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"5 tricks to enhance the shelf-life of grains."

    "5 tricks to enhance the shelf-life of grains."

"5 tricks to enhance the shelf-life of grains."

22 Jul, 2020


Whenever farmers sow a seed they have only one thought in mind and that one day it will grow into a full and healthy crop which will satisfy people hunger and will get the money. The main concern of the farmer after harvesting crops is the storage of their grains. Every farmer wants to have high yield but how to safely store them is always a question of big concern.

And sometimes despite having nice yield farmers are not able to get the desired price of grains. The reason behind is that most of the grains get infected or rotten in the warehouse. Farmers can now increase the shelf life of grains with the help of below mentioned 5 amazing tricks:


●        Proper hygiene of containers:

We have intentionally kept this point at the first position because this should be your prime concern and you should pay great attention to it because if there will be any remaining insect or infected grain in a container or near it then it will simply multiply its effect to the whole stalk. You have to just clean the containers and space properly with pesticides and grain protectants will also protect grains.



●        Store good quality grains:

One should only store high-quality grain as there are high chances of their survival in changing weather conditions or all over the year. If you will store immature grain, previous year harvest or damaged grain with high-quality grains or present year harvest then they will simply damage and rotten other grains which will ultimately lead you to losses nothing else. So, try to maintain the quality of grains in the storage container.



●        Proper moisture level:

Make sure to dry the grains to a proper extent and try to maintain the suitable moisture content in grains. Heat and moisture together create the perfect situation for mould and other issues. Farmers should know the correct moisture content for every crop according to every season and should dry the grains according to that.



●        Proper Temperature:

As we have come across the importance of heat (or temperature) in mould production in the above factor, so it turned out to be the serious factor in the storage of grains. You should have the proper aeration system or proper strategy to control the temperature according to weather or season for grain security.



●        Proper and regular checking:

Even after paying so much attention, there are chances of insect attack or maybe inappropriate temperature or moisture maintenance in the storage area. Just make the weekly checking of moisture, temperature, ventilation and any presence of insects or rotten grain a part of your routine.

These were the basic things which require proper management for the better shelf life of grains. Always keep in mind that storage may appear the last and easiest step to you in agriculture but it's one of the crucial steps.


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