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All BIRLA Tractor Tyre In India

Birla is India’s trusted tractor tyre brand offering various types of tyres. It builds tyres for mini tractors and commercial tractors. Its quality tyres have advanced lug design and self-cleaning tread pattern. A Birla tyre has better soil compaction and the ability to perform in all kinds of farming conditions. This is why Birla tractor tyres are the first choice of many Indian farmers.

Birla Tractor Tyre Price: Birla Tractor tyre price in India is within the affordable range of Rs. 4000- 40,000*. This price range has certain variations according to the tyre models and features offered.

Popular Birla Tractor Tyres In India: - Birla Farm Haul Platina Rear, Birla Shaan Front, and Birla Chakra 9 X 16 are some of the most famous tractor tyre models from Birla.
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Recently Asked Question About All Birla Tractor Tyre

What is the price of Birla tractor tyres?

Birla tractor tyres price starts from Rs. 4000* - Rs. 40,000*.

Which is the most popular Birla tractor tyre?

Birla Shaan+, Birla farm haul platina etc are the most popular Birla tractor tyre.

How good are Birla tractor tyres?

Birla tractor tyres are long-lasting, offer excellent road grip, and competitive pricing, these are one of the safest and most reliable tractor tyres you can go for.

How many different sizes are available in Birla tractor tyres?

Birla tractor tyres are available in all different sizes including 14.9-28, 12.4-28, 13.6-28, and so on.

What is the durability of Birla tractor tyres?

The durability of Birla tractor tyres depends on how well the vehicle has been maintained, driving style, farm and road conditions, etc.

How many Birla tractor tyre models you can find at Tractorgyan?

You can find 4 Birla tractor tyre models at Tractorgyan.

Where can I get complete details about the Birla tractor tyre?

At Tractorgyan, you can find complete details about the Birla tractor tyres.

How do I find the manufacturing date of my Birla tractor tyre?

You have to find 4 digit number on the sidewall of a Birla tractor tyre. The first 2 digits of the 4-digit number represent the week of manufacturing and the last 2 digits of the 4-digit no. represent the year.

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About BIRLA Tractor Tyres

BIRLA tyre brand has been providing quality and durable tyres for 30 years. This brand offers tyres for tractors and commercial vehicles. A BIRLA tractor tyre is durable and perfect for farming.

With various tread patterns and durable construction, the best BIRLA tyre can improve the functionality of a tractor. Some leading tractor tyre ranges are Shaan, Farm Haul Platina, and Chakra. Farmers can pick an ideal BIRLA tyre 2024 model from these ranges. 

BIRLA tractors tyre price is kept according to the affordability of Indian farmers. The starting BIRLA tractor tyre price is Rs. 4000* and this tractor tyre price can reach up to Rs. 40,000* according to the tyre type and size. 

BIRLA Tractor Tyres Features

  • BIRLA tyres are preferred by many farmers because they have many features to offer.  
  • These tyres are made from premium-grade polymer material. 
  • The unique tread design of an MRL tyre ensures that it doesn't harm the crop. 
  • With extra rubber, support ensures better ride quality.  
  • Some BIRLA tyre 2024 models are available with Sipe technology. 
  • The creation of edges and cuts ensures that a BIRLA tyre ensures smooth tractor movement. 
  • An MRL tyre also has mud-shake abilities to keep the tyre clean. 
  • Tyres from this brand also have stubble puncture resistance. 
  • An MRL tyre is suitable for both haulage and agriculture. 

Popular Models of BIRLA Tractor Tyres

If you’re looking for a trusted BIRLA tyre 2024 model then we have some recommendations to offer. 

1- Birla Farm Haul Platina – Front- This model from Birla has features like a wider centre, a stronger carcass, and longer operation hours. It also has high abrasion and flex fatigue abilities. 
2- Birla Shaan Front Tyre - Birla Shaan front tyre is available in different sizes such as 6.00-16, 7.50-16, 7.50-16, and 6.50-20. This model has a better grip on soil and is available at an affordable tractor tyre price. 
3- Birla Shaan+( Rear)- If you’re looking for a rear tyre then you can buy Birla Shaan+ tyres in different sizes. Available sizes are 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28, 16.9-28, and 18.4-30. The BIRLA tractor tyre price varies according to the sizes you select. This tyre model has features like better tyre floatation, smooth channels, and cut-resistant tread design. 
4- Birla Chakra 9 X 16- Birla Chakra 9 X 16 is a quality BIRLA tyre with a better grip and unique lug design. The tractor tyre price is affordable. 
5- Birla Farm Haul Platina – Rear- Farmers ensure improved grip and puncher resistance technology with this tyre model. 

BIRLA Tractor Tyre Sizes

BIRLA tractor tyre brand ensures that users of all types of tractors can find an ideal tractor tyre. This is why it offers BIRLA tyres in different dimensions. Whether you’re looking for a rear tyre or a front tyre, you have many size options to choose from. 

The common front tractor tyre sizes are 6.50 X 20, 7.50 X 16, 6.00 X 16, and 6.00 X 16. The BIRLA tractor front tyre price list on TractorGyan can help you learn about the BIRLA tyre price for front tyres. 

For rear tyres, you've size options like 18.4 X 30, 14.9 X 28, 16.9 X 28, and 13.6 X 28 to make sure that farmers can find a suitable rear tyre for their tractors. 

BIRLA Tractor Tyre Price in India 

Before you want to know about the tractor BIRLA tyre price, you must understand that the tractor tyre price is not fixed. The final price depends on tyre size, type, and construction quality. 

TractorGyan provides a BIRLA tractor tyres price list for your reference. According to this BIRLA tyre price list, the starting BIRLA tyre price is in the range of Rs. 4000* - Rs. 40,000*. 

Is BIRLA Tractor Tyre Best for Farming? 

A BIRLA tractor tyre is best for farming because this brand offers tyres with unmatched grip and durability. This brand offers tyres for both 2WD tractors and 4WD tractors

Tyres from this brand are suitable for haulage, tilling, and many other types of activities. The BIRLA tractor tyre price is also kept according to the affordability of the Indian farmers. So, most of the farmers can purchase the best BIRLA tyres without much worries. 

Is BIRLA Tractor Tyre the Best for Tractor? 

A BIRLA tyre can support a tractor tyre in all kinds of activities. These tyres provide better support and steering control to a tractor. The rear tyres from the BIRLA brand can maintain the tractor weight easily. 

These tyres are available in different sizes so that farmers can find an ideal tyre for any model. 

BIRLA Tractor Front Tyre

Being a trusted brand, BIRLA offers a wide range of front tractor tyres. These tyres are durable and provide much-needed steering control to a tractor. BIRLA manufactures front tyres in different sizes. For instance, BIRLA Shaan Front Tyre sizes are 7.50 X 16 and 6.50 X 20. 

Birla Farm Haul Platina series also offers front tyres in sizes like 6.00 X 16 and 6.50 X 20. You can check out the BIRLA tractor front tyre price list at TractorGyan

BIRLA Tractor Rear Tyre

The rear tyres from BIRLA are best known for better load management. These tyres provide tractor support while they do the heavy lifting. The common rear tractor sizes are 13.6 X 28, 13.6 X 28, and 14.9 X 28. 

If you’re interested to learn about rear BIRLA tractor tyre price, you can check out the updated BIRLA tractor rear tyre price list at TractorGyan. 

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best BIRLA Tractors Tyre? 

TractorGyan is India’s leading online marketplace where farmers get updates related to tractors, implements, and tractor tyres. For purchasing BIRLA tyres in India, farmers need to know about tractor BIRLA tyre price and leading BIRLA tyre 2024 models.  

All this information is available on TractorGyan. Farmers can learn about the best BIRLA tyre models, compare BIRLA tractors tyre price, and get an updated BIRLA tyre price list. With this information, it’s easy for farmers to make a choice.