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Popular 6 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

Popular 6 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

    Popular 6 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

20 Feb, 2024

Rotavators are crucial land-preparation farming tools that farmers of all sorts need during the early stage of farming. With the help of rotavator farming implements, farmers can break down compacted soil and soften the hard topsoil.

Without the help of an ideal rotavator tractor model, it’s difficult for farmers to mix the organic matter with the soil and make it more fertile.

Such fertile soil leads to better yield with the same efforts. There are multiple types of rotavators for helping farmers and 6 feet rotavators are one of them.

6 feet rotavators brands are agristar rotavator 6 feet price, landforce rotavator 6 feet price, mahindra rotavator price 6 feet, shaktiman rotavator 6 feet price, lancer rotavator 6 feet price, swan rotavator 6 feet price, 

In 6 feet rotavators, rotavator blades have a working depth of 6 feet. The 6 feet rotavator blades can till the soil up to 6 feet deep. Tilling soil up to this depth encourages deep-rooted crops to access moisture and nutrients from deeper soil layers.

Such deep tilling also improves soil aeration which indirectly promotes root growth and beneficial microorganism activity.

If you are in search of a cost-effective 3 feet Rotavator, 4 Feet Rotavator, 5 Feet Rotavator, 6 Feet Rotavator, 7 Feet Rotavator, 8 Feet Rotavator, 9 Feet Rotavator, 10 Feet Rotavator, 11 Feet Rotavator and 12 Feet rotavator, then you are at the right place.

List of Popular 6 Feet Rotavators in India 2024

1. Lancer MP 80

lancer mp 80

 This rotavator belongs to the MP series 6 feet rotavator implements of Lancer and is best known for features like Single Speed Gear Box, 10-25 implement HP, and 18 blades. The 6 feet rotavator price for this model is affordable. 

2. Garud Plus 10024

garud plus 10024

 This 6 feet rotavator model features L type blade, 35 HP implement, Gear Drive side transmission, and Shear Bolt safety linkage. The 6 feet rotavator implement price for this model is Rs. 1.10 Lakhs* in India. 

3. Bull Agro Mini 16 SCC

bull agro mini 16 scc

 This is one of the most affordable 6 feet rotavator implements in India that has advanced features like 16 blades, 2.5 feet tilling width, 15-18 HP implement HP, and single-speed gearbox. 

4. Shaktiman Reverse Forward RF 80

shaktiman reverse forward rf 80

 This is India’s best budget-friendly 6 feet rotavator model that farmers can get at 6 feet rotavator price of Rs. 73,000*. It’s compatible with 18-25 HP implement power and CAT-I 3-point linkage. 

5. Fieldking Hobby FKRTMSG 80

fieldking hobby fkrtmsg 80

 This 6 feet rotavator is a heavy-duty implement with 24 L-type blades and 24 C-type blades. It has a Chain/Gear Side Transmission Type, Single Speed Gearbox, and the 6 feet rotavator blades are made from boron steel. Farmers can buy 6 feet rotavator at  Rs. 66,031* price. 

6. Malkit Rotavator 6 FT

malkit rotavator 6 ft

 With a durable side gear drive, multi-speed PTO gearbox, and implement power of 45-50 Hp, this 6 feet rotavator in India is available at 6 feet rotavator price of Rs. 93,000*. 

6 Feet Rotavator Price Range In India

6 feet rotavator implements are high-power farming equipment and have advanced features. Based on the specifications, the 6 feet rotavator price range is Rs. 30,000* - Rs.1,50,000*.

The 6 feet rotavator models that we listed here come with cost-effective prices. They are great investments for Indian farmers.  

6 Feet Rotavator Features

6 feet rotavators have distinct features that we have mentioned next for you. 

  • The 6 feet rotavators are known for deep tilling because they come with 6 feet working width. 

  • 6 feet rotavator implements can have their engine or use the power of a tractor engine. The tractor engine power for 6 feet rotavator models is 40- 60 HP. 

  • These farming equipment have a flexible depth adjustment feature that allows farmers to decide at which depth they can use them. These features make the 6 feet rotavator suitable for multiple crops and soil types.  

  • 6 feet rotavator blades are made from premium-grade steel and iron. They are sharp to cut through the hard soil. 

6 Feet Rotavator Benefits

A 6 feet rotary tiller is a great tool for farmers because it provides a wide range of benefits. 

  • One of the most famous 6 feet rotavator benefits is a uniform seed bed. It breaks the soil lumps and creates a smooth farming land that can have proper air circulation and better water flow. 

  • By providing smooth farming land, a 6 feet rotary tiller helps farmers to have better crops and yield. 

  • It can cover a large area in a single pass. It has a wider working width that helps farmers to save time and effort.  

  • It can handle various types of soils. 

  • The wider working width of 6 feet rotary tiller helps farmers to achieve more consistent results. 

Buying Guide for a 6 Feet Rotary Tiller 

Consider the size of your land and the type of soil before you buy 6 feet rotavator tractor implement and purchase it accordingly. 

  • Learn about 6 feet rotavator features and invest in a good brand. 

  • Make sure that the 6 feet rotavator blades are sturdy and strong enough to deal with the type of soil you have on your farming land. 

  • Research about 6 feet rotavator price and pick a model that fits into your budget. 

  • When you buy 6 feet rotavator, follow the below-mentioned maintenance tips. 

  • Inspect moving parts like bearings and gearboxes of your 6 feet rotary tiller and lubricate if you feel dryness. 

  • Keep the 6 feet rotavator blades sharp and replace them timely. 

  • Once the usage of the 6 feet rotavator is finished, remove the debris before its storage.


A 6 feet rotary tiller is an essential farming equipment that farmers need at the beginning stage of farming. It has amazing use cases like breaking soil, encouraging air flow, and preparing seed beds.  

Farmers are recommended to learn about leading 6 feet rotavator models, 6 feet rotavator prices, and specifications. 

Why Choose TractorGyan?

TractorGyan is a trusted online platform for farmers interested to buy 6 feet rotavators to learn about crucial information.

The platform provides updated data on 6 feet rotavator prices, 6 feet rotavator features, and 6 feet rotavator benefits,rotavator 6 feet price, sonalika rotavator 6 feet price, maschio rotavator 6 feet price, rotavator price 6 feet, shaktiman rotavator price 6 feet, 6 feet rotavator price in india, mahindra rotavator 6 feet price, shaktiman rotavator 6 feet price list, john deere rotavator 6 feet price, fieldking rotavator 6 feet price. We provide a comparison facility so that farmers can find out which 6 feet rotavator model is perfect for them.

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Recently Asked Question about Popular 6 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

What is a 6 feet rotavator?

A 6 feet rotavator is a type of agricultural implement that has a working width of approximately 6 feet.

What are the popular 6 feet rotavator models in India?

Lancer MP 80, Garud Plus 10024, Bull Agro Mini 16 SCC and Shaktiman Reverse Forward RF 80 are some of the popular 6 feet rotavator models in India.

What is the horsepower requirement for 6 feet rotavators?

6 feet rotavators generally require a horsepower in the range of 40 to 60 HP.

What are the benefits of using a 6 feet rotavator?

6 feet rotavator enhances soil quality, boosts productivity, and facilitates deep-rooted crop growth.

What is the price range of 6 feet rotavator in India?

The 6 feet rotavator price in India ranges from Rs. 30,000* to Rs. 1.50 Lakhs*.

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