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Tractor Rotavator in India

Rotavator is a tractor implement, which basically comes with rotating blades, utilized for the preparation of soil or seedbed with minimum human efforts. It is used for various purposes like preparation of soil beds, controlling weeds, shallow cultivation, chopping and mixing of crops as well as for the mixing of various fertilizers and nutrients in the soil. It comes in various varieties like Light duty rotavator, Medium duty rotavator and High duty rotavator that require tractors with different horse powers for operation. Rotavators are far better than the traditional tillage methods as they require far less time, energy and labour for soil preparation than compared to traditional methods. It also increases the aeration and quality of soil hence improving the yield of soil. Price of rotavator in India: Rs. 1.00-2.00 Lacs*

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Recently Asked Question about Rotavator Tractor Implements:

Generally, there are two types of rotavator are available: a. ‘C' or 'L' shaped tillage blades b. Crank-Type-Rotavator.
Rotavators in India are available from RS. 22000 to 125000*.
Here is a list of top Rotavators in India: Shaktiman reglar light Fieldking regular multi Soilmaster JSMRT (8 Feet) Mahindra gyrovator ZLX 145 Indo Farm IFRT 150 Sonalika multi speed series New Holland Rotavator RE 165 (5 Feet) Landforce Vivo Dasmesh 642 – Rotavator/ Rotary Tiller. John Deere Green System Rotary Tiller
Yes, you can use rotavator in the rain if the soil is still dry enough. The problem is that freshly plowed soil will absorb water real fast. So it's probably better to wait for the rain to stop and then wait some more for the soil to dry up a bit before finishing the job.
You need a minimum 30 HP power tractor to run the rotavator properly.
Rotavators are available in the range of 120 CM to 200 CM.
No, it works by being attached to a tractor and gets power by the tractor's PTO.
The average PTO speed of rotavator is 540 RPM.
Amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about subsidy you can visit
If you want to know about any brand's rotavator, you can visit, where you will get complete information like price, features, and many more about rotavators.

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About Rotavator Tractor Implement

For farming that can make you happy in terms of monetary and productive cropping, tractor implements like rotavator in India are must be used and purchased by every farmer. This tractor implement has many uses and benefits, scroll a bit and know in detail about it. Rotavator is the most used and widely popular implement which is used for ploughing, this implement has blades that cut, pulverize, and level the soil. It is indeed a tough job to manage the entire farm field with utmost efficiency.

Rotavator is very important and essential for the tractors. Tractor brands in India and tractor machinery focus highly on building tractor equipment and implements that are high in demand and easy to use, when it comes to preparation of soil and fertilization of it, nothing can beat best than the rotavator.


What is a Rotavator in Farming? Is it necessary to use?

For those who are suspicious about rotavator used in farming, it is the type of tractor-drawn implement that is used and designed for seedbed preparation in India.  Rotavator is powerful machinery used for various purposes like breaking, churning, and aerating the soil, preparing it before planting or sowing the seeds. Rotavator directly transfers the engine power to the soil, making it more fertile and ready for plantation. While doing it manually, farmers use to face immense hard work but due to advancement in technology, it becomes easy to crop and plant seeds for agriculture infertile land.

Rotavator tractor implements are not necessary to use if one can have an alternate for it but when it comes to effectivity in production, it is the best mean of farming equipment. It is very important for removing and mixing the residuals of maize, wheat, and sugarcane, or other crops. It also improves the health of the soil.

Moreover, it saves the fuel, cost, and efforts of the farmer which is again profitable for a farmer in terms of return on farming. Speaking factually, rotavator is best suited for cash crops, these are available in three types light, standard and heavy-duty. The idea of the rotavator was to prepare the entire seedbed for sowing the crops across the entire field. Rotavator tractor implements in India saves farmer from a large number of efforts, time and energy. If you want to have better crop quality and sound soil structure using a rotavator on small or big farms is a wise decision. Know each and everything about it on Tractor Gyan. 

What are the specifications of a rotavator?

When one seeks out to purchase a rotavator the first thing in mind is about its specifications, the rotavator is vitally used these days, and thus, you should be aware of its specifications in a broader term. Have a look,

  • Less Maintenance -
    The best part about the rotavator is that it has very little cost to bear on its maintenance. The quality of the rotavator matters here the most. The machine-like it is very versatile in use, it uses sharp blades that turn within time, and the soil gets prepared and ready for further use. Tractor equipment in India like rotavator bears less cost to the farmer, that’s an efficiency of using tractor implements.

  • Quality Blades -
    The vital specification of a rotavator is its blades that turn and twist to operate smoothly, these blades are of high quality and so the risk of them getting spoiled easily is very minimal unless the farmer uses them recklessly.

  • Pocket-friendly price -
    The agricultural industry faces the highest difficulty in bearing the cost of huge machinery, however, for a rotavator, the farmer bears very little and minimal costings. The price of the rotavator is pocket-friendly. It is in budget and comes at many affordable rates so after having a tractor to us in India, a rotavator is the next thing that a farmer can afford.

  • Great assistance for puddling - The primary use of a rotavator is to prepare for the soil but it is also an excellent tool to be used for puddling. If a farmer wants to clear the puddles and manage them with ease then, a rotavator is best to use. It is great assistance indeed.

What is the rotavator tractor implements model in India? 

Not one or two but there are more than that rotavator model in India. The popular ones are listed below but while you go through our webpage you’ll know all the models of it. Scroll a bit and have a look at it. Below are the three most popular and widely famous tractor rotavator models in India.

KS group rotavator -
This rotavator has a weight of approx 460 kg and it comes in the tillage category. Also, the rotavator has an affordable price and is much in demand in the market these days. 

Shaktiman Regular Light -
The regular light rotavator comes at a much easy to afford price. It also comes into the tillage category with an implement power of 25-65 HP. the weight of this rotavator lies between 339 kg - 429 kg only. You can buy it at a very reasonable price.

Build Power Double Rotor Duro+ -
This rotavator comes with the implemented power of 30-90 HP. The rotavator of this category is exceptional in its performance and usability hence, it is the cheapest and easy to purchase rotavator for a farmer. It comes within the range of 1. 15 Lakhs - 1.45 Lakhs* (this is not the current or static price, it is likely to be changed).

What is the rotavator tractor implements prices in India -

The rotary tiller price is not as much as the tractor, it is much easy to afford by the farmer. A farmer can easily buy a rotavator tractor implement for helping its farm operations to get more smooth and easy. For better farm productivity rotavator is used by the farmers. The prices of different rotavator tractor implements differ in a broader aspect. Depending on the length of it these prices are set. For eg - a 7 feet rotavator tractor implement would cost more than 6 feet. These are available in various sizes. Perhaps, we have a complete list of different rotavator along with their price which is a must to see.

Where to get the complete list of rotavator tractor implements in India?

To know in detail about the rotavator tractor implements in India, it’s high time you should stop searching for it here and there and should look into the Tractor Gyan website. We have a complete list of rotavator implements with their relevant information and prices that might be of great help to you. Visit the site if you want to seek accurate and realistic information about the rotavator.

These are the popular Rotavator Brands in India 2022 are Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, New Holland, VST Shakti, Indo farm, Solis

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