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Sonalika sold over 1.5 times more tractors than entire Pakistan in last 4 months

Sonalika sold over 1.5 times more tractors than entire Pakistan in last 4 months

    Sonalika sold over 1.5 times more tractors than entire Pakistan in last 4 months

28 Dec, 2023

One of the top tractor-selling brands in India, Sonalika, managed to sell more than 1.5x the total tractor sales of Pakistan. The total tractor sales in Pakistan from Aug ‘23 to Nov ’23 was 18,128 units. By selling 31,497 tractors in the same duration, Sonalika alone surpassed the total tractor sales of Pakistan.

Sounds interesting, right? We have some more existing data to share with you.

sonalika tractor

According to recent data, the last four months sales of Sonalika are more than 1.5 times the total tractor sales in Pakistan. This assessment is for the August 2023 to November 2023 period. Let’s break down the month-wise sales data of Sonalika against the sales data of Pakistan for better clarity.

Duration  Total Sales of Sonalika Total Sales of Pakistan
August 2023 8458 3967
September 2023 7056 5445
October 2023 7690 5206
November 2023 8293 3510
Total  31,497 18,128

* Source:- FADA retail tractor sales reports India and PAMA report.

It’s certainly a matter of pride for Sonalika to sell tractors more than what an entire country, Pakistan, is selling altogether.

Other Tractor Brands Sales in India

Other tractor brands in India are also individually selling tractors more than the total tractor sales of Pakistan from August to November 2023. For instance, Mahindra sold a total of 59,182 tractor units, which is more than 3 times that of Pakistan’s total tractor sales.

Swaraj’s tractor sales are 45,788 tractor units, which is more than 2.5 times than, Pakistan’s total tractor sales. Massey Ferguson managed to sell 32,325 tractors in india which is nearly 2 times as many tractors as Pakistan. While tractor sales of Escorts Kubota are more than Pakistan’s total tractor sales, this tractor brand sold 25,789 tractor units against the 18,128 tractor sales of Pakistan.

Months Mahindra Tractor Sales Swaraj Tractor Sales Massey Ferguson Tractor sales Escorts Kubota Tractor sales Pakistan Total Tractor Sales
August 2023 17921 13400 9560 7432 3967
September 2023 12600 9853 6862 5826 5445
October 2023 14180 11054 8671 6261 5206
November 2023 14481 11481 7232 6270 3510
Total 59182 45788 32325 25789 18128

* Source:- FADA retail tractor sales reports and PAMA report.

Total Tractor Sales From August 2023 to November 2023 in India  

The cumulative retail tractor sales in India are way ahead of that of Pakistan’s tractor sales. The total retail tractor sales in India from Aug 23 to Nov 23 was 2,52,750 units, as per the FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations) Retail Tractor Sale Report. This is a great number. 

Tractor sales in Pakistan for the same duration were 18,128 units, according to PAMA (Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association) Report. The difference of 2,34,622 units between India and Pakistan tractor sales is huge. India’s total retail tractor sales are 13x (approx) more than that of Pakistan's total tractor sales. 

Months Total Tractor Sales in India Total Tractor Sales in Pakistan
August 2023 73849 3967
September 2023 54492 5445
October 2023 62440 5206
November 2023 61969 3510
Total 252750 18128

 Source:- FADA retail tractor sales reports India and PAMA report.

Factors Affecting Sales of Tractors in Pakistan

On the other hand, the dropped tractor sale in Pakistan is because of contributing factors such as heavy floods, high import restrictions on auto parts, political uncertainty, and hyperinflation, says Munir Bana, Chairman of the Pakistan Association of Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM). The entire automotive industry of Pakistan is facing the wrath of all these factors and the sales are low. 

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