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Buy Best Second-Hand Tractors Under 1 Lakh in India

Buy Best Second-Hand Tractors Under 1 Lakh in India

    Buy Best Second-Hand Tractors Under 1 Lakh in India

23 Jun, 2023

If you’re planning to buy second-hand tractors in India then let’s congratulate you first.  Gone are the days when buying old tractors was considered taboo. At present, it’s a great move that wise farmers can make toward sustainability and making farming affordable.

As the Indian agriculture market is vast, farmers will have to hassle in finding the best second-hand tractor under 1 lakh in India.

But, they might have to struggle a little in finding the model that fits their budget and deliver top-notch performance. To trim down their struggle, Tractor Gyan has come up with a list of the best second-hand tractors under 1 Lakh in India.

Have a look at this post and you will learn about the Used tractors under 1 lakh in India. So, let’s get started,

Top Models of Second-Hand Tractors Under 1 Lakh In India

top models of second hand tractors under 1 lakh

A budget of 1 Lakh is very nominal and still, we have old tractors under 1 lakh so its suits the farmer's budget. All these models are from trusted brands and come with superb features that are enough to make farming-related jobs easy. These second-hand tractors under 1 Lakh are: 

#1- New Holland 3032 NX

new holland 3032 nx

New Holland is best known for building quality and affordable tractors for farmers. Each one of its tractors has laudable specifications. But, you can get this New Holland 3032 NX used tractor under 1 Lakh.

Despite the affordable cost, this model didn’t compromise on features and functionalities. This is a 35 HP tractor with 2000 RPM and an advanced gearbox featuring 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. With such powerful specifications, we are forced to say that the New Holland 3032 NX is the best second-hand tractor under 1 Lakh.

Wait! We’re not done yet. We have more to tell about this tractor.  This isn’t an ordinary tractor with basic features.  New Holland 3032 NX is a modern tractor with an efficient engine, great hydraulics, an amazing build, super functional brakes, and unmatched performance.

It can lift up to 1230 KG weight with ease because the lifting system is backed by automatic depth and draft control technology. With a 42-liter fuel tank, this tractor ensures that you continue working on the field without being worried about fuel running out. With a 930 MM wide wheelbase, this tractor ensures that there is optimal balance while you’re on bumpy roads and fields.

The engine is a 3-cylinder engine with smooth operations. It continues to perform for hours because it has an advanced air filter that features an oil bath with a pre-cleaner system. All in all, you get to enjoy all the cutting-edge features without digging a hole in your pocket if you get New Holland 3032 NX as a used tractor under 1 Lakh in India.


#2- Massey Ferguson 1035 DI

massey ferguson 1035 DI

Massey Ferguson is a trusted name in the Indian tractor industry as it’s manufacturing feature-rich tractors for decades. It's designed to deliver the best performance in every situation. This is a 36 HP tractor with a displacement of 2400 CC. This tractor is suitable for all fields task and you can get this old tractor under 1 lakh.

It comes with an 1100 KG lifting capacity with draft position and response hydraulics control. The tractor comes with a 47-liter fuel capacity. Some of its other advanced  features are:

- Water-cooled engine 

- The sliding mesh transmission system 

- 8 forward and 2 reverse gears 

- Single clutch system

All these specifications are highly advanced and make Massey Ferguson 1035 DI a great choice for everyone who's looking for a cost-effective second-hand tractor under 1 lakh in India to deliver the best performance. 


#3- Escorts Josh 335

escorts josh 335

Our last recommendation for the best model for a second-hand tractor under 1 Lakh is Escort Josh. Built by Escort, this is a 35 HP tractor with  6 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes.  This was a top-selling model because it’s highly compatible and delivers advanced performance in all kinds of fields and farming conditions.  The engine is powerful enough to operate for hours without any hassles.

If we talk about the lifting capacity of the tractor then it’s 1000KG and features an automatic draft control system. It features multiple dry discs to deliver smooth performance. It has a 2–cylinder engine and great fuel hold capacity. It’s a highly versatile old tractor under 1 lakh as it supports accessories like tools, TopLink, bumper, canopy, and drawbar. With an oil-bath air filter, the tractor ensures that its engine operates with the least possible hassle for hours to come.

Best 11 Second-Hand Tractors Under 1 Lakh Price List In India 2023

Tractor Model  HP  Price

New Holland 3032 NX

35 hp Rs. 100000*

Massey Ferguson 1035 DI

20 hp Rs. 100000*

Escorts Josh 335

36 hp Rs. 85000*

Where Can You Find These Second-Hand Tractors Under 1 Lakh in India? 

All the above models are perfect to get under 1 Lakh. But, you need to buy them only from trusted platforms. Buying a second-hand tractor under 1 lakh from any random platform can invite more hassles than help because they might project wrong information about old tractors under 1 lakh in India. You can also find the list of best second-hand tractor under 2 lakh in India on Tractorgyan.
This is why Tractor Gyan is the first choice of many as it provides:

- Verified information on second-hand tractors under 1 lakh.

- The right market price for the used tractors.

- Verified Sellers across India who’re selling their old tractors in India. 

By choosing second-hand tractors under 1 lakh with tractorgyan, buyers in India basically select quality, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. 



Getting a tractor under 1 Lakh is a great way to ensure that you’ve got the help of advanced functionalities at an affordable cost. We have listed the top models of second-hand tractors under 1 Lakh in India. Get one from the list and we’re sure that you’re going to experience great functionalities without spending too much.

Tractor Gyan will continue helping out farmers to select the right technology and equipment that will empower Indian farmers. So, stay tuned with us for much more useful information.

About TractorGyan

Tractor Gyan is an expert-led platform that aims to empower Indian farmers by providing accurate and timely information, and technological advancement about tractors and farm equipment in India.

TractorGyan helps farmers with New Tractor information, Compare Tractors, Tractor prices, Buying and selling of second-hand tractors, Tractor Insurance, Tractor Finance, Tractor tyre, Tractor Implements, Tractor EMI calculator and more. 

On our Platform, we have information about leading brands :

- In tractors like Mahindra, Sonalika, John Deere, Massey Ferguson

- In Tyres like MRF, Ceat, Apollo etc.

- In Tractor Finance like Mahindra Finance, TVS Finance, Etc. 

- In Tractor Implements like Shaktiman, Fieldking, Landforce, Khedut, etc.

- In Tractor Insurance like Mahindra Finance, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank,  etc.

TractorGyan is Helping India mechanise by delivering crucial information about tractor buying and guiding farmers at every step so that they get a tractor or farm equipment that empowers and equips them to produce quality yield.

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Recently Asked Question about Buy Best Second-Hand Tractors Under 1 Lakh in India

Which are the top second-hand tractors under 1 lakh rupees in India?

The top second-hand tractors under 1 lakh rupees in India are New Holland 3032 NX, Massey Ferguson 1035 DI, and Escorts Josh 335.

Which is the best second-hand tractor under 1 lakh?

New Holland 3032 NX is the best second-hand tractor under 1 lakh.

What are the factors to consider when buying a second-hand tractor under 1 lakh

When buying a Second-hand tractor, you should check the Engine capacity, horsepower, fuel efficiency, warranty, and condition.

Which brands of second-hand tractors under 1 lakh are available?

The brands available for second-hand tractors under 1 lakh are New Holland, Massey Ferguson, and Escorts.

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