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Welcome to the TractorGyan. We provide Tractor Insurance and Finance information in this section, the way farmers are crucial to us in the same way tractors are crucial to farmers.

In India a tractor is considered a valuable asset to the Indian farmers, a farmer made a considerable investment in buying a tractor and any damage to his tractor can lead to a financial loss to the farmer. This is the reason we here at TractorGyan provide insurance plans and services to our farmers which gives them protection from future financial risks.

Many times a farmers dream of buying a tractor shattered due to financial problem and this, in turn, restrict his agricultural production, but we take care of our farmers and give wings to their dreams. We here at gives tractor finance services to Indian farmers so they don’t have to bear all the costs of the tractor at once.

At our finance/ insurance platform you can avail of our services easily by filling your contact details.