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Permaculture Farming: Know about its Principles & Benefits

Permaculture Farming: Know about its Principles & Benefits

    Permaculture Farming: Know about its Principles & Benefits

22 Jul, 2023

Permaculture Farming is an excellent example of nature being the ultimate provider. If someone is looking up for a way of producing foods with nature instead of against it, then Permaculture farming should be practiced. Permaculture farming takes inspiration from nature for developing the growth of the agricultural ecosystem in a more self-sufficient manner.

Permaculture farming goes just fine with the farming of the new generation because it is eco-friendly and promotes growth because it drives inspiration from the ecosystem. Even though Permaculture farming fits perfectly with modern-day farming, the roots of this practice go way down in history. Since the start, Permaculture farming was a much-celebrated agriculture practice discovered in Australia in the late ‘70s.

Permaculture farming is one of the greatest ways to help the current environment status. The agricultural process that uses heavy chemical fertilizers is causing harm to the environment. But Permaculture farming can be an all-in-one solution to climate change and other environment-related worries. Since it uses all the organic resources Permaculture is far better for the environment.

Tractor Gyan is here to help you with authentic and well-structured information about Permaculture farming. Find necessary and detailed information about Permaculture as given below.

Important Principles Of Permaculture Farming

important principles of permaculture farming

Practice these significant Permaculture Farming principles that help in getting productive and effective results.

1. Nature needs your observation and interaction 

Observe nature closely and try to understand how its mechanism works for better productivity. Before making any decision or changes understand how to design and structure a farm or garden in the best possible way.

2. Store and utilize energy 

Sunlight in summers is more than in the winters, whereas some regions are rainy and prone to drought. Thus, climatic conditions vary and play an important role in planning for permaculture. Store energy and utilize it when required.

3. Be yield-oriented 

Practicing permaculture is not for a hobby or fashion, you are definitely expecting a result and productivity out of it. Take care while planning and implementing it for desired results.

4. Take responsibility 

Be accountable for everything you do. Be flexible for critics and suggestions, it will simply improve your Permaculture [ractices and help you obtain better results too. 

5. Renewable resources are gold, use it

Nature has got an abundance of renewable resources use them instead of non-renewable resources. 

6. No waste anymore

Permaculture Farming promotes no or zero wastage by encouraging to use of renewable resources only. 

7. Be inclusive and not exclusive

It is important to include things that can be used for multi-purpose rather than using one thing for one task. 

8. Exercise Diversity

Try cropping or farming for more than one crop in a diversified field. Permaculture Farming is better than monocropping in many ways.

9. Be adaptive to changes

Adopt changes and try implementing better activities and techniques for effective and best results. 

10. Slow solution is the best solution

Permaculture Farming uses slow and responsive solutions as changes cannot happen overnight. 


Benefits of Permaculture Farming

benefits of permaculture farming

Permaculture Farming benefits the farmer by more than just being environment-friendly. This agriculture practice is responsible for various things such as time efficiency, energy saver, benefits biodiversity, saving wildlife, and much more.

Here are a few more areas where Permaculture Farming is beneficial :

- Requires less work: Permaculture requires less work as it is based on a natural ecosystem. It requires fewer artificial chemicals and functions fully on organic resources.

- Needs Less energy: Permaculture Farming is by far one of the most efficient agriculture practices because it requires less energy because the natural flow of nature eliminates the need for extreme agricultural functions.

- Good for biodiversity and encourages preserving wildlife: Permaculture Farming offers solutions to various land-related problems like soil fertility, saves water, and helps in preserving wildlife habitat, thanks to the nature-driven functionality of Permaculture.

- Helps in Producing Organic Crops: Permaculture Farming is grown in different sets of plants that provide food for each other. This helps in keeping the soil healthy which in turn removes the need to use any pesticide, or chemical fertilizers which keep the crops healthy.

- Saves Space: Permaculture Farming does not require any huge spaces and can be practiced in small areas, perfect for when you need to create a small space with optimum output. Permaculture provides optimum outcomes in a small space by having small utility gardens/farms that can be grown insmall areas such as balconies, terraces, and much more.

Improves Health: Permaculture Farming is proven to improve health in all areas, physical mental, and spiritual. 

Physical health is improved thanks to cleaner air, pure water, and healthy organic food grown using Permaculture.

Mentally, practicing Permaculture Farming brings out a sense of belonging in a person’s heart since permaculture is environment-friendly and promotes sustainability.

Permaculture improves spiritual health by providing a  meaningful means to humans so that they can give back to nature.


How can Permaculture Farming be commonly practiced?

ways to practise permaculture farming

Certain ways show us that Permaculture Farming can be inclusive and practiced easily in today's farming era too. Take note of it:


Agroforestry is based on permaculture practices. It combines both trees and shrubs along with livestock or crops. This is a more sustainable, profitable, and productive tradition.

Harvest through rainwater or greywater

Rainwater is harvested from roofs, barns, and homes which is then moved through a system to a place of utilization. For permaculture stored water helps at the time when climatic conditions are quite challenging for farming or cropping. 

Cell Grazing

If grazing is done responsibly during permaculture, it allows the livestock to gaze over an area which allows fast and better growth of new crops or plants.

Sheet Mulching

Mulching is the practice of covering the top layer of soil for the prevention of weed growth and the protection of crops. For Permaculture, sheet mulching can be practiced too as it moderates the temperature, and prevents erosion and evaporation. It also helps in absorbing maximum rainfall water.


Where can Permaculture Farming be practiced?

Permaculture Farming is not exclusive to any place which is the plus point of practicing this agricultural horticulture. Because there is an eco-system everywhere you look be it small homes with lawns or flats with balconies.

Here are a few places where you can practice Permaculture Farming :

places to practise permaculture farming

City Flats: Permaculture can be practiced in the balconies of city flats, quite well. Because it only requires a decent place, plenty of light, and natural resources. On top of it, permaculture in flats and apartments can be a very good mood lifter for people living on busy streets amidst the concrete jungle.

Suburban and country house garden: Suburban and country house gardens are known to have yard farms, but Permaculture can also be practiced efficiently. Permaculture in the house garden is a great way to use the garden in a more efficient manner in spite of just growing decorative flowers and plants.

- Community gardens: Community Gardens are a great place to practice permaculture. Because not only does it provide plentiful space and resources for the practice but also an innovative way to create something beautiful with your community and bring in that sense of duty and responsibility.

- Farms: Permaculture Farming in commercial farms result in great profits because of the healthier and more organic crops produced all thanks to this practice. Permaculture is cost-efficient which benefits farmers as it requires zero chemical fertilizers, additional chemicals, or any artificial costly crop medicine.

Educational Establishment: A good sense of responsibility begins at a very young age, practicing Permaculture Farming in educational establishments such as pre-school, schools, and playgroups enables children to learn about the environment, food, and a sense of belongingness.

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Recently Asked Question about Permaculture Farming: Know about its Principles & Benefits

What is permaculture farming?

Permaculture farming is a self-sustaining agricultural system that emphasises the harmonious interaction of plants, animals, and natural factors.

What are the principles of permaculture farming?

The fundamental principles of permaculture farming are observation and interaction, energy capture and storage, self-regulation.

What are some common practices of permaculture farming?

Common practices of permaculture farming are agroforestry, rainwater ,greywater harvesting, cell grazing, and sheet mulching.

What are the benefits of permaculture farming?

The benefits of permaculture farming are:

1. Increased productivity

2. Improved soil health

3. Reduced water use

4. Increased economic profitability

How does permaculture farming improve health, both physical and mental?

Permaculture farming provides cleaner air, pure water, and organic food that enhances physical and mental health.

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