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Top 12 Largest Cotton Producing Countries in the World

Top 12 Largest Cotton Producing Countries in the World

    Top 12 Largest Cotton Producing Countries in the World

11 Mar, 2024

Cotton, which is also known as "white gold," is utilized in many different industries in the world. It is known as a versatile product that has its existence from textiles to medical supplies. Therefore understanding the production rate and its consumption by countries plays a pivotal role for consumers and businesses alike. So, today we will have some insights on the Top 12 Cotton Producing Countries in the World. And also which countries top the list in cotton production.

top 12 cotton producing countries

List of Top 12 Highest Cotton Producing Countries in World

12 highest cotton producing countries

  • China

  • India

  • United States

  • Brazil

  • Australia

  • Turkey

  • Pakistan

  • Uzbekistan

  • Greece

  • Turkmenistan

  • Argentina

  • Mali

12 Highest Cotton Producing Countries in World

1. China


China is the largest cotton producer in the world. It dominates the worldwide cotton market and contributes a major share globally. China has produced 6,684 thousand metric tons of cotton in the years 2022-2023. Additionally, China has a large cotton landscape and favorable climatic conditions. This along with advanced farming techniques benefits farmers with huge cotton output.

2. India


India occupies the second position in the list of top cotton producers in the world. Cotton production in india in 2022-2023 reached 5,661 metric tons. India has a vast agricultural land and favorable weather that allows farmers to grow crops extensively in the country. Indian cotton industry products are known for their strength and luster.

The Top 10 Cotton Producing States in India are: 

  • Gujarat 

  • Maharashtra 

  • Telangana 

  • Andhra Pradesh 

  • Madhya Pradesh 

  • Karnataka 

  • Haryana 

  • Rajasthan 

  • Punjab 

  • Odisha

Source: Press Information Bureau Government of India

3. United States


The United States emerges as the 3rd largest cotton producer in the world. The total cotton production in the United States reached 3,150 thousand metric tons in 2022-2023. With the use of advanced farming practices and modern technology, the USA holds its status as a major player in cotton production. South states like Texas and Mississippi are the major cotton producers in the United States. They carry a long history of cotton cultivation in the USA. however, their production has reduced in recent years due to competition and government policies.

4. Brazil


Brazil's cotton industry is on a remarkable rise from past years. The cotton production in Brazil reached 3062 thousand metric tons in the year 2022-2023. Brazil has a vast fertile land which contributes to more fruitful growth of cotton annually. In addition, strategic farming initiatives and government subsidies are the major contributors to the increase in cotton cultivation in Brazil. Thus, making it a major exporter in the cotton market.

5. Australia


Australia stands 5th on the list with a total cotton production of 1,263 thousand metric tons in 2022-2023. The country has achieved this remarkable rise due to its innovative techniques and efficient farming practices. Hence, Australia also emerges as a strong competitor among the other largest cotton producers in the world. Despite water scarcity issues, Australia continued to be a major player in cotton production.

6. Turkey


Turkey's cotton production is deeply rooted in its rich agricultural heritage and advanced farming practices. In 2022-2023, turkey’s cotton production showed a rise of 1,067 thousand metric tons. Turkey focuses on sustainability and quality thus making a major contribution to the worldwide market. The Aegean region in Turkey is the major producer of cotton. The country also provides high-quality yarn and textiles for export.

7. Pakistan


Pakistan, which is also known as a textile powerhouse is a significant contributor of cotton globally. Despite water scarcity and pest infestations, Pakistan provides a high cotton output. In 2022-2023, Pakistan’s cotton production reached 849 thousand metric tons.

8. Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan is also showing remarkable growth in its cotton production. They have achieved a total cotton production of 740 thousand metric tons in 2022-2023. Hence, Uzbekistan is emerging as a major player in cotton production in central Asia. Government efforts and improvement in agriculture infrastructure are the major contributors that are driving growth. 

9. Greece


Greece occupies the position in the list with a total cotton production of around 305 thousand tons in the world. Additionally, Greece’s cotton is in high demand in the global market due to its superior quality.

10. Turkmenistan


Turkmenistan is also emerging as a major contributor of cotton worldwide. The country secures the top 10 position as the largest cotton producer in the world. In 2022-2023, the country's total cotton production reached 299 thousand tons. The region's favorable climate and government initiatives are major contributors to increasing cotton production.

11. Argentina


Argentina is popularly known for its soybean production. But now they are reaching new heights by increasing their cotton production. Argentina is also the biggest cotton producer in the world, which successfully sold 245 thousand metric tons of cotton in 2022-2023. Argentina’s Chaco region is the major cotton-producing area.

12. Mali


Mali is also a significant contributor of cotton from the African region. Mali’s total production in 2022-2023 reached 160 thousand metric tons. Thus holding the 12th position globally in cotton production and becoming the top cotton producer in Africa.


So, as we move through the top 12 cotton-producing countries in the world, it becomes clear that it's not only an agricultural endeavor but reflects the major part of their economies. Many countries in the world are the major exporters of cotton worldwide and strengthening their economies. So, I hope this article has made you aware of the cotton production in the world, their output, and trends worldwide.

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