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Sonalika Tractor Records highest Dec Sales-FY21 Sales Grow 3 Times

Sonalika Tractor Records highest Dec Sales-FY21 Sales Grow 3 Times

    Sonalika Tractor Records highest Dec Sales-FY21 Sales Grow 3 Times

Sonalika Tractor Sales Dec 2020 – YoY vs MoM

02 Jan, 2021

Sonalika surpassed FY20 Sales sales over 1 lakh tractors 3 quarters of FY21 at 33 percent growth 2020 has been a magnificent year for Sonalika Tractors. A feat that’s enabled the manufacturer to begin 2021 with a sense of achievement. Though not the largest tractor brand, it sure has climbed the ranks as the fastest growing tractor brand. It reported 1 lakh tractor sales in 9 months of April-Dec’20 period.

This at a growth of 33.3 percent for FY21 thus far. That’s at about 3X that of industry growth of 12 percent. The invigorated performance helped Sonalika surpass entire FY20 sales in 9 months of FY21. All sales in Q4 FY21 will help the company soar even higher. Having reported its highest ever December sales of 11,540 tractors enabled the manufacturer to report market share of 16.1 percent.

Sales spurt in 2020

Sonalika reported its highest ever H1 sales volume in FY21. And its highest ever monthly tractor production at 15,218 units, and highest ever tractor deliveries of 19,000 units, and delivery of implements at 10,018 in Oct 20. Exports are up at 26.6 percent market share. It also reported highest ever market share gain of 2.1 percent in 2020. Of course, it’s easy to see why 2020 has been a momentous year for the manufacturer.

Sonalika Tractors has sold over a lakh units in the preceding three fiscals. Having done so in 9 months in the current fiscal has provided quite the growth spurt. Through the pandemic, Sonalika introduced 5 new premium tractors. This includes 2020 Tiger, Sikander DLX, Mahabali and Chhatrapati.

Sonalika Tractor


Dec 2020 Sales Vs


% Growth



Dec 2019 (YoY)





Nov 2020 (MoM)








Sonalika Tractor Sales Dec 2020 – YoY vs MoM

 There’s also the Tiger Electric 4W, which is most affordable for its vehicle type at Rs 6 lakhs. It’s strengths lie in its engineering with a hi-tech German motor, advanced battery and Sonalika transmission. Sonalika’s current lineup of next gen tractors bring forth advanced tech. Add to this the fact that they’re customised as per crop and region specific needs.


Farmer centric and a strong product offensive strategy

Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, said, “This is momentous occasion as we have taken just three quarters to accomplish what was being achieved annually over the last three years. We have surpassed our entire FY’20 sales to sell over 1 lakh tractors in just 9 months of FY’21, while recording 33.3% growth, which is 3X the industry growth of 12%. Alongside, we have registered our highest ever December sales of 11,540 tractors and highest ever market share of 16.1%.”

Now, Sonalika has its eyes set on its next growth mission of 1 lakh tractor sales every six months. Having started out with the right foot forward means the company has already achieved 50 percent of it in 2020.

This despite an environment that’s been challenging for the auto industry. Consequently, they are now keen on a goal to touch the 2 lakh sales mark annually, Sonalika has its eyes set on cutting edge tech in the tractor industry. The positive outcome in 2020 was achieved through a farmer centric approach and strong product offensive strategy.


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