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Best 10 Second-Hand Tractors Under 4 Lakhs in India

Best 10 Second-Hand Tractors Under 4 Lakhs in India

    Best 10 Second-Hand Tractors Under 4 Lakhs in India

13 Jul, 2023

A tractor, old or new,  is one of the most crucial farming equipment that farmers need to have bags full of quality harvest. From seed sowing to threshing of the ready crops, a robot and the feature-rich tractor is going to empower a farmer on multiple fronts and make farming a little easy job. 

In today’s blog post, we’re going to present a list of the best second-hand tractors under 4 Lakh in India. These are the used tractor models that are highly functional and perform great in the fields.

Top 10 Second-Hand Tractor Models Under 4 Lakh In India

best second hand tractors under 4 lakhs

If you’ve decided to invest up to 4 Lakhs to buy a second-hand tractor in India then we must tell you that you’ve ample options. At this amount, you can get some of the most preferred and high-performing old tractors from leading brands like Mahindra, Swaraj,  John Deere, and many more.

Our experts did the market survey and hand-picked the used tractor models that will deliver the best ROI to you.

#1- Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus

second hand mahindra 575 di xp plus

Our first pick for used tractor under 4 lakhs is Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus. Mahindra & Mahindra is a trusted name in the Indian farming industry as it manufactures quality-oriented farming equipment including tractors.  Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus is a great second-hand tractor model under 4 Lakh because it provides a wide range of features and top-notch automation.

From its engine to PTO, every specification of this used tractor is designed to cater for the needs of modern farming. The tractor is part of the XP Plus series of Mahindra and is fitted with a cutting-edge ELS DI engine. Let’s get familiar with its key features.

  • This is a 47HP tractor that features a 4-cylinder engine that has a displacement of 2979 cc and operates at 2000 RPM. It generates a powerful torque of 192 Nm which makes it a better-performing tractor in the farming fields.

  • Despite the powerful performance, the engine is highly fuel efficient as the specific fuel consumption of this tractor is 248g/kWh.

  • It comes with a Constant Mesh transmission type with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. The maximum forward speed is 31.25 Kmph, while the maximum reverse speed is 12.4 Kmph.

  • The PTO system of Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus is best-of-the-breed, the PTO HP is 42 and its 6 spline PTO type. With 3-point linkage category II and a lifting capacity of 1500 Kg, this tractor can support multiple tractor implements to make your farming-related operations a little hassle-free.

  • It features oil-immersed brakes and can be operated with manual or power steering. Even though the steering adjustment feature is not offered, steering handling is super smooth.

With so many features and facilities, this under 4 lakh second-hand tractor is going to be the best farming resource that any farmer can ever own.


#2- Swaraj 744 FE

second hand swaraj 744 fe

The next used tractor under 4 lakhs in our list of ‘Best second-hand tractors under 4 Lakh’ is Swaraj 744 FE. It belongs to the 33.55 - 37.28 kW (45-50hp) category range of this leading tractor manufacturer and is equipped with every possible feature that is required to deliver the best value to its owners.

  • Along with modern features, this used tractor has a robust body and smooth design that makes it a stunner on the field. It can continue for long hours with the least possible maintenance. The tractor has a 3-cylinder engine that makes it a compact tractor with tons of features.  

  • The fitted engine in this tractor is RB-30 TR which is a  stroke, direct injection, diesel engine.  With 110 X 110 mm fore and stroke, 3136 cm3 displacement, and a rated engine speed of 2000 r/min, this engine is going to deliver the best performance. To make sure that you continue using this tractor on fields for a long, it comes with a water-cooled no-loss tank cooling system.

  • The PTO speed of the standard is 1000 r/min and the PTO type is CR-PTO with multiple speeds. The PTO permits the attachment of implements like alternators, threshers, and reapers.

  • The advanced hydraulics makes this tractor a perfect choice. It has a position control live hydraulics and an automatic draft control hydraulics system. There is a mixed control feature as well. The tractor can lift to 1700 Kg easily.

  • The standard mechanical steering of the tractor provides better control and maneuverability. You also get the option of power steering in this tractor model.


#3- Eicher 333 Super DI

Looking for a heavy-duty second-hand tractor under 4 Lakh in India? Try buying Eicher 333 Super DI as this tractor model is modern,  result-driven, affordable, and powerful.  

  • It’s one of the best tractors under the 36 HP category. If you’re a small-scale farmer and own a compact farming land then this second-hand tractor under 4 Lakh is the right choice to make.  

  • This 36 HP tractor has a 3-cylinder fuel-efficient engine that delivers the best mileage with 2365 CC displacement and a Center shift Partial constant mesh.

  • The tractor gives you dual and single-clutch options. Its gearbox features eight forward gears and two reverse gears, providing versatility in operation. The reliable oil-immersed brakes help you gain better control over this tractor.

  • We loved the smooth mechanical/integrated power steering of the Eicher 333 Super DI tractor because of which it’s easy to manage the tractor on the ground.

  • It has a large fuel tank capacity of 45 litres, ideal for long hours of farm work.

  • As a two-wheel-drive tractor with rear-wheel drive, this Eicher model is driven by a fuel-efficient engine suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • When it comes to lifting, this tractor offers a  lifting capacity of 1650 Kg that makes it an ideal choice for various pulling and lifting tasks.


#4- John Deere 5039 D

second hand john deere 5039 d

John Deere offers a wide range of tractors for national and international farmers. All of its tractors are designed to deliver great performance on the field. If you’re looking for a compact second-hand tractor under 4 Lakh then we will recommend you buy John Deere 5039 D. It belongs to the D Series of the manufacturer and is packed with a powerful 3029D engine.

  • The features, the design, the structure, and the services; all these things are of top-notch quality about this tractor. So, you won’t regret it. Let’s know more about its key features.

  • The John Deere 3029D engine of this tractor delivers 39 horsepower using its 3 cylinders. With a displacement of 2900 cc, the engine operates at 2100 RPM and is cooled by a coolant system. The power output of the John Deere 5039 D is 29 kW, providing sufficient power for various agricultural tasks.

  • Speaking of its transmission system, it comes with a collar shift transmission type with 8 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. Single or dual-clutch options are offered so that farmers can experience great flexibility.

  • If we discuss the power take-off (PTO) capabilities of the John Deere 5039 D, it’s great to know that the tractor has a PTO horsepower of 33.2. The PTO type is an independent PTO with 6 spines. The PRO operates at dual speed for better flexibility.

  • To make sure tractor implement attachment is easy, this tractor is equipped with a 3-point linkage of Category II. As the lifting capacity of this tractor is 1600 kg and the hydraulic system comes with automatic depth and draft control, lifting and hauling heavy weight won’t be an issue.

  • Some other key features are oil-immersed brakes delivering reliable stopping power, a 2WD driving system, power steering for effortless maneuvering, and a power-adjustable steering column.


#5- New Holland 3630 TX Super

second hand new holland 3630 tx super

New Holland has been manufacturing tractors that suit best Indian farming needs for a very long time. All the tractors of  New Holland are best known for delivering the best performance and New Holland 3630 TX Super is not an exception. This used tractor model, whether new or second-hand, holds the capacity to automate major farming tasks.

  • This tractor is powered by an FPT S8000 engine that is capable of delivering 50 horsepower with the help of advanced 3 cylinders. With a displacement of 2931 cc, the engine operates at 2300 RPM and is water-cooled to ensure optimal performance.

  • New Holland 3630 TX Super has a constant mesh transmission type that provides a highly smooth gear-shifting experience. It features 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, a maximum forward speed of  32.35 mph, and a maximum reverse speed of 16.47 mph.

  • It comes with a 42.5 HP PTO that can operate at a  PTO speed of 540@1967 ERPM. The PTO is fitted with a 6-spline shaft and 3-point linkage of Category, The lifting capacity of this tractor is 1700 kg and the hydraulics used here comes with fully automatic depth and draft control.

  • The wheelbase of this tractor is 2035 mm and provides great stability and maneuverability. The tractor weighs 2055 kg and has a turning radius of 3190 mm.

  • For better control and reliable stopping power, this tractor comes with oil-immersed disc brakes. It also has a power steering that grants great control.  

second hand tractors under 4 lakhs in india


#6- Massey Ferguson 241 DI Maha Shakti

second hand massey ferguson 241 di maha shakti

Massey Ferguson is a well-known name amongst the Indian farmer community and manufactures quality and high-performing tractors.  The second-hand tractor model under 4 Lakh in India that we want to mention here is the Massey Ferguson 241 DI Maha Shakti. The tractor belongs to the Maha Shakti Series and is powered by a  Simpsons S325.1 TI A engine.

Both the features and construction of this used tractor are designed to last. So, it's a one-time investment that farmers can make to enjoy the best ROI.

  • The tractor is a 42 HP tractor with a 3-cylinder engine that can operate at 1500 RPM. To make sure that engine continues performing for long hours, it comes with a water-cooled cooling system.

  • Massey Ferguson 241 DI Mahashakti comes with a Comfimesh transmission system that provides smooth gear shifting. It features 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears and a dual-clutch system.

  • The tractor has a PTO of 35.7 HP and uses a Quadra PTO system. The PTO speed is 540 RPM@1500 ERPM and features a 3-point linkage. It has a lifting capacity of 1700 Kg.

  • The tractor has a very strategic design. The tractor has a length of 3400 mm, a width of 1690 mm, and a height of 2200 mm. The ground clearance measures 345 mm, and the wheelbase is 1935 mm. The tractor weighs 1875 kg and has a turning radius of 2850 mm.


#7- Powertrac Euro 50

second hand powertrac euro 50

Powertrac Euro 50 is a trust-worthy second-hand tractor under 4 Lakh. Offered under Euro Series, this tractor has a horsepower of 50 and is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine. The engine has a displacement of 2761 cc and operates at 2200 RPM. It is coolant-cooled for efficient performance.

Let’s learn about more of its key features.

  • The tractor comes with a centre shift or side shift transmission type and an advanced gearbox that features 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.

  • The tractor has a 42.5 HP PTO of 540 / MRPTO / Dual PTO type category.

  • The tractor has a length of 3720 mm and a width of 1770 mm. The ground clearance measures 425 mm, and the wheelbase is 2040 mm. The tractor weighs 2170 kg and features an R axle (Inboard Reduction).

  • With additional features like multi-plate oil-immersed disc brakes, balanced power steering, mechanical single drop arm option, and right-sized tyres, this tractor is here to deliver the best performance.

  • The air filter used in this tractor is an oil bath type and performs continuously to ensure effective filtration of the intake air.


#8- Sonalika DI 745 III RX

second hand sonalika di 745 iii rx

If you’re looking for an affordable used tractor with great engine power, try Sonalika DI 745 III RX  as this is the best second-hand tractor under 4 Lakh. We’re saying this because we know that it has an advanced engine, powerful PTO,  great power input, and other modern-day features like:

  • A water-cooled mechanism to keep the engine running for long hours and maintain optimal performance.

  • Advanced gearbox that features 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.

  • Great speed range with a forward speed of 31.92 mph and a maximum reverse speed of 12 mph.

  • Constant-mesh transmission type.

  • Advanced hydraulics system with a lifting capacity of 1600 kg.

  • A fuel tank capacity of 55 litres.

  • Oil-immersed brakes that provide better control.


#9- Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 50E 2WD

second hand same deutz fahr agromaxx 50e 2wd

The Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 50 E 2WD is one of the best second-hand tractors under 4 Lakh to own in India. This used tractor belongs to the Agromaxx series and features an advanced engine.

  • It comes with a 50 HP tractor engine that operates at 2200 RPM and is managed by a water-cooled cooling system to ensure efficient engine performance.

  • Its gearbox has 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, a PTO speed of  540 RPM, and a 1900 Kg lifting capacity. The hydraulics is controlled by a live ADDC (Automatic Depth and Draft Control) for precise hydraulic control.

  • Some of the advanced features of this tractor are a hydraulic-operated oil-immersed sealed disc brake, mechanical or power-assisted steering, 2WD mode, and a tough body.

  • The tractor has a  practice design, perfect dimensions, and ideal tyre sizes to make sure the tractor delivers great performance on the field.


#10- John Deere 5038 D

second hand john deere 5038 d

The last tractor model that you can buy as a second-hand tractor under 4 Lakh is John Deere 5038 D. It is offered under D Series and comes with the John Deere 3029 D engine. This old tractor is an ideal combination of power and performance as it uses advanced features.
From powerful engines to performance-driven PTO, this tractor is here to make sure that you get to enjoy the best capabilities on the field. The 38 HP tractor engine is highly fuel-efficient and continues to perform better in every condition.

  • The tractor has a coolant-based cooling system to maintain the ideal engine temperature.

  • With a collar shift transmission type, this tractor delivers smooth gear-shifting performance.

  • It comes with 8 forward gears and 4 reverse gears that make it the best choice to handle multiple farming tasks.

  • The tractor has an Automatic depth and draft control hydraulics system with a 1600 Kg lifting capacity allowing you to lift a weight deal of weight with the same ease and perfection.  

  • You get to enjoy a highly adjustable front axle with this tractor.

Top 10 Second-Hand Tractors Under 4 Lakh Price List In India 2024

Tractor Model



Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus

47 hp

Rs. 3,60,000*

Swaraj 744 FE

48 hp

Rs. 4,00,000*

Eicher 333 Super DI

40 hp

Rs. 3,40,000*

John Deere 5039 D

39 hp

Rs. 3,90,000*

New Holland 3630 TX Super

50 hp

Rs. 3,90,000*

Massey Ferguson 241 DI Maha Shakti

42 hp

Rs. 3,60,000*

Powertrac Euro 50

50 hp

Rs. 3,50,000*

Sonalika DI 745 III RX

50 hp

Rs. 3,90,000*

Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 50E 2WD

50 hp

Rs. 4,00,000*

John Deere 5038 D

38 hp

Rs. 3,95,000*


From Where Farmers Can Purchase Second-Hand Tractors Under 4 Lakh

Above are the best old tractors to own if you have a budget of 4 Lakh for second-hand tractors in India. They all are best known for their unmatched performance in the field and deliver the best ROI. However,  when it comes to final buying, farmers have to pay attention on:

- Actual conduction of the tractor

- All the  features offered

- Authenticity of the seller of second-hand tractor

Any wrong information offered and buying a second-hand tractor will become the worst decision ever of your life. This is why buyers of old tractors need to take the help of a platform where all these details are verified. Gladly,  Tractor Gyan is one such quality-oriented platform that connects the buyers and sellers of second-hand tractors in India,

The platform provides verified details of second-hand mini tractor models. Also, there is an updated listing of leading new tractor models on the website. So, even if a seller has only provided the name of the second-hand tractor model under 4 Lakh, you can get the full feature list from its new tractor listing. The platform aims to help you make the right decision as you plan to buy second-hand tractors under 4 Lakh.


Buy a Second Hand Tractor With Pride

A second-hand tractor is a great way to have the aid of the best tractor features with the least possible investments. But, a second-hand tractor or old tractor purchase is not something that farmers should do with closed eyes. They have to pay attention to the features offered and the quality of the tractor.

To ease down the job, we have provided a list of top under 4 Lakh second-hand tractor models in India. Select one old tractor from the list and we’re sure that you’ll get the best second-hand tractor by your side. Stay connected with Tractor Gyan to know more about the best tractor models and their details.

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Recently Asked Question about Best 10 Second-Hand Tractors Under 4 Lakhs in India

Which are the top second-hand tractors under 4 lakh in India?

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus, Swaraj 744 FE, Eicher 333 Super Plus and John Deere 5039 D are the top second-hand tractors under 4 lakh in India.

Which is the best second-hand tractor under 4 lakh?

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus is the best second-hand tractor under 4 lakh.

What are some of the most popular brands of second-hand tractors under 4 lakh are available?

The popular brands available for second-hand tractors under 4 lakh are Mahindra, Swaraj, Eicher, New Holland, etc.

What is the horsepower range of second-hand tractors under 4 lakh available?

The horsepower range of second-hand tractors available under 4 lakh varies from 35 to 55 hp.

Where can I find more information about second-hand tractors?

At TractorGyan, you can find more information about second-hand tractors.

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