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Pearl farming: A highly profitable minimum labour farming

    Pearl farming: A highly profitable minimum labour farming

Pearl farming: A highly profitable minimum labour farming

08 Aug, 2020

The income of farmers in India is usually dependent on external factors like climate and this dependence often leads to their losses but on the other hand, Pearl farming is totally independent of these factors and gives you a high amount of profit. It only requires investment in the beginning for the fixed assets and proper skills to give you good results.

If you are really interested in getting a new source of side income using only 1/2-3/4 acre of land then pearl farming is a perfect business for you. Here is everything you need to about investments and profit of pearl farming.


  • Investments:

For Pearl farming, you firstly need a freshwater source like a pond of approx 10x10 feet either you can rent a pond or dig one near your house. After that, you have to spend money on tools and ropes or bamboos required to hang the oysters. And when it comes to oysters either you can fish them from a river or buy it from the market that too is very cheap usually Rs. 5 per piece. You also need to buy the feed for your oysters too. Just in case if you buy very high-end tools this investment usually goes up to 2-3 Lakhs.


  • Labour and skills:

It usually requires very less labour as you just have to feed these oysters, hang them and insert pebble-shaped mantle grafts and nuclei into them. The labour required is low but it really requires some good skills. You can get the training and learn these skills at different pearl cultivation training centres and even learn these skills from the free training provided by the government.


  • Profit :

It usually takes 20 to 24 months to give you results but if cultivated properly it usually gives you an income of 10-12 lakhs that is around a profit of 8 lakhs.

Pearl cultivation gives you a large amount of profit while only requiring your skill and will to give you such good results.


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