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India's First Ever 100+ HP Trem-IV Tractor by New Holland Launching Soon!

India's First Ever 100+ HP Trem-IV Tractor by New Holland Launching Soon!

    India's First Ever 100+ HP Trem-IV Tractor by New Holland Launching Soon!

07 Jun, 2024

New Holland has announced the launch of India's first TREM - IV 100+ HP tractor. While India’s farming industry offers multiple options, we still haven’t had a heavy-duty model compliant with TREM-IV norms. If you also waited for such a model, it’s time to end your wait. 

New Holland India took the help of its official Facebook page to announce the launch. Through the New Holland 100+ HP Trem IV tractor launch, the leading tractor manufacturer in India is going to redefine the future of farming.  

New Holland 100+ HP Trem IV Tractor- True Testament of Excellence 

A tractor of 100 HP compliant with TREM- IV norm is indeed a real-life mark of New Holland’s engineering prowess and agricultural innovation. This model is likely to revolutionize farming practices, offering farmers unprecedented power and performance to tackle the demands of modern agriculture. 

Horsepower of 100+ means top-notch performance and productivity are enough to set new excellence records for Indian farmers. 

The adherence to the New Holland 100+ HP TREM-IV Tractor shows New Holland’s commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness. According to the sources, New Holland 100+ HP Tractor may be launched on 10 June 2024.

New Holland already offers TREM-IV models for Indian farmers that include, New Holland 5620 TX Plus 4WD, New Holland 5620 TX Plus 2WD, New Holland 5630 TX Plus 4WD, and the New Holland 5630 TX Plus 2WD. All these models are of HP range between 65 HP-75 HP. But, this new launch will have an HP of 100+, which is the highest this tractor manufacturer or other tractor manufacturer has offered until now. 

This New Holland 100+ hp Trem IV tractor model will empower Indian farmers in more than one way and brighten the future of farming.

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न्यू हॉलैंड ने 45 एचपी की क्षमता वाला न्यू हॉलैंड एक्सेल 4510 ट्रैक्टर लॉन्च कर दिया है। यह 4WD पैडी स्पेशल मॉडल अत्याधुनिक सुविधाओं और नवीनतम तकनीक स...

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