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Tractor Cultivator in India

A cultivator is a multifunctional tractor attachment that is mainly used for the preparation of the soil before sowing with the help of minimum labour, fuel and time required. It helps farmers to uproot weeds and mix crop residue, manure and fertilizers with the soil. It’s really helpful to farmers as it can be also used after sowing the crops to stir up the soil near them, hence helping the crops to get the proper temperature and a healthy environment to grow. Cultivators come in various types like spring tyne cultivator, rigid tyne cultivator, rigid tyne shovel type cultivator, and bar point cultivator. Each of them comes with different functions and requires a tractor with different horsepower to operate. Price of Cultivator in India: Rs. 15000-60000

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Recently Asked Question about Cultivator Tractor Implements:

There are five types of plough are available: Trailed type cultivator Mounted type Cultivator with spring loaded tines Cultivator with rigid tines Duck foot cultivator
Cultivators in India are available from Rs. 6000 to 60000.
The top companies for plough in India are Mahindra, Sonalika, Universal, Fieldking and Khedut.
Yes, you can. But avoid rain and wait a few days to allow soil to become semi-dry.
You need a minimum 25-30 HP power tractor to run the Cultivator properly.
Cultivators are available in the range of 3M to 24M.
No, it works by being attached to a tractor and gets power by the tractor's PTO.
No need for PTO to run a cultivator.
Amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about subsidy you can visit
If you want to know about any brand of Cultivator, you can visit, where you will get complete information like price, features, and many more about cultivators.

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Cultivator is the most important tractor implement in India. The cultivator is the important farming equipment that is also used as the secondary tillage and yes the most important use of having a cultivator for managing the farm operation is that it is easy and convenient to use and imply. Farming and agriculture is not an easy work of productivity for the farmers but tractor implements in India make it easy and very convenient for them. Cultivator is used before and after the cropping of the farm field. Cultivator simplifies the work and brings more efficiency in managing the task.

Cultivators stir and pulverize the soil creating a perfect blend of soil with the nutrient capacity, if you want to expect a fertile land full of healthy soil over it, then you must have a cultivator, planter, and other types of tractor implements in India. Cultivation is the main step or the process in farming and agriculture, to produce a great amount of yield and crops cultivation should never be taken lightly. Cultivator is a must to be used in this case, as it gently furbishes the soil, blends it with crop residues if any, adding more value and richness to the soil. Efficiency in farming is very vital for the farmers to expect a great amount of success in it. Cultivator tractor implements in India are one of the finest and highly demanded implements that is a rich source of helping the farmers in carrying out the agriculture occupation.

Gone are the days when farmers have to really go through a hardship for cultivation by bowing down towards the ground and soiling, harvesting, and planting the plant seeds and grains. This traditional method consumes a lot of energy, time, effort, and land space however the modernized technology and innovation of the tractor have made farming and agriculture a very easy and very interesting job for our farmer brothers. There is a huge category of cultivators, from big to small each of them has its own role to perform and operate like the small toothed cultivator pushed and pulled off manually is used as the garden tool and as the main accessory of gardening. Hence, cultivators in any form are the multipurpose and multifunctional machines that never let task get burdened on the farmer instead makes them easier to be carried through.

What are the benefits of using a cultivator?

Benefits and uses are the first things that one should always take into account before making any kind of purchase decision or mindset for a cultivator. To a farmer cultivator has many benefits and uses, farming becomes more interesting and an easy job to do with the help of tractor implements in India. Here are some of the benefits that you must check out for cultivator -

  1. Ease in operation -
    Just like any other tractor implement in India, cultivator also serves various purposes and functions. It provides ease in operation for a farmer, the farm completely gets harvested and cultivated with proper implements.

  2. No maintenance charges -
    Cultivator doesn’t require continuous lubrication and refueling, the cultivator has almost no maintenance charges to be incurred. Farmer has a lot of implement to use, maintenance of each account to extreme costings thus, to have an implement of low cost and low maintenance charges is a win-win situation.

  3. Careful cutting of weeds-
    Weeds are very harmful and damage-causing elements for a farm field. Cultivator helps in cutting and collecting this weed in a very healthy and convenient way. With the help of a cultivator, it becomes easy for the farmer to cut down all the extra and unnecessary weeds. The land becomes clear and clean, hand cultivators do not pull apart these weeds but the automated ones do it effectively.

  4. Flexible prices -
    Cultivator prices in India are very reasonable and lie within the budget of the farmer. Thus, the cultivator has a flexible price range that anybody can afford and purchase. It is manufactured and marketed by various brands so you have got multiple options to choose the best.

What is the price of a cultivator in India 2022?

The price of a cultivator in India varies on its type and brand it also cost Rs 13000-Rs 1 lakh, depending on the need type and specifications the prices of the cultivator get decided.  For a farmer, sometimes it becomes difficult to purchase the best in deal cultivator hence he needs to have a complete set of knowledge about the cultivator and its brands, the cultivator makes it easier for the farmer to manage and take care of the entire farm or agricultural land so that it becomes a bit more interesting and a productive job.

Where to buy cultivators in India?

First things need to be answered first, if you want to purchase cultivators and are looking at which one to buy and from which brand, then do visit Tractor Gyan. We have a complete list of the tractor implements in India jotted down here, which would help you know its specifications and features in brief and with better clarity. Visit Tractor Gyan soon and start enquiring about the cultivators that get fixed in your budget.

These are the popular Cultivator Brands in India 2022 are Mahindra, SonalikaSolis etc.

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