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Below 20 HP Tractors

Kubota neostar b2741 4wd

The below 20 HP tractors price in India starts from Rs. 2.45 Lakhs* and the most expensive under 20 hp tractor price is Rs 6.70 lakh*. More than 20 models are available in India in the under 20 hp tractor category at varied cost-range with multiple features and functionalities. Under 20 hp tractors also known as ‘Mini Tractor’ category and they are perfect for small-scale farmers. Farmers with small farming land and conducting lightweight farming jobs can purchase below 20 HP tractors in India as they are affordable and easy to maintain. Below 20 HP tractors in India generally have lightweight build, small turning radius, and average PTO. Hence, managing small farming lands is easy with these tractors. All the leading tractor manufacturing companies of India like Sonalika, John Deere, Mahindra, New Holland, TAFE, Captain, and many more extensively involved in building tractors below 20 HP. Some of the best tractors under 20 HP are Swaraj code, Eicher 188, VST VT- 180D Jai, Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT, massey ferguson 5118 4wd, Sonalika MM 18, and many more.

Below 20 HP Tractors Price List 2023 in India


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tractor model Swaraj code

user review


 26 Sep, 2023

Swaraj code

tractor model Swaraj code

user review


 19 Aug, 2023

Swaraj code

tractor model Swaraj code

user review


 13 Aug, 2023

Good job

tractor model Captain 200 DI 4WD

user review


 08 Aug, 2023

Captain 200 DI 4WD

tractor model Mahindra JIVO 225 DI

user review


 04 Aug, 2023

Mahindra JIVO 225 DI

tractor model Massey ferguson 5118 2wd

user review

Haret Kumar Gurjar

 04 Aug, 2023

Massey ferguson 5118 2wd

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Below 20 hp Tractors, Prices & Models in India:-

The tractors under 20 hp are also known as Mini tractors. These tractors are available from famous brands such as Mahindra, Farmtrac, Sonalika, Powertrac, Eicher, John Deere, Swaraj, etc. These brands come as a top choice when buying tractors. Below 20 hp tractors are available at affordable prices and are available with advanced technology.  

Below 20 hp tractors for sale have excellent features, quality, and fair prices that make the tractors intact and used by farmers of all kinds. It is preferred by every other person due to its advancements. Under 20 hp tractors are manufactured by companies in accordance with the farmer’s choice, features, and quality with the best price that makes it fit everybody’s budget. 

Farmers have small farming lands in India, so; when buying a tractor under 20 hp for farming certain elements should be surely focused on. Hence, while focusing on the below 20-hp tractor model, the specification can help you to recognize true requirements. 

These tractor models vary from 11 to 20 hp. All under 20 hp tractor comes with a powerful engine. The dimension of the 20 hp tractor is under 1200 mm. Below 20 hp tractors come paired with small tyres. It comes attached with compatible qualities and technologies. The under 20 hp tractors are light in weight and easily reachable on narrow roads. Below 20 hp tractor prices in India are budget-friendly and come into consumers' budgets.

Who Should Buy Below 20 hp Tractors?

As per the survey, more than 70% of the Indian population is engaged in the agricultural profession. The farmers who work on small land that is less than 5 hectares require tractors under 20 hp. under 20 hp tractors are preferred for accomplishing farming on small farms. Under 20 horsepower Tractors are highly recommended for small farms as they are fuel-efficient and can fit easily into the budget. They may be readily adaptable with various tractor implements.  

Below 20 hp Tractors Price List:-

Under 20 hp tractor price list starts from Rs 2.45 Lacs*. Tractors with less than 20 hp are reasonably priced and fit into budgets. View a list of Best tractors under 20 hp that includes features, pictures, reviews, and more. Get the most comprehensive information on the best tractor under 20 horsepower in India.

Following is relevant information about the 20 hp tractors price list in India for 2023

Under 20 HP tractors

Tractor HP

Under 20 hp Tractor Price

Swaraj Code

11 HP

Rs 2.45 lacs- 2.55 lacs

Sonalika GT 20

20 HP

Rs 3.71 lacs*- 4.10 lacs*

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT

15 HP Rs 3.05 lacs*- 3.25 lacs*

Massey Ferguson 5118 4WD    

20 HP

Rs 3.03 lacs*- 3.99 lacs*

Eicher 188 18 HP

Rs. 2.55 - 4.55 Lacs*

Why Tractorgyan for Below 20 hp Tractors?

If you are searching for a safe and trustworthy website that is relevant enough to provide true information regarding the best tractors under 20 hp then Tractorgyan is the safest one. To get information about the tractor product in terms of its quality, strength, efficiency, and prices visit the tractorgyan platform where having information is just a matter of a single click. 

Currently, we have more than 25 models of below 20 horsepower tractors available on our website, with HP ranging from 10 HP to 20 HP. Models of tractors under 20 hp are readily available for significantly less money than tractors in other categories. The lowest price for below 20 hp tractors in India starts at Rs. 2.88 lacs* to Rs. 5.10 lacs*.

Visit TractorGyan and get all the information easily. Our website has the latest and updated information that you are looking for, keep visiting the site to get the best information in easy ways.