farmers in trolley and loader applications. 

Popular Apollo Tractor Tyres Models 

  1. Apollo Agrex 85 - This Apollo tractor tyre is a mud-braking rear tractor tyre with a self-cleaning lug design. It has low soil compaction and is available in two sizes. The Apollo tyre price for this model is Rs. 23,000* per piece. 

  2. Apollo Farmking- Apollo Farmking is India’s leading radial tractor tyre from Apollo. It has a wider footprint and flexible sidewall. This model is available in 4 different sizes and Apollo tyre price varies according to the size. 

  3. Apollo FX 212- This tyre model is available in 6 sizes and is suitable for orchard operations. It has a strong nylon casing and better tyre mileage. According to Apollo tractor tyres price list, this tyre is available at Rs. 18,000/piece. 

  4. Apollo Powerhaul- The Apollo Powerhaul series is available in 6 sizes and they have extra grip. These tractor tyres come with optimized tread depth and strong carcass. 

Apollo Tractor Tyre Sizes

Apollo offers tyres in different sizes so that all types of farmers can find a suitable and best Apollo tyre. Apollo makes front tyres in sizes such as 6.00-16, 7.50-16, 8.25-16, 9.00-16, and 9.50-20.  

Rear tyre sizes are always more than front tractor sizes for better tractor balance. Apollo offers a wide range of rear tyres in sizes like 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28, 16.9-28, and 18.4-30. 

These different tractor sizes also influence the Apollo tractors tyre price. 

This is why we recommend you check the Apollo tractor front tyre price list and the Apollo tractor rear tyre price list on TractorGyan. 

Apollo Tractor Tyre Price in India 

Apollo tractor tyre price in India is between Rs. 3400*- Rs. 59,500*. The tractor Apollo tyre price varies according to the type of Apollo tyre you’re purchasing. For instance, the Apollo DHRUV TT 9.00-16 16PR trailer tractor tyre price is Rs. 6000* per piece but the Apollo Agrex 85 tractor tyre price is Rs. 23,000*/ piece. 

If you want to check the Apollo tractor tyres price list then you can check TractorGyan. This platform has updated Apollo tractor tyre price details for your reference. 

Is Apollo Tractor Tyre Best for Farming? 

A reliable Apollo tractor tyre is perfect for farming because it’s designed to provide the necessary support to the tractor. For instance, these tyres have enough tractor and load-bearing capabilities. Because of this, farmers can move the tractor easily on rough terrains. 

The best Apollo tyre can perform in all kinds of farming conditions. With all these things in mind, we can easily conclude that Apollo tyres are perfect for farming. 

Is Apollo Tractor Tyre the Best for Tractor? 

For any tractor tyre to be the best, a tractor tyre must be able to last longer, manage the tractor weight, handle the heavy load, and have a better grip. 

Apollo tyres come with all these features. They have a special tread pattern to make sure the soil compaction is less. They also have a self-cleaning lug design so that the tractor can continue its operation in muddy fields. 

With better grip and tractor, these tyres put less pressure on the tractor engine and consume less fuel. This is why Apollo tyres are the first choice of many farmers for their tractors. 

Apollo Tractor Front Tyre

Apollo tractor front tyre sizes are smaller than rear Apollo tyre sizes. These tyres are important to maintain the tractor's performance. They can handle the stress that the front axle of the tractor faces during farming operations.  

They help a tractor to have better steering control. The commonly found front Apollo tyre sizes are 6.00-16, 7.50-16, 8.25-16, 9.00-16, and 9.50-20. If you’re interested in learning about the Apollo tractor front tyre price list, you can check the Apollo tyre listing at TractorGyan. 

Apollo Tractor Rear Tyre

Apollo rear tyres are designed in a way that they provide the maximum possible power and traction to the tractor. The ideal size of the rear Apollo tyre helps a tractor to maintain its balance. The common rear Apollo tyre sizes are 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28, 16.9-28, and 18.4-30

These tyres can help a tractor to carry heavy loads easily. This brand offers rear tractor tyres under the FX 222 range and 4 sizes are currently available. TractorGyan offers a detailed Apollo tractor rear tyre price list where tractor prices of all the leading models are mentioned. 

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best Apollo Tractors Tyre? 

TractorGyan offers an updated Apollo tractor tyre price list. Along with tractor tyre prices, this list explains Apollo tyre features, sizes, and other information. The platform can help a farmer choose the best Apollo tyre. 

This information is updated and reviewed by experts. Hence, farmers can rely on it without any concerns.