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The best special tyres have their own potential and strength of delivering contentment and fulfillment in every experience. The tyres have amazing potential and great flexibility that helps in managing the tractor speed and structure on every bump without stressing the operator. The BKT Tyres in India are very well recognised for their stability and great grip on every rugged or highly rough lands. The tractors are heavy and bulky in weight, yet these tyres support in managing their weight and balance and help them get better on the farm fields or crowded roads.

The tyre compliments a tractor only if it provides a great and a commendable impact on its efficiency and overall structure. The tractor tyre of the BKT brand is one of the unique and most comfy one. It has stylish tread design and sharp edges and cuts that helps the tractor take smooth bounce or gentle ride on whichever road it is riding. The tractor tyre provides effective performance on the field with no intention of making it a complex affair. The stability that this tyre has makes it a number one brand in India. The tractor tyre has launched and produced a special range of the tractors having an exclusive category of tyres that are best fit for radial agricultural works. The tractor tyres of BKT are a best fit for agricultural fields that require great maintenance and strong command for productivity. The final output is not that easy to get if you do not employ a good tractor that has tyre of best compatibility.

History of BKT Tyres in India in 2021

BKT tyres in India is founded by Balkrishna Industries Limited that got started back in the 1950s. BKT Tyres has been a multinational, family owned business that has miles to progress and succeed in various ways.The company had a wish to share more than the product, material or the technologies that they have. However the dealings in tyre, manufacturing and production commenced in 1987. For over 30 years BKT tractor tyre has successfully enriched segments of agricultural, construction and industrial as well as port and mining and gardening applications. Tyre is the business that BKT has followed since a couple of years, giving its best and cent percent efforts on it. Moreover, the tractor brand in India has produced novelties in tractor type that cater to the most of the demanding needs of the farmers. The tractor tyres of this brand are superlux and made up of great compliance that no tractor owner would deny having it. BKT Tyres in India have grounded their foot with success and growth, making them amazing to watch and experience.

What are the prices of BKT Tyres in India in 2021?

The prices for BKT tractors tyre in India in 2021 are very easy to afford and worth every penny. The prices of these tyres start from INR 1000, which is quite economical and sufficient for mini tractors and giant tractors too. The tractors are made to execute heavy duty operations which can be very well done by the help of a BKT tyre.

BKT tyres have got best and well in operation R&D centre, which has given up the innovation and explorations of modified and technologically advanced tractor tyres in India. The latest tyre technology is being used in making these tractor tyres and these help in approving the tyres all over in the Indian market as number one and world class. Birka tyres in India are the world’s most modern equipment that has got a modish and intricate design that appeals and adds charm to the tractors in India. The respective tyre brands create better and safer tyres. The brand stands to produce new series of the tractor tyres that are commercially advanced and premium in range. The exclusive range of tractor tyres makes it advance in use and also increases its utility.

What are the features of BKT Tyres in India?

When you go downtown shopping, not every product you see across, would you take. The basic sense says to evaluate the products on the basis of their features and intrinsic qualities, that is how a purchase decision is made. So when it comes to tractor tyres, the feature study should be more in detail. Thus, tyres consists of lot of things that needs to be considered before you purchase them, have a look to their vital features

  1. Tread design with advanced Polymer

  2. Innovation in edges and cuts that facilitate smooth movement for the tractor.

  3. Integration of Sipe technology and modified strategies.

  4. Excellent tyre life to keep it durable and long lasting even if used at the challenging rough lands.

  5. Guaranteed good ride quality of the tractors.

Where to get information about the BKT Tyres in India in 2021?

Getting information about the BKT tyres is very easy and simple. In a direct way it is just a matter of a single click. The click on the website of Tractor Gyan will take you to some amazing information on BKT Tyres in India in 2021. These are highly stable and combustible in composition, it gives the feel of luxury and satisfaction in riding a tractor with it. The tyre of BKT brand is renowned and recognised for its stability and high grip in the rugged farm lands and other pieces of land. The tractor tyre is a superb combination of modern designs and amazing innovations. The technology updation and the blend of advanced tactics, makes the tyre number one in the market and most preferred. For advanced farming equipment a farmer must choose to have a  reliable tyre. But it is not enough to go ahead with its purchase. Before buying the product seek best and the relevant information about it from Tractor Gyan. Visit the portal and get to know which BKT tyre in India matches your expectations and fits into your wish list.

Frequently Asked Question about BKT Tractor Tyres

  1. What does BKT tyre stands for?

Ans. BKT tyre stands for Balkrishna Industries Limited.

  1. Does BKT produce tractor tyre?

Ans. Yes, BKT produce tractor tyres.

  1. What sizes of BKT tractor tyres are available?

Ans. 24 X 12.00 - 12, 24 X 12.00 - 12 and many more tractor tyre sizes are available. You can check all sizes on

  1.  What is the minimum price of BKT tyre in India?

Ans. The prices of these tyres start from INR 1000, which is quite economical and sufficient for mini tractors and giant tractors too.

  1. For which agriculture vehicle dose BKT tyres are available?

Ans. Almost every vehicle BKT tyres are available like: Tractor, mini tractor, harvester, Baler and many more.

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