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ITL and Yanmar come together to change the canvas of Farm Mechanization in India- Tractorgyan

ITL and Yanmar come together to change the canvas of Farm Mechanization in India- Tractorgyan

    ITL and Yanmar come together to change the canvas of Farm Mechanization in India- Tractorgyan

Premium Solis Yanmar tractors will now be available for India's new generation farmers. Partnership targets sales of 50,000 tractors within five years and 400 dealerships within two years

10 Jul, 2019

New Delhi, 10 July: ITL (International Tractors Ltd.) today launched its much-awaited Solis Yanmar tractor range in collaboration with Yanmar Agribusiness Co. Ltd. of Japan. Fully loaded with the latest high-tech features and technologies supported by Yanmar, these tractors are best suited for India’s soils and terrain. Earlier, Solis tractors manufactured at Hoshiarpur in Punjab were only for export, making ITL India’s leading exporter of tractors. Having enjoyed tremendous success in overseas markets, ITL is now launching Solis in India – the world’s largest tractor market, to be followed by Yanmar’s YM3 tractor.

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Speaking at the launch, Dr. Deepak Mittal, Managing Director – ITL, stated: “The launch of Solis Yanmar is poised to change the canvas of farm mechanization in India. ITL began by exporting its first tractor, Solis, to Europe in 2011. Since then, Solis has seen phenomenal growth, expanding globally to 120 countries in eight years, with more than 100,000 satisfied customers. Solis is now one of the top-five tractor brands in Europe. With this launch in India, we are targeting sales of 50,000 Solis and Yanmar tractors within 5 years and 400 dealerships within two years. Solis Yanmar tractors offer multiple technologically-advanced features and superior comfort, which will revolutionize the quality of ‘Made in India’ farm technologies.

We are looking to dominate the market of application-based solutions to solve two major problems our farmers face; water scarcity and the need for greater output. For example, when our 4WD tractor with optimum weight is used with rotavator for puddling applications, farmers will require 50% lesser water than while using other tractors with full cage wheels. Similarly, our tractors equipped with advanced 4WD Technology and Express Transmission Speeds will give higher output to our farmers.“

Elaborating on the tie-up, Mr. Ken Okuyama, Director, Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd. – Yanmar, said: “Given Yanmar’s strong footprint in Japan and Southeast Asia and the brand leadership of ITL’s Solis in overseas markets, we are confident that the partnership between Yanmar and ITL will propel both companies to new heights in the Indian market. We believe Solis will replicate its overseas success in India because it’s a great product for a new generation of Indian farmers. Our YM3 tractor is equipped with Yanmar’s advanced SMART ASSIST REMOTE technology for precision and efficiency to deliver more profitable agriculture for the 21st century.”

ITL has one of the biggest ranges of 20-110 HP tractors outside India. Given the overseas assembly plants of ITL and Yanmar – in Brazil, Turkey, Algeria, and the USA – Solis has gained market leadership in many regions. Besides, ITL’s in-house manufacturing capabilities make it a big mover of ‘Make in India’, with the engine and transmission manufactured in the country.

The upcoming Solis and Yanmar series are equipped with powerful and advanced features that make it synonymous to toughness, durability, power & performance and making it an unbeatable range of tractors for all futuristic agricultural & commercial applications. These tractors offer the farmers what they deserve; value-driven offerings. The range is fully equipped to deliver greater performance on all types of soils which will give the farmers maximum savings.


About International Tractors Ltd.

Established in 1969 as part of the International Tractors Ltd. Group, Solis tractor is among the top 6 tractor manufacturers globally. Solis is the leading exporter of 20-110 HP range of tractors from India and is present across the 120 countries; creating a new benchmark in the tractor industry through its power and advanced technologies. Having a very strong presence in most of the significant markets worldwide, currently, Solis is the market leader in 4 different countries of Asia and Africa. Offering customized tractors as per countries preferences in Brazil and Argentina, we are presently the only Indian company to have a presence across 20 countries in Latin & South America. While augmenting a strong presence in 33 EU & non-EU countries, Solis has also successfully launched its tractors in the USA market. The brand has assembly plants in 4 countries; Brazil, Turkey, Cameroon & Algeria.

About Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd.

More than 100 years ago, Yanmar started developing products that not only get the job done but also do it in a manner that’s best for Mother Earth. The company is always searching for ways to improve technology and enhance design to make the operator’s job easier. Today, Yanmar is a $7 billion company with over 19,000 employees worldwide. Their primary focus is in agriculture, industrial engines, marine, energy system, and construction. Yanmar began a legacy of innovation and environmental awareness that took this company beyond comparison.



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