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Force Sanman Series Tractors Price List 2022 in India

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HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 1450 KG
HP:- 45
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 1450 KG
HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 1450 kg

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About Force Sanman Tractor Series:

Force Sanman tractor series is one of the most well-known tractors from the Force tractor brand among farmers. The Force Sanman tractors, like the other models available, is loaded with current features that help to make these tractors the most wanted tractor. Force tractors are well-known for their dependability and low-cost maintenance. The Force Sanman tractors price is Rs. 6.10 Lacs* and Rs. 7.30 Lacs*. The Force Sanman is one of the most popular tractors in the full-sized tractor market. Tilling, sowing, puddling, and hauling are all actions where Force Sanman tractors are widely used.

Force Sanman tractor series is built with classic characteristics to appeal to consumers while maintaining a rough and rugged appearance. The tractor's engine is a 2596 cc diesel engine with a total output of 45 to 50 horsepower. The engine RPM of these engines is rated at 2200 RPM. The tractor's powertrain is connected to the transmission through a twin-clutch. On these tractors, the engine comes with a Synchromesh transmission. These tractors include a 12-speed transmission with 8 forward and 4 reverse gears to provide the best possible performance.

The tractor's diesel engine is a 3-cylinder unit with a capacity of 2596 CC. Force tractors engines are noted for their dependability and ability to handle big loads. These tractors has 13.6 x 28/14.9 X 28 / 16.9 X 28-inch rear tyre setup and a 6.00 x 16/ 7.5 x 16-inch front tyre setup to boost performance. These tractors also come with a 6-spline type PTO .These tractors mix of features makes it India's most efficient and cost-effective tractor.               

Popular tractors of Force Sanman Tractor Series:

  • SANMAN 5000 - 45 HP power and Rs. 6.10 Lacs* – 6.40 Lacs*.
  • SANMAN 6000 LT- 50 HP power and Rs. 6.95 Lacs – 7.30 Lacs*
  • SANMAN 6000 - 50 HP power and Rs. 6.80 Lacs – 7.20 Lacs*.

Force Sanman Tractor Price in India:

The Force Sanman tractor series are reasonably priced, with costs in India ranging from Rs. 6.10 Lacs* to Rs. 7.30 Lacs*. Sanman series are known for their great quality and endurance, which has helped them preserve their status as one of India's most popular tractor manufacturers. By considering the demands of farmers, the business has been able to keep the prices of these tractors low. They've strived to keep the prices as low as possible so that farmers can afford them without losing quality or features.

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