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Size:- 320/85R28, 380/85R28, 420/85R28, 340/85R28
Size:- 5.00-19, 6.00-19, 7.00-19, 8.00-19
Size:- 12.4-28, 13.6-28
Size:- 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28, 16.9-28
Size:- 8.00-18 4 PR, 9.5-24 8 PR, 12.4-28 12 PR, 9.5-24 12PR, 12.4-28 12PR, 13.6-28 12 PR, 14.9-28 12 PR, 16.9-28 12 PR, 16.9-30 12PR, 18.4-30 14PR, 8.3-32 8PR, 8.3-32 4PR, 8.3-20
Size:- 9.00-16(18 PR), 9.00-16(16 PR)
Size:- 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28, 16.9-28
Size:- 5.00-15, 5.25-14, 5.50-16, 6.00-16, 7.50-16, 6.50-20, 4.50-10, 4.50-12

Recently Asked Question About All JK TYRE Tyres:

Yes, JK tyre is a good brand. According to the study, JK Tyre was ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction with a score of 881 points on a scale of 1,000 in 2015.
The J. K. Organisation is an Indian industrial conglomerate, with headquarters in Delhi, Kanpur and Mumbai.
JK Tyre and Industries stands for Juggilal Kamlapat Ji Tyres & Industries Ltd.
In tyre designation or size markings “R” is used to denote Radial construction of a tyre. E.g. 165/80R14 – here R indicates Radial tyre for 14 inch rim diameter code. Moreover “Radial” is also embossed on the tyre sidewall.
Proper air pressure is the most important part of tyre care & maintenance. Always maintain tyre air pressure as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. You can find this tyre air pressure recommendation in your vehicle owner's manual.
Always get your Tyre mounting / demounting done by trained personnel using proper tools and procedure. • Never mount or use damaged tyres/ rims. • Never use inflammable substances into a tyre. • Never use tyre worn beyond TWI. • Always maintain correct tyre air pressure. Check the pressures of your tyres, including spare, once in a fortnight and before any long journey or if traveling with a heavy load. • Observed posted speed limits • Avoid fast start , stops and turns • Avoid potholes and objects on the roads. • Do not run over curbs and hit the tyre against side railings, dividers and curbs. • Do not spin the wheels. • It is dangerous to neglect tyre damages. • Do not overload tyres.
All tyres are also marked with their load carrying capacity (TLCC) in the form of Load index. Load index is a numerical code , associated with the maximum load a tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its Speed Symbol under the specified conditions. For example JK tyre 185/70R14 88S : here 88 is a numerical code corresponding to 560 Kgs.
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About JK Tractor Tyres

JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is one of India’s foremost tyre manufacturers and is also amongst the top 25 manufacturers in the world.JK Tyre has been at the forefront in driving innovation and excellence in the tyre industry through introduction of ground-breaking technologies and products that cater to diverse business segments in the automobile industry. Pioneers of radial technology, the Company produced the first radial tyre in 1977 and is currently the market leader in Truck Bus Radial segment.

In 2019, the Company achieved a remarkable feat by entering the coveted Limca Book of Records with the country’s largest off-the-road tyre - VEM 045.The Company provides end-to-end solutions across segments of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, farming, Off-the-Road and two & three-wheelers.Their unwavering commitment towards innovation is reflected through the concerted efforts at its state-of-the-art global research and technology centre – the Raghupati Singhania Centre of Excellence - in Mysore.

The Centre houses some of the world’s finest technologies and techniques, thereby, adding to the larger efforts of the Company to put India on the global innovation map. The Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer and Tyre Research Institute (HASETRI) - which fulfils need for globally competitive technologies for tyres and polymers and the JK Tyre Tech Centre, a hub for new product development catering to current and emerging needs of customers.

The company launched India’s first ever ‘Smart Tyre’ technology-and introduced Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) by offering TREEL Sensors, which monitors the tyre’s vital statistics, including pressure and temperature.

JK Tyre is present in 105 countries with over 180 Global distributors. The Company has 12 globally-benchmarked ‘sustainable’ manufacturing facilities - 9 in India and 3 in Mexico – that collectively produce around 35 million tyres annually. The Company also has a strong network of over 4000 dealers and 500+ dedicated Brand shops called as Steel Wheels and Xpress Wheels. JK Tyre is also synonymous with motorsport in the country. For over three decades, the Company has relentlessly worked towards shaping India’s positioning as the motorsport hub of Asia, developing the right infrastructure for the sport and promoting young talent in the arena. They are the only Indian tyre manufacturer to be included in the list of Superbrands India in 2019 for the seventh consecutive year. Additionally, JK Tyre was featured among India’s Best Companies to Work For in 2019 by Great Place to Work. JK Tyre recently was awarded the most coveted Safety award in the world -the Sword of Honour for Safety across its plants by the British Safety Council, UK.
Their vision is to be amongst the most trusted companies with a global tyre brand and be a Customer Obsessed Company.They have been chosen as Super Brand for the year 2019, 7th time in a row and have also been featured in Limca Book of Record for manufacturing India's Largest Off-the Road Tyre.
JK Tyre is a responsible corporate and giving back to the community is central to the culture of Company. JK Tyre is not only driven by the need to make the world a better place through the manufacturing of a safer and technology advanced product, but also by widening its prosperity circle. Their community development initiatives may largely be categorized in to Education, Health, Livelihoods and Water Conservation. Through these initiatives, they try to bring about empowerment of local communities and get them to the mainstream of development.

Their plant in HASETRI is an Independent Research Institute specializing in the area of Elastomer Research and Tyre Mechanics, established to fulfill the nation's need for developing newer and better technologies for elastomer and tires.Their JK Tyre Tech Centre, is the nerve centre for new product development catering to current and emerging needs of customers. This centre is engaged in product design, development, validation and industrialization using the most sophisticated tools and techniques covering all categories like passenger car radial, light truck radial, light truck bias, truck and bus radial, farm and off the road tyres.Their RPSCOE center is the perfect example of an Industry-Institute Collaboration which is an R&D set up in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

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