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Best Power Tiller in India 2024 - Types and Benefits of Power Tiller | Tractorgyan

Best Power Tiller in India 2024 - Types and Benefits of Power Tiller | Tractorgyan

    Best Power Tiller in India 2024 - Types and Benefits of Power Tiller | Tractorgyan

04 Mar, 2024

About Power Tiller

A power tiller is a two-wheeled agricultural implement, fitted with rotary tillers, that is fast gaining traction in the Indian agricultural scene for its multi-purpose uses. In addition to tilling the soil, power tillers can be used for ploughing the soil, sowing seeds, planting seedlings, adding fertilizers, spraying fertilizers, herbicides, and water, pumping water, harvesting crops, threshing crops, and transporting crops. All these additional tasks are performed by attaching agricultural devices such as ploughs, seeders, planters, pumps, sprays, harvesters, threshers, and carriers to the power tiller. 

Power tillers can work on small as well as large farms, but they are particularly recommended for farms where the small land size or the rugged, sloping terrain might make manoeuvring a tractor about impractical. Difficult, or even dangerous. In hilly regions in India, where only terrace farming is possible, farmers have found power tillers to be extremely useful.

Rice and paddy farmers with small farm plots use power tillers to successfully till water-flooded fields. Unlike tractors, which are heavy and can compact the soil with their weight and till deeper than necessary, power tillers till only to the required depth, softening and loosening the soil as they do, and making it easier to plant rice and paddy in the water submerged fields without any danger of drowning the plants under water.

Power Tillers  Types

Power tillers are available in three different sizes –

  • Mini-sized Power Tiller
  • Medium-sized Power Tiller
  • Large-sized Power Tiller

Power tillers have been used in Indian agriculture since the 1980s, but have not, so far, surpassed the popularity of tractors. Part of this may be due to insufficient knowledge about power tillers and insufficient advertising about their benefits, and part of it may also be because a tiller needs to be manually handled and directed and the person walking behind the tiller can be at physical risk from the spinning tines. The situation may alter with better disseminated information and better safety features and safe usage guidelines.

Most of the power tillers used in India are made by Indian and Chinese agricultural equipment manufacturers. Some of the more well-known Indian power tiller manufacturers include .

  • KMW Kirloskar Power Tillers
  • Kubota Power Tillers
  • Kranti Power Tillers
  • VST Shakti Power Tillers
  • Bull Agro Power Tillers
  • Southern Agro Engines Power Tillers
  • KAMCO Limited Power Tillers

Most of these Indian power tiller manufacturers offer spare parts for their power tillers, and their service technicians offer training in power tiller usage and maintenance and also conduct power tiller repair work on site as and when it becomes necessary.

Benefits Of Power Tiller To Indian Farmers

Indian farmers with small and medium sized land-holdings are likely to find power tillers more useful than tractors for the following reasons –

  1. Power tillers have relatively low maintenance costs as compared to tractors. Also, if farmers are diligent about cleaning the power tillers daily, replacing engine oil as required, and maintaining necessary fuel levels, the power tillers will remain in reasonably good condition for a longer period.
  2. Power tillers are easier to manoeuvrer than tractors, and this is a very important consideration on small-sized farms and hilly terrain farms.
  3. Power tillers are useful in regions where there is acute labour shortage. They are useful too in regions where there is no labour shortage – the labour can be used for other, less cumbersome jobs. Also, power tillers will work faster and better than human and animal labour.
  4. Power tillers can be effectively used on different types of terrains – flat lands, hilly terraces, water submerged fields, and dry fields.
  5. Power tillers are ideal for small areas where the plants are planted in narrow rows, as the machines can be easily manoeuvred between these rows without damaging or destroying the plants.

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