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Swaraj Tractors Unveils 'Swaraj Target' - A Compact Light Weight Tractor Range with MS Dhoni as Brand Ambassador

Swaraj Tractors Unveils 'Swaraj Target' - A Compact Light Weight Tractor Range with MS Dhoni as Brand Ambassador

    Swaraj Tractors Unveils 'Swaraj Target' - A Compact Light Weight Tractor Range with MS Dhoni as Brand Ambassador

02 Jun, 2023

Mumbai, June 2,2023: Swaraj Tractors, a rapidly growing tractor brand in the country and a part of the Mahindra Group, today launched a Compact Light Weight tractor range called the ‘Swaraj Target’. The new range from Swaraj is expected to set a new benchmark in the Compact Light Weight tractor category, for unmatched performance, first-in-class features, and state-of- the-art technology.

The name "Swaraj Target" reflects the purposeful design of the new tractor range, aimed at fulfilling the unique needs of Indian farmers and assisting them in achieving their farm productivity targets by adopting specialized mechanization solutions.

Developed specifically for progressive and aspirational farmers who are eager to embrace latest agricultural practices and technology, the new range seamlessly combines power and advanced technology features, providing exceptional efficiency in spraying, interculture operations, and various other applications.

By adopting advanced technology, the new range provides enhanced operator comfort through unique technology features like a synchromesh gear box for smooth gear shifts, reminiscent of a car-like experience, while enabling the operator to control multiple implements through just the touch of a button. Its narrowest track width and low turning radius allow farmers to navigate tight spaces effortlessly, significantly increasing productivity and minimizing crop damage.

    swaraj target 630

Swaraj Tractors will initially debut two models in the 20-30 HP (14.91 – 22.37kW) category under the Swaraj Target range. The Swaraj Target 630 model will first be available through Swaraj's extensive dealer network in Maharashtra and Karnataka, with attractive price starting from Rs. 5.35 lakhs ex-showroom.  The Swaraj Target 625 will be introduced in due course.

Swaraj Target 625

Hemant Sikka, President – Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “Introduction of Swaraj Target opens a new segment for growth of Swaraj Tractors and facilitates horticulture mechanization, a fast-growing segment in Indian agriculture. This new addition to Swaraj’s portfolio is completely in-line with our Farm Equipment sector’s purpose of Transform Farming and Enrich Lives making us future ready.’’

Harish Chavan, CEO – Swaraj Division, M&M Ltd, emphasizes that the Swaraj Target represents a significant milestone in their mission to provide farmers with the most advanced technology tractors. He further stated, "Swaraj Tractors are renowned for their higher power and reliability, and with this new platform, we are offering advanced technology that will assist farmers in achieving their targets in farm productivity by adopting modern agricultural practices and high value crops."

For more information about Swaraj Target please click here.

MS Dhoni: a proud customer, now endorses Swaraj Tractors

Mumbai, June 2, 2023: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni), legendary wicket-keeper-batsman, a farmer and an existing customer of Swaraj Tractors, will now officially endorse the brand. His association with Swaraj Tractors will reinforce the brand’s commitment to provide innovative and reliable mechanisation solutions to farmers in India.

MS Dhoni’s strong connect with the farming community and understanding of the agricultural sector makes this partnership prefect for the brand Swaraj. The announcement was made today, during the grand launch of Swaraj's highly anticipated range of Compact lightweight tractor, the "Swaraj Target."

MS Dhoni, “Coming from a small town, farming is not far from our day-to-day life. I always found it fascinating. When I started spending more time at my farm during the pandemic, I realised we need farm mechanisation to save time and we need a powerful tractor to do the job. This led me to choose Swaraj and I am extremely happy with the product and now to be formally associated with it.”

Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director & CEO Auto and Farm Sector at M&M Ltd., “We are delighted that someone like Dhoni who is into farming and is already using a Swaraj tractor in his farm, has decided to endorse the brand. We strongly believe that his endorsement will motivate young and progressive farmers towards adopting farm mechanisation.”

MS Dhoni will feature in a new advertising campaign for Swaraj tractors, which highlights Swaraj tractors' best-in-class features and unrivalled benefits, which will help farmers increase productivity and efficiency.

https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/104645/64786adebe7ee_mahindra-and-mahindra-sales-report-may-2023.png महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा लिमिटेड की मई'23 ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 3% की गिरावट, 33,113 ट्रैक्टर बेचे
महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा लिमिटेड के फार्म इक्विपमेंट सेक्टर (एफईएस), जो की महिंद्रा ग्रुप का हिस्सा, ने आज मई 2023 के लिए ट्रैक्टर बिक्री रिपोर्ट को जारी...
https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/104660/64799e12844f9_sonalika-may-sales-figure-2023.jpg Sonalika achieves highest ever May overall sales of 13,702 tractors, surpassing industry growth by 4X
Sonalika has proudly clocked our highest ever May overall sales of 13,702 tractors and our domestic growth has surpassed industry growth by 4X. ...
https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/104661/6479a6dd45571_sonalika-tractor-sales-may-2023.jpg सोनालीका ने मई में अब तक की सर्वाधिक 13,702 ट्रैक्टरों की बिक्री हासिल करते हुए, 4 गुना उद्योग वृद्धि की दर्ज
कृषि परिस्थितयों के प्रति सोनालीका के असाधारण दृष्टिकोण के बल पर कंपनी ने मई 2023 में 13,702 ट्रैक्टरों की अब तक की सर्वाधिक बिक्री दर्ज की है।...

Recently Asked Question about Swaraj Tractors Unveils 'Swaraj Target' - A Compact Light Weight Tractor Range with MS Dhoni as Brand Ambassador

What is the 'Swaraj Target' tractor range?

The 'Swaraj Target' is a new compact lightweight tractor range launched by Swaraj Tractors, a part of the Mahindra Group.

What makes the 'Swaraj Target' range unique?

Swaraj Target offers unmatched performance, first-in-class features, and state-of-the-art technology for enhanced farm productivity.

What features enhance operator comfort in the 'Swaraj Target' tractors?

Swaraj Target tractors offer a synchromesh gearbox for smooth gear shifts, effortless implement control, narrow track width, and a low turning radius.

Who is the brand ambassador for the 'Swaraj Target' range?

MS Dhoni the legendary cricketer is the brand ambassador for the Swaraj Target tractor.

What is the starting price of the 'Swaraj Target 630' model?

The starting price for the 'Swaraj Target 630' is Rs. 5.35 lakhs ex-showroom.

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