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Great Tips to Increase Your Tractor's Engine Life

Great Tips to Increase Your Tractor's Engine Life

    Great Tips to Increase Your Tractor's Engine Life

Great Tips to Increase Your Tractor's Engine Life

31 Jul, 2020

The engine is the heart of a tractor so long life of your engine can give a long life to your tractor. A good maintenance schedule and your proper attention towards your tractor’s engine can make its life longer. But, the main question is how to maintain it?

So, here are some important tips to help you with the maintenance of your engine.


1.Keep it away from dirt and dust


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Keeping your engine clean is one of the most important jobs to do. Dirt and Dust can get stuck up and result in blockages in your engine. So, make sure you properly clean your engine on a regular basis to keep it away from blockages.


2.Perform regular oil


Regular oil changes can definitely result in increasing your engine’s life and its efficiency. Especially, if you have a new tractor oil change can result in the proper flow of fuel and removal of tiny metal particles that are produced while working with a new tractor.


3.Keep an eye on the coolant


With time the coolant of your engine turns acidic and this acidic nature of coolant can be harmful to different parts of your tractor. So, get acidity level of your coolant checked on a regular basis and flushed out when required.


4.Replace your fuel  filter regularly


The fuel filter should be replaced on a regular basis, if there are two fuel filters then replacement of both the fuel filters are required to keep your engine safe.


5.Make sure your air filters work effectively


Your air filters should work effectively to let your engine breathe. Always make sure they are clean and get them checked regularly too so that you can get them replaced when required.


6.Keep a check on the leaks


Any type of leakage can be an indication of any big fault in your engine. Never ignore any type of leakages and make sure you take care of them as soon as they appear.

Take time and look after your tractor’s engine while keeping these tips in your mind and give your engine a longer life.




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