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What makes MF 244 PM/PD the best puddling specialist tractors in India?

What makes MF 244 PM/PD the best puddling specialist tractors in India?

    What makes MF 244 PM/PD the best puddling specialist tractors in India?

17 Nov, 2021

Puddling is an ancient method that was used to prepare the land for rice planting. Farmers used to execute puddling of the ground by dragging a weighted harrow across wetland while mounted behind an ox or buffalo. New mechanised agricultural devices, such as walking tractors, have been developed as a result of technological advancements.

Every human being's life has been made much easier by technology, and farmers are no exception. Agrotechnology inventions have resulted in the development of a variety of agricultural equipment and devices to aid farmers in their heavy labour. Different varieties of tractors are available on the market, based on the requirement and power required to complete a specific farming task. Having said that one of the most leading puddling tractor brands in India at present is Massey Ferguson. The explicit tractor model namely Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD is the most popular one in the category of puddling tractors and is also named as a specialist puddling tractor in India.

This Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD puddling special tractor is an excellent choice for farmers looking for features such as power steering, piston spray jet with pressure lubrication system, side shift gear, better and longer engine life, efficient dual-clutch, and Mechanical Quick Raise and Lower (MQRL), which encourages improved and timely production and ease in performance. 


What makes MF 244 PM/PD the best puddling specialist tractors in India?
The Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD tractor is a wonderful and attractive tractor with a highly pleasing appearance. The Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD is a powerful tractor with great fuel efficiency. This tractor is capable of giving outstanding field results with great fuel efficiency. The Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD tractor has a 44 horsepower range, which attracts the farmers because of its outstanding performance.


MF 244 di pm

Here are some of the intrinsic features of the tractor that one should take a round off-

● Dry Land or Shallow Puddling

● Direct Drive

 ● Maxx OIB

● Powervator Clutch

 ● Intelli-sense Hydraulics

● 8x2 PCM Gearbox

● 1700 Kgf Lift Capacity

● Deep Puddling Specialist

● Ultra PD

● Maxx OIB

● Powervator Clutch

● Intelli-sense Hydraulics

● 8x2 PCM Gearbox

● 1700 Kgf Lift Capacity


The Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD special tractor is the undisputed leader in the Massey Ferguson Tractors family. The tractor is simple to operate and ride and requires low maintenance which is an extra point to consider while purchasing it.  Moreover, because it uses less diesel/petrol hence it is fuel-efficient. This tractor is much cheaper to use in regular operations. It has got dual-clutch that helps in better management of the tractor ride. 

Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD tractors have a 44-horsepower engine with a powervator clutch. Tractors are precisely tuned for paddy cultivation, heavy-duty transport, and RMB ploughing, among other activities performed by the tractor and farmer. The tractor consists easy to change gears which gives comfort and convenience to the farmers while driving. The MF 244 DI PD tractor features Direct Drive Technology, making it ideal for dry land or shallow puddling applications, while the MF 244 DI PM tractor features Ultra Planetary Plus Technology, making it ideal for deep puddling. Having a Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD tractor is the most straightforward and upfront alternative available.

Special & performance driving feature of Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD tractor includes a chain stabiliser, mobile charger, oil pipe kit, transport lock valve (TLV), check chain, front bumper, 7-pin trailer socket, and 35 kg rear weights.

This feature of Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD makes this tractor special for puddling, as it is been manufactured keeping the requirement and needs of farmers while cultivating the field. This tractor is the most famous and prior choice of every farmer in India.


What is the Price of the best puddling specialist tractors MF 244 PM/PD?
The price of a Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD is easy to afford and quite cost-efficient, to know the revised and updated price of Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD tractor visit Tractor Gyan’s website. The Massey Ferguson 244 PM/PD tractor is a relatively economical tractor that is also one of the best in its class. All small and marginal farmers in India may easily afford this Massey Ferguson 244 PM. The tractor does justice to its price and is worth having for better productivity and efficient puddling activities. Thus, to get any further information and updates about MF 244 PM/PD tractors in India visit Tractor Gyan. The website has everything to help you with a better understanding and knowledge of tractors.


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