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Mahindra Novo series tractors

    Mahindra Novo series tractors

Mahindra Novo series tractors

29 Jul, 2020

Mahindra Novo tractor range is designed and developed in-house at Mahindra Research Valley, the company’s global research and development facility in Chennai. With many new benchmarks in technology, comfort, and ergonomics, this tractor is all set to change farming practices and improve productivity & performance.

Mahindra Novo 755 DI, comes with a  powerful engine and delivers maximum PTO power manages heavy implements in hard & sticky soil conditions. 

The main feature is that it comes with the most recent technology and innovation from Mahindra. Its air filter is the biggest in its class that prevents choking of the air cleaner. It has an efficient cooling system with a bigger size air cleaner & radiator which minimizes choking and gives longer non-stop working hours.

  • It has multiple speeds options allowing users to choose from 30 available speeds which ensure full control over productivity & time of operation.

  • Shifting of gears is very easy in these tractors, the forward-reverse smooth shift lever allows quick reverse.

  • Its advanced braking and clutch ensure less slippage and longer life. It has 3 speeds to choose from which is useful in power harrow, mulcher applications.  Its high lift capacity is suitable for lifting heavy implements up to 2000 kg and its high pump flow allows faster work completion.

  • It has unmatched style and excellence.

  • With four cylinders, a double-clutch system for sleek gear shifts forced circulation cooling system, a huge 2200 kg hydraulics raise capability this tractor serves all the facilities required by the farmer.

It can handle almost 40 farming applications which include puddling, harvesting, reaping, and haulage amongst others. It is also loaded with features such as lift capacity of 2200 KG, advanced synchromesh 15F + 3R transmission. Along with, It also has 48.5 power unit PTO that induces correct speed choice and best operations. It delivers uniform and consistent power with minimum RPM drop in all applications and soil conditions. It requires low maintenance and has the best in class fuel efficiency. It has a special flat operator station for easy movement and farming applications. 


• Gyrovator

• Potato Digger

• Harvester

• Puddling

• Straw Reaper

• Cultivator

• Laser Leveler

One of the unique features and the most useful feature of Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605 DI-I is the shuttle shift lever. With the shift of a single lever, the tractor can go reverse at that same speed as going as forward.  The Synchromesh gearbox provides lots of speed options and also allows smooth shifting of gears like cars. The hydraulic system is remarkable in the Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605 DI-I, it detects changes in soil condition for lifting and lowering maintaining uniform soil depth.  Also, the superior braking system ensures smooth and precise braking even at higher speeds.

Different tractors in Novo series are :

Arjun Novo 605 DI-PS 

Arjun Novo 605 DI-i 

Arjun Novo 605 DI-i 4WD 

Arjun Novo 605 DI-i AC cabin 

Mahindra & Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), a part of the USD 19 billion Mahindra Group, announced the launch of Novo 65 HP & 75 HP tractors on April 27, 2018,. This range of Mahindra Novo tractors is technologically most advanced and stylishly designed.  Mahindra Novo delivers uniform and consistent power with minimum RPM drop in all applications and soil conditions. With an advanced Synchromesh Transmission and a wide range of speeds, the Mahindra Novo provides a superior farming experience across all applications.

The operating area of this ergonomically designed new tractor makes it one of the most comfortable tractors in the category. 


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