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Amazing things that nobody tells you about Apple Orchards

Amazing things that nobody tells you about Apple Orchards

    Amazing things that nobody tells you about Apple Orchards

Amazing things that nobody tells you about Apple Orchards

03 Sep, 2020

Apple is one of the most nutritionist fruit we have and here we are going to discuss every insight of this wonderful fruit. Apple tree is a perennial tree and lives for more than 100 years.


Climate Condition required for apple growth

Apple cultivation is done in a cold climatic condition, it can sustain at a -40°F temperature. It requires full sunlight for its prosperous growth and yield. It is not suitable to grow apples in sea areas as they have moderate climate throughout the season which is not in accordance with the requirement of apple cultivation. Also, apple cultivation is not advisable in partial sunlight zones as they yield will be too low to bear with.

The fruit grows the best in loamy soil, although, it may also grow in sandy soil with some clay mixed. The pH level of soil required for apple cultivation lies between 6-7.

Avoid planting apple saplings in an area where it had already grown in order to avoid the attack of pests and diseases that had occurred in the previous plantation.

Apples require chilling hours which are essential for their flowers to out in the spring. It can vary from 1000 hours to as low as 400 hours depending upon the type of apple you are growing. Indeed, chilling hours are the deciding factor responsible for the type of apple breed you need to grow in your prevailing area.


Size of Apple trees

The standard height of an apple tree is about 30 feet which gives its first harvest after 6 years. But there are a variety of heights in which apple tree grow, one of such distinct varieties include the height half the height of the standard tree. A dwarf tree grows from 6-10 feet while a semi-dwarf tree ranges from 12-20 feet tall. The harvest season of dwarf and semi-dwarf trees come in 3 years.

An apple tree can yield about 75 to more than 130 pounds of fruit every year and can give you a magnificent amount of profit.


Spacing between the apple trees

The space between the different apple trees depend upon the height they would achieve at the fullest. More precisely, the standard trees should be grown at least 25 to 30 feet apart while the semi-dwarf trees should be spaced 15 feet apart. There should be a distance if 10- 12 feet between the dwarf apple trees.

So, these are some important information about Orchard farming you should know about if you are thinking to try your hands in this profitable farming or if you are presently doing it. The small aspects may sometimes create a huge impact in our yield and can ward off from various severe consequences.


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