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Looking for a Tractor that Offers Durability, Performance and Affordability? Get Solis Yanmar Tractor

Looking for a Tractor that Offers Durability, Performance and Affordability? Get Solis Yanmar Tractor

    Looking for a Tractor that Offers Durability, Performance and Affordability? Get Solis Yanmar Tractor

16 May, 2023

Solis Yanmar tractors are globally popular for their advanced 100 years of Japanese technology. These tractors are equipped with unmatchable power and exceptional features offering the users durability, performance, and affordability. This article will explore the features, benefits, and reasons behind the popularity of Solis Yanmar tractors in India.

About Solis Yanmar tractors in India

Solis Yanmar tractors are manufactured with the help of Japanese 4WD expert technology. These tractors offer unmatchable performance with their Japanese technology E3 engine. This E3 engine provides extra power, extra torque, and extra mileage in all tractors ranging from 24 HP to 60 HP, which ensures best performance and durability in commercial as well as agricultural applications.

Solis Yanmar tractors focuses on bringing robust and cutting-edge technology tractors for Indian farmers in an affordable range. Hence, these powerful tractors in India are highly affordable for the farmers. Solis tractors have a Fully Synchromesh transmission with multi speed gearbox that improves the ability of the farmers to overcome heavy tasks with more speed, ease, and flexibility. Solis tractors provide various next-gen agricultural solutions with magnificent features to make farming more advanced and easy, yielding high productivity.


Why Solis tractors are best in durability, performance, and affordability?

Tractors are highly demanding these days due to the increasing need for various commercial and agricultural applications. Therefore, finding the best tractor on an affordable budget becomes highly crucial for marginal as well as average farmers and low-budget buyers. To fulfil these arising needs for efficient and reliable tractors. Solis has introduced a range of advanced tractors equipped with 100 years of Japanese technology that guarantees more power, performance, and durability. These Solis Yanmar tractors are loaded with a host of modern features and specifications that improves productivity 2x faster, that too at an affordable budget.

So, why not try Solis tractors? This will accomplish your work faster, allowing you to earn more profit in less period.

Moreover, Solis tractors are differentiated into four series namely SN series, E series, S series, and YM series, each series offering specific features and benefits, which are also designed according to the specific needs of farmers. Moreover, Solis tractors focus more on building robust engines and hybrid technologies, transmission technologies, heat utilization as well as energy management technologies to bring the best products that long last and require low maintenance offering greater durability and inducing high performance.

Furthermore, there are many other reasons to choose Solis tractor to increase your ROI, which are as follows:

1. Solis tractor is equipped with a Japanese Technology E3 engine 

The E3 engine of the Solis tractor offers Extra Power, Extra Torque, and Extra Mileage to double the performance efficiency of the tractor, which results in maximizing the productivity of your business 2X faster. Plus, it also ensures durability by providing the owners with low maintenance costs. Moreover, it contains an efficient fuel combustion system, which makes it reliable and durable.

2. Solis Yanmar tractors have NextGen Hydraulic Systems

Solis Yanmar tractors are made with digitally controlled precise techniques. The tractor also includes an advanced hydraulic valve and automatic hitch lowering and raising.

3. Unbeatable transmission system made with Japanese expertise

The Solis Yanmar tractors in India have a Shuttle shift gearbox for all types of applications and a multi-speed transmission system including many speed options up to 12F+12R speed gearbox for smooth gear shifting.

4. Feature-packed & suitable for all applications

Solis tractors come with a host of impeccable features, including turn plus axle, high-ground clearance, shorter turning radius, high hydraulic lift, zero noise and vibration system, hybrid technology equipped, etc. The tractors perform efficiently in heavy commercial and agricultural applications like Puddling, haulage, and more.

5. Attractive to modern farmers and improves the user experience

Solis tractors have aerodynamic styling, and side shift gear levers, and some tractors have the highest PTO power with 4 speeds, a highly spacious platform, a Digital instrument cluster, and many other features to enhance the functionality and look of the tractor. 

Moreover, Solis 5015 E Hybrid has an E-power boost feature, which provides a power booster switch, power enhancer lever and smart led touch display, adjustable seat, Projector headlamps with LED Guide lights that improve the user experience. Furthermore, some Solis tractors have an Underhood exhaust system, hydraulic push button PTO, neutral safety switch and differential lock, Turn plus technology, and Gear levers with finger touch operation.

6. Solis tractors are versatile and highly- productive 

Solis tractors offer versatility through their various tractor ranges differentiated according to different features and functions. These tractors offer high power and performance ensuring high-productive.

Solis mini tractors are best for orchards, vineyards, and narrow spaces, and can easily manoeuvre through narrow tracks.

These tractors provide excellent manoeuvrability for inter-cultivation, water sprinklers, imported Heavy sprayers & spraying pesticides.

Zero Noise and Zero Vibration in the YM series tractor offers comfort and safety and also has useful features like seat belts and ROPS. These tractors have attractive with projector headlamps and indicators on the fender.

Solis tractors are also capable of performing special applications like loader, grader, dozer, etc. with optimum performance and efficiency.

Solis Yanmar tractors offer wide versatility in speed with 12F+4R, 10F+5R, and 12F+12R transmission systems which induce an easy shift of speeds and gears.

7. Solis tractors are highly affordable & include better after-sales service

Solis tractors have a competitive price range, which allows marginal as well as average farmers to get these advanced tractors to improve their lives with their outstanding features and performance. Moreover, Solis tractors also provide better after-sales service in case anyone faces any issues or difficulties with the tractor, the Solis customer support team is there to resolve it immediately. 

8. Solis tractors offer durability and high resale value

Solis Tractors are built to last as their engine are robust and developed with 100 years of Japanese technology, which guarantees more power and efficiency. Plus, Solis also provides 5 years warranty which covers all major components of tractors and gives complete peace of mind to work without much maintenance cost. They also offer 500HRS of Engine Oil change interval which provides a longer service duration, ensuring durability.

Solis Tractors have a high resale value, as it is developed with cutting-edge technology offering the tractor to stay performing and powerful for a long.

Popular Solis tractors in India

1. Solis 5015 E Hybrid

solis 5015 e hybrid

Solis 5015 E Hybrid is a 50 HP tractor having 3 cylinders with a 2000 engine RPM and a max torque of 210 Nm. This is the most powerful tractor in a 50 HP range that comes with modern features and impeccable functions. Solis 5015 E Hybrid offers high ground clearance inducing smooth and comfortable field operations. This Solis tractor is suitable for puddling and heavy applications. The tractor offers a maximum speed of 37 kmph for faster operations. Solis hybrid 5015 E1 has 10F+5R gearbox offering you the flexibility and comfort to operate the tractor with the desired speed.


2. Solis 4215 E

solis 4215 e

Solis 4215 E is a 43 Hp tractor from the E series that comes with 3 cylinders, 1800 engine RPM, and a torque of 196 Nm. This tractor is reliable as well as powerful ensuring high performance with its robust E3 engine efficiency. This Solis tractor also has 5 years warranty and comes with 10F+5R gearbox.

The tractor provides a maximum speed of 37.2 kmph and a maximum reverse speed of 12.2 kmph. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 2000 kg to lift heavy implements effortlessly. The tractor will help you save time and money due to its ability to work faster in less time and save maintenance costs.


3. Solis 6024 S

solis 6024 s

Solis 6024 S is a 60 HP tractor, which comes with 4 cylinders, generating 2100 RPM and a displacement capacity of 4087 CC. This is the most powerful tractor for performing heavy-duty operations faster, ensuring more output and profit. It has a maximum torque of 240 Nm and comes with a multi-speed transmission of 12F+12R gearbox to offer you the versatility to work as per requirements. It has a high lifting capacity of 2500 kg with a 51 PTO HP. This tractor will definitely help you in easing your complex work operations more flawlessly.


4. Solis YM 342 A

solis ym 342 a

Solis YM342A is a 42 HP tractor, having 4 cylinders, 2500 Engine RPM, and a displacement capacity of 2190 cc. This tractor is a special tractor equipped with a zero noise and zero vibration system ensuring environment-friendly functions and providing comfort and safety through its best-in-class features like seat belt and ROPS. it has a torque of 142.9 Nm with 8F+8R gearbox providing a maximum speed of 29.29 kmph. The tractor has a lifting capacity of 1450 kg.


5. Solis 4515 E

solis 4515 e

Solis 4515 E is a 48 HP tractor, which has 3 cylinders, generating engine RPM of 1900 with a torque of 205 Nm, and a coolant-cooled cooling system. The tractor offers high performance on agricultural and commercial operations ensuring increased productivity. The tractor comes with 10F+ 5R gearbox with a maximum speed of 40 kmph and a reverse speed of 12.2 kmph. It has a lifting capacity of 1800- 2000 kg allowing you to work on challenging tasks more comfortably.

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Recently Asked Question about Looking for a Tractor that Offers Durability, Performance and Affordability? Get Solis Yanmar Tractor

What sets Solis Yanmar tractors apart from others in India?

Solis Yanmar tractors stand out due to their advanced Japanese technology, offering unmatched power, performance, and affordability.

What engine technology does Solis use in their tractors?

Solis tractors are equipped with the Japanese E3 engine, providing extra power, torque, and mileage for better performance and durability.

Which are the popular Solis tractor series in India?

Some Popular Solis series in India are SN series, E series, S series, and YM series, each designed to cater to specific farmer needs.

Which are the best models of Solis Yanmar tractor?

The best models of Solis Yanmar tractor are Solis 5015 E Hybrid, Solis 4215 E, Solis 4515 E and Solis YM 342 A.

Which is the best Solis Yanmar tractor in India?

Solis 5015 E Hybrid is the best Solis Yanmar tractors in India.

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