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Tractor Cultivator in India

A cultivator is a multifunctional tractor attachment that is mainly used for the preparation of the soil before sowing with the help of minimum labour, fuel and time required. It helps farmers to uproot weeds and mix crop residue, manure and fertilizers with the soil. It’s really helpful to farmers as it can be also used after sowing the crops to stir up the soil near them, hence helping the crops to get the proper temperature and a healthy environment to grow. Cultivators come in various types like spring tyne cultivator, rigid tyne cultivator, rigid tyne shovel type cultivator, and bar point cultivator. Each of them comes with different functions and requires a tractor with different horsepower to operate. Price of Cultivator in India: Rs. 15000-60000

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Recently Asked Question about Cultivator Tractor Implements:

The price of a cultivator is Rs.15000* - Rs.60000*.

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated cultivator price list.

Usually, tractor-drawn cultivators are of two types, depending upon the flexibility and rigidity of their tines (i) Cultivators with spring-loaded tines (ii) Cultivators with rigid tines

A cultivator is a farm implement for stirring and pulverizing the soil, either before planting or to remove weeds and to aerate and loosen the soil after the crop has begun to grow.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest cultivator models in India.

The most popular cultivators in India are Fieldking double coil tyne tiller, Landforce rigid cultivator standard duty, and Khedut spring cultivator karc.

The best cultivator brands in India are Mahindra, Sonalika, Universal, Fieldking, and Khedut.

The amount of subsidy and the process can change by area. To find out more about cultivator subsidies, you can visit tractorgyan.com.

To operate the cultivator, a minimum of a 30-hp tractor is required.

A cultivator is used for mixing the soil and destroying weeds.

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About Tractor cultivator

A tractor cultivator is an agricultural tool or tractor implement which is used for secondary tillage.

To properly prepare the seedbed for the crop and let the soil warm up before planting, a tractor and cultivator are required. Its primary function, whether it be a little tractor or other cultivators, is to manage weeds and mix the soil so that the expanding harvest has enough water and nutrients to grow healthily. The tractor cultivator Price starts from Rs. 11000 up to 75000.

What is the Use of cultivators in agriculture?

The cultivator machine is used mainly for the cultivation process which is carried out in an agricultural setting

1. Soil enlargement 

cultivator is used for soil enlargement with the use of metal tines, a tractor cultivator is used to break up hard lumps on the soil's surface and loosen the soil surface. 

Dispersing nutrients across the entire field, this aids in improving the soil's health. It also aids in the right application of fertilizers, and for the greatest effects, operates the agriculture cultivator when the ground is sufficiently dry and not damp.

2. Weed control

When the crops are grown there are certain unwanted plants that come along, so the method of removing such unwanted plants from the useful plants is known as the weeding process. So, the cultivator machine also helps in making the weeding process possible.

3. Improved productivity

Using a tractor cultivator to loosen the soil on the fields provides more excellent land value while also promising improved crop output. 

Today, many farmers use cultivators for plowing due to the enhanced productivity of the crops. It mixes the fertilizers so effectively that it encourages plants to develop faster and healthier. It also boosts farmer earnings compared to earlier times.

4. Makes fertilization process easier

The help of the cultivator makes the fertilization process easy as the cultivator Machine mixes or spreads the fertilizers evenly into the soil, which further helps the crop grow healthier and faster.

Using a cultivator also saves the waste of fertilizer mix, which would otherwise be lost due to wind and rain when applied with our bare hands.

Famous tractor cultivator brands in India:-

1. Mahindra cultivators

Mahindra range of cultivators has an engine or power capacity of 35 – 65 hp respectively.

The equipment is made to mix crop leftovers and break up rocky terrain. The Rigid 9 tyne tiller, Rigid 11 tyne tiller, and Rigid 13 tyne tiller are three unique models of the Mahindra cultivator. The models' respective liability capacities are 65, 70, and 70.

The Mahindra cultivator Price starts from Rs. 14999.

2. Fieldking cultivators

The fieldking cultivators are designed with an engine or power of 40 hp – 65 hp these cultivators weigh around 270 kg to 815 kg. The Fieldking cultivators Price start with a range of 14999.

3. Khedut rigid cultivators

The khedut rigid cultivators are powered packed with an engine capacity of 35 – 75 hp which are fuel efficient and offer powerful handles that work with precision in hard soils. The khedut rigid cultivators come in top 3 class models as it has a CAT – II and weighs around – 210 kgs to 290kgs respectively.

The khedut rigid cultivator Price also starts with a range of Rs. 15000

4. Sonalika tractor cultivator

Sonalika, one of India's leading tractor manufacturers, is well-recognized for creating tractors and farming equipment with distinctive Indian design elements. 

For usage in field preparation, Sonalika's 13 and 9-tyne cultivators are in high demand. These cultivators are easily accessible at reasonable prices and manufactured of durable tynes. The price of a cultivator starts from Rs. 20,000

5. Landforce Tractor cultivator

One of the well-known brands for making various farm equipment is Landforce. The cultivators for Landforce Tractors come in a variety of styles, including heavy-duty rigid cultivators, Spring Standard duty cultivators, rigid Standard duty cultivators, and more. 

The landforce has an engine rated with 35 hp – 55 hp with 50 x 19 forged tynes and weights around 210 kgs to 320 kgs. Land force cultivators operate more quickly, smoothly, and with less maintenance. Spring cultivators work well to aerate and loosen the soil. Its price is more reasonable and more accessible.

The landforce cultivator Prices start from 15000

6. Swaraj cultivators

Tractors and farm equipment are the best-suited products for the Swaraj brand name. Swaraj tractor cultivators are a type of secondary tillage tool used in a variety of agricultural applications. 

For pulverizing before planting, Swaraj cultivators work well. Swaraj tractor cultivators are offered at competitive rates and cost-effective costs.

The swaraj cultivators' Price starts from Rs. 22000.

Specifications of cultivator machine:-

1. Low maintenance cost

There are essentially no maintenance costs associated with the tractor cultivator because it doesn't need to be constantly lubricated and refueled. Since the farmer must maintain many different implements, having one that is inexpensive and requires little upkeep is advantageous to both parties.

2. Helps in productivity 

Cultivator Increased airflow and looser soils have various advantages, including faster plant development and higher drought resistance as well as shorter water ponding times after heavy rain.

3. Improves the fertility of the soil

By tilling process, the agriculture cultivator helps the soil to boost fertility and/or enhance soil structure

4. Protects the crop

Row crop cultivators can be a fantastic option if you are tired of the weed problem and your only motivation for buying a cultivator is to get rid of weeds. If you are farming, it is much better if you are using a row pattern. The tractor cultivator is effective and won't harm your genuine crop.

What is Tractor cultivator Price in India? 

Agriculture cultivator makes the work of farmers easy and it's also the need of today's farmer. The price of cultivator is an important factor for farmers when purchasing it. So, generally Tractor cultivator Price starts from Rs.11000 and goes up to Rs. 75000.

Where you can find the latest tractor cultivator in India?

Visit Tractor Gyan if you're searching to buy the latest tractor cultivators and aren't sure which brand or model to choose. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all the tractor accessories available in India so you can quickly learn about the Price of the tractor cultivator, features, and specifications. Soon, start asking questions on Tractor Gyan about the tractor cultivator prices so that they may be accommodated in your budget.

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