Digitrac tractors in India

HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capacity:- 1800 KG
HP:- 60
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capacity:- 1800 KG
HP:- 47
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 2000 KG


एस्कॉर्ट्स (Escorts) के ट्रैक्टर होंगे महंगे,अन्य ट्रैक्टर कंपनियां भी बढ़ाएगी कीमत?

एस्कॉर्ट्स (Escorts) के ट्रैक्टर होंगे महंगे,अन्य ट्रैक्टर कंपनियां भी बढ़ाएगी कीमत?

●     1 अप्रैल से महंगा हो जाएगा एस्कॉर्ट्स (Escorts) का ट्रैक्टर ● &nbs...

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भारत की 10 सबसे बेहतरीन ट्रैक्टर कंपनियां 2021 - ट्रैक्टरज्ञान

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About Digitrac Tractor

Digitrac tractors are fully loaded with innovative features and amazing functionalities that are unbeatable and incompatible with various other competitive brands. As far as noticed, all the tractors of the respective brand are an absolute ideal blend of international vogue and comforts that make it a suitable automobile for Indian farming and agriculture. The tractors here are a splendid mix of technology and innovation that takes over the mind and hearts of every Indian farmer by keeping the tractors at the top of the demand list.

History Of Digitrac Tractors In India

Digitrac tractors in India arrived in 2019. It is the offspring tractor brand of Escorts group. The Digitrac tractors are available in Punjab and Haryana and they carry their operations from these supreme cities. This tractor brand has so far catered to various farmers in the industry helping them fulfill their demands and also, facilitating them to have an exceptional design and strong structure tractor that ease out their Agri work and multiplies the energy and productivity that they yield every month. Digitrac tractors in India are one of the best and recognized tractor brands in India which have exceptional speed and comfy handling that makes it the most desirable and outstanding tractors in the industry. Having said that the company has seen great response and results in the sales.

Digitrac tractors since so far perfectly stand to the appreciation like modernity, uniqueness, advanced efficiency and much more, that is because the tractor brand has produced modernized and highly efficient tractor that proves to be one of the best means of occupation for agricultural people. Things in the farm become easy to operate and functionalize through a heavy-duty tractor like Digitrac. The company has progressed proportionately to their target and goals making their hustle of carrying out commercialised operations and activities easy. Moreover, the Digitrac tractor brand is the first one to provide doorstep demos and doorstep deliveries easy and accessible. Moreover, the brand is also recognised as the only online tractor platform that provides tractors of the best quality and high potential. The Digitrac tractors in India are available in three unique colours of DIGIBLUE, DIGIBLACK & DIGISILVER, which are unique and exceptional in their origin. The most important aspect that a tractor purchaser notice nowadays is its colour and royal feel, Digitrac gives it both to the users. The intricate design and structure of the tractor and the royal colour in which it gets ready make it perfectly ready for the market to have it. 


Moreover, the tractors also have comfortable seats and space that is very necessary to ensure while purchasing one. Not just that the tractors also consist of strong build canopies that prevent the operators from severe accidental circumstances. The price of Digitrac tractors in India is very economical and easy to afford, the price range of this tractor lies between Rs 5.85 Lakhs - 6.80 Lakhs*. Digitrac tractor models also have an incompatible and highly efficient engine capacity of the range 47-60 HP. Thus these tractor suits up to every demand and requirement of an ideal agricultural machine that is very important to have for carrying out ease in activities. 


What are the famous models of Digitrac tractors in India? 

The popular Digitrac tractors are the best three models that are exceptional and an exquisite launch in the market having in-house tractors that fulfill every demand of the framers and cater to the best needs and requirements of the farmers. The engine HP of these tractors is 47, 50, and 60 HP yet the performance and durability of each depend on their technical composition and functional attributes. The prices for Digitrac tractors in India are not much to worry about rather these are economical and start from Rs 5.85 Lakhs. At. Tractor Gyan, one can have complete and detailed information about the tractor brand be it its price or HP range, you’ll get everything in the store. 

The Digitrac tractors price list in India in 2021

Digitrac PP 51i

60 HP

Rs. 6.80 Lakh*

Digitrac PP 46i

50 HP

Rs. 6.30 Lakh - 6.50 Lakh*

Digitrac PP 43i

47 HP

Rs. 5.85 Lakh*

Is there any second-hand Digitrac tractor available in the market?

If you get the best quality product in less range or second-hand price then why not have it? The same is the case for second-hand Digitrac tractors in India wherein you’ll get the best tractor that is available in the best and the economical price range. The nominal price of the second-hand Digitrac tractors in India is much less than the market prices prevailing in the market. In case if the farmers are looking for used Digitrac tractors in India, visit Tractor Gyan. We have FREE listed the best quality and the best in efficiency second-hand tractors in India with complete details and information that should be known for better guidance and knowledge. 


What are the prices of Digitrac tractors in India?

The prices for Digitrac tractors in India are not a big point of stress for others, because these tractors in India are very reasonable and come into the range which is worth the premium quality of the tractors. The price for Digitrac tractors in India starts from Rs 5.85 Lakhs*. The most expensive Digitrac tractors in India are worth Rs 6.80 Lakhs*. Thus, Digitrac tractors are one of the most affordable and most economical tractors than the other competitive tractors in India. Since, if someone wants to know about the Digitrac tractors in India and their prices one should definitely visit Tractor Gyan.

Thus, Digitrac tractors are the new launch tractors of escort that have captured a substantial share of the market and catered to all the needs of farmers. The tractors have done great justice to the farmer’s needs and expectations and gained a large population and immense popularity in the industry. To know more about Digitrac tractors in India visit Tractor Gyan soon.