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Tractor Laser Land Leveler Implements

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Tractor Laser Land Leveler in India

With the use of laser technology, a laser land-leveler implementation helps farmers prepare a uniform seedbed that promotes better cultivation of the crop. It avoids water clogging and uneven surfaces. 

Laser land leveler price range of Rs.12000* - Rs 3.80 Lakh* in India 2024. The laser land leveler HP range is 30-150 HP. There are varieties of laser land leveler models like Soiltech Land Leveler, Fieldking Laser Land Leveler, John Deere Laser Land Leveler, and Dashmesh 974 Laser Land Leveler to choose from. 

TractorGyan brings a detailed list of over 60 laser land leveler model listings for you. This implement is available with different features and specifications from brands like KS Agrotech, Soiltech, John Deere, Landforce, Mahindra, and Soil Master. Some commonly found laser land leveler categories are advanced, GPS-guided, heavy-duty, hydraulic, and towed laser land levelers.

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Recently Asked Question about Laser Land Leveler Tractor Implements :

A laser Land leveler is a tractor attachment that is basically used to level the soil for agricultural purposes.

The components of a laser land leveler are a laser emitter, laser receiver, two-way hydraulic valve, grade rod, laser eye, tripod stand, control box on the tractor, and scraper unit.

The Laser Land leveler price is Rs. 12000* - Rs 3.80 Lakh* in India.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest laser land leveler models in India.

The best Laser Land Leveler Brands in India are Land Force, Sonalika, Universal, and Khedut.

The amount of subsidy and process can change area-wise, to know more about Laser Land Leveler subsidy you can visit tractorgyan.com.

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated Laser land leveler price list.

The most popular Laser Land levelers in India are the John Deere laser leveler and Fieldking heavy-duty land leveler.

Yes, it works by being attached to a tractor and getting power from an attached battery in it.

Laser leveling is smoothening the land surface within 2 cm of its average elevation by using laser-equipped drag buckets to achieve precision in land leveling.

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About Tractor Laser Land Leveler in India 2024

A laser land leveler or laser level is an agricultural tool or implements used to make the uneven surface of the soil even. In this type of tractor implement, laser technology is used to achieve precise and uniform land leveling. 

Farmers are recommended to buy laser land leveler when they want to adopt precision farming as this tool ensures that farming land is uniform. 

In addition to helping farmers level the soil, it also cuts weed growth by 40% and promotes uniform crop maturation. It aids in the even distribution of water and reduces the time needed for irrigation, hence requiring less water overall. 

The laser land leveler price in India is within the Rs.12000* - Rs 3.80 Lakh* range. 

What is Laser Land Leveler Price in India 2024?

The laser land leveler prices starts from Rs. 12000* - Rs 3.80 Lakh* respectively. In terms of their value and effectiveness, a land leveler price or laser level is quite reasonable. 

The greatest tractor equipment that matches a farmer's or a buyer's budget is the laser land leveler in India Visit Tractor Gyan shortly to learn more about tractor implements like the ground leveler.

Laser Land Leveler Models Laser Land Leveler Models Price
Solitech Laser Land Leveler Rs. 3,00,000*
John Deere Laser Land Leveler Rs.15,000*
Landforce Laser Leveler Rs. 3,25,000*
Fieldking Heavy Duty Laser Land Leveler Rs. 12,000*
Mahindra Laser Land Leveler Rs. 15,000*
Dasmesh 974 - Laser Land Leveler 8 Feet Rs. 2,80,000*
Sonalika Laser Leveler Rs. 3,28,000*
Ks Agrotech Laser and Leveler Rs. 3,77,000*
Jagatjit Laser and Leveler Rs. 3,00,000*

Tractor Laser Land Leveler Specifications

1. With the least amount of water loss, a laser land leveler aids in controlling water distribution. 

2. It provides better runoff control. This technique increases irrigation effectiveness and decreases nutrient loss. 

3. Land leveling helps to promote higher-quality agricultural produce by reducing weed, pest, and disease issues.

4. It increases operating effectiveness and aids in greater land recovery. 

5. Laser land leveler helps in the simple movement of agricultural equipment through the field

Tractor Laser Land Leveler Machine Benefits

A laser land leveler tractor implement offers many benefits in the field of laser land leveling agriculture. For instance: 

  • It improves crop yield. When soil is well-leveled, water and other nutrients are distributed equally across the field. This uniformity reduces under- and over-irrigation and promotes optimal crop growth. 

  • Laser level machines can minimize water wastage and evaporation by removing low spots on the farming fields. 

  • It can control the soil erosion because water runoff chances are less on flat surfaces. 

  • Laser land levelers automate the leveling process. So, farmers have to invest less time in land leveling. 

  • With precise land leveling that the laser land leveler tool promotes, irrigation times are reduced. Farmers can have their harvests on time. 

  • The use of tractor laser land leveler implements encourages uniform crop maturity. This leads to easy harvesting and reduces crop loss.

  • By reducing water wastage and optimizing resource usage, laser land leveling tools help farmers to become sustainable and adopt environmentally friendly farming practices.

Tractor Laser Land Leveler Uses in Farming 

A laser land leveler tractor implement is a highly versatile agricultural tool. Farmers can use it for multiple purposes. 

  • It can help farmers to ensure that the farming land is perfectly levelled so that there is no uneven crop growth, soil erosion, and water wastage. 

  • A laser land leveler tractor implement is useful for farmers to promote efficient irrigation practices. 

  • Farmers also use a laser land leveler tool during pre-planting preparation. It prepares the land for seedbeds. 

  • With the help of a laser land leveler machine, farmers can easily get rid of crop residues like post-harvest stubble or plant debris.

  • A laser land leveler for sale is a part of precision agriculture practice. Farmers can easily integrate this tool with GPS and mapping technologies to create precise field designs. 

  • In some cases, an agricultural laser land leveler is used to reclaim and prepare land for agriculture. 

Best Laser Land Leveler for Sale 

  • Solitech Laser Land Leveler

 This laser land leveler for sale belongs to the tillage category and comes with an implement power of 40 – 50 HP. The laser land leveler price starts from Rs. 3.00 Lakhs*.

  • John Deere Laser Land Leveler

This is a 40–50 HP implement power tractor laser land leveler that comes with automation, sharp blades, and amazing levelling abilities. The John Deere laser land leveler prices start from Rs.15,000*.

  • Landforce Laser Leveler

 This laser land leveling tool comes with a 2-ton cylinder capacity, a 200 (W) x 64 (H) bucket, and an implement power of 40-50 HP. The tractor laser land leveler price in India for this model starts from Rs. 3, 25,000*.

  • Fieldking Heavy Duty Laser Land Leveler

 This laser land leveler for sale has an implement power of 30–60 HP, belongs to the landscaping category, and automates leveling. The Fielding laser land leveler price starts from Rs. 12,000*. 

  • Mahindra Laser Land Leveler

 With an implement power of 50-60 HP and 190 x 81 bucket, this laser land leveler online is available at Rs. 15,000*.

Tractor Laser Land Leveler Components

An agriculture laser land leveler consists of multiple components that work together to achieve precise land leveling in agriculture. These components are mentioned below. 

  • Laser transmitter that emits the laser beams. 

  • The receiver is mounted on a leveling blade or tractor implement and decides the position of the laser beam. 

  • The hydraulic system of tractor laser land leveler implements is responsible for adjusting the height and tilt of the leveling blade or implement. 

  • The blade or leveling implement of a laser land leveler tractor implement is attached to the tractor. It cuts the land to level it. 

  • Some mini tractor laser land leveler and other types of laser land leveler also feature data logging software and GPS technologies. 

How to Choose the Right Laser Land Leveler? 

Choosing the right apl laser land leveler price is essential to ensure that farmers get the best value for their invested money. 

Here are the key factors to consider when you inquire about a laser land leveler for sale

  • Evaluate the size and topography of your farming fields. If you own a large farming field with slopes then you need to buy an advanced laser land leveler for sale. Farmers with small farming land can purchase a mini tractor laser land leveler. 

  • Understand the types of laser land leveler and decide which type will work best for you. 

  • Know about the required level of accuracy for your specific crops and irrigation system. 

  • Buy laser land leveler that is compatible with your existing tractor or machinery.

  • Set a budget based and learn about laser land leveler prices. Compare the prices of different models and select one that suits most to your budget. 

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best Laser Land Leveler Machine? 

For any farmer, an agricultural laser land leveling implement is an investment that s/he makes towards better farming and harvesting. As a laser land leveler tractor saves time, promotes optimal crop growth, and helps farmers to save energy and water, farmers need to ensure that they buy laser land leveler carefully. 

They must learn about the types of laser land leveler, tractor laser land leveler price, and available models. 

At Tractor Gyan, all this information is offered under one roof. Not only farmers can learn about tractor laser land leveler price but can also compare different models. The platform provides the maximum possible help to farmers who want to buy laser land leveler. Know Information about moba laser land leveler, celec laser land leveler, moba laser land leveler price, celec laser land leveler price, laser land leveler for tractor, universal laser land leveler, apl laser land leveler price in india, futura laser land leveller 

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