Vst sold 547 tractors and 2045 power tillers in November, 2022

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Vst sold 547 tractors and 2045 power tillers in November, 2022

    Vst sold 547 tractors and 2045 power tillers in November, 2022

01 Dec, 2022

VST tractors are one of the recognized and native companies in South India, having their origin and operation controlled and remoted from there. It is a century-old tractor manufacturing company established and set in 1967. VST is an expert and master in manufacturing farmers suitable tractors and power tillers that help them productively carry out commercial and agricultural occupations. This factor makes VST the most preferred choice of framers.

Having its root strong in the tractor industry, VST tractors and Power tillers have successfully sold numerous dozens of tractors which have proven their performance and heavy-duty operations to top-notch features. This helps the VST sell satisfactory tractors and power tillers. 


Henceforth, here is the sales account for VST power tillers and tractors for November 2022. Take a complete analysis of VST sale performance through the table below:


For the current period (in Nos.)

For the corresponding period (in Nos.)

Nov - 2022

Year to date

Nov - 2021

Year to date

Power Tillers










Total (Tillers & Tractors in Nos)





Note: The above figures furnished are not audited. Hence the audited figures may vary.


As shown above, in the table the sales for Power tillers have fallen a bit and accounted for 2045 in totality for November 2022 whereas November 2021 sales stand upright at 2227. This marks the decline in sales of VST power tillers for the respective month. 


Amazingly the VST tractor sales show up a rise in sales, accounting for 547 in total for the month of November 2022 whereas in November 2021 the sales could reach only 496 in total. However, this increase in tractor sales compensates for the decrease in sales of power tillers. 


Thus, the mixed results of power tillers and tractors sales for VST show the unbiasedness and unpredictability of the market. Hopefully, the increase in sales can be seen in the forthcoming months. Until then for any kind of VST tractor update or information keep tuned up to Tractor Gyan website. 

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