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Newly Launched Captain 280 4WD Lion Series Tractor: Perfect Blend of Style and Strength

Newly Launched Captain 280 4WD Lion Series Tractor: Perfect Blend of Style and Strength

    Newly Launched Captain 280 4WD Lion Series Tractor: Perfect Blend of Style and Strength

15 Mar, 2024

The most exciting and awaited moment is here for all the farmers and agriculture enthusiasts!

Today on 15th March 2024, Captain Tractors have launched their powerful and advanced Captain 280 4WD LS tractors.  

According to Captain Tractors, this newly launched mini tractor is equipped with the optimum power and performance. This will allow farmers to accomplish their agriculture tasks more easily with improved comfort, safety, and advanced features. They have focused more on features, safety, and comfort in manufacturing of this Captain tractor. They ensure farmers have more increased productivity with less fuel consumption. Its fuel-efficient engine provides less fuel consumption saving time and operational costs.

Moreover, the tractor is a combination of excellence and efficiency. It is manufactured with cutting-edge technology and exceptional features that ensure the tasks are completed with precision and ease.  It guarantees more work in less time and also allows for long hours of work without fatigue. This guarantees the reliability and durability of the tractor.

So let's dive into the features of the newly launched Captain 280 4WD LS tractor.

Features of Captain 280 4WD LS

  • Captain 280 4WD LS has a 28 HP capacity fuel-efficient engine.

  • It has more power, comfort, style, and safety for more productive work operations

  • Captain 280 4WD LS has 9 forward and 3 reverse gears with ( HML+R) transmission system. Moreover, farmers can set the speed according to their farming needs to low, medium, or high for efficient operations

  • The tractor is equipped with a 2-cylinder engine that guarantees more power, performance, and efficiency for a longer duration of work.

  • Captain 280 4WD LS is also faster and superior in performing heavy operations with ease. Hence, farmers can accomplish more challenging tasks easily

  • It also guarantees comfort in agriculture operations with features such as a suspension seat, ANti-sleep rubber mat, rubber pads, extra footsteps, hydrostatic power steering, easy gear shifting, and fender handles. It is an ergonomically designed tractor, that will ensure comfortable operations without being fatigued.

  • The Captain 280 4WD also brings more attractive and stylish features such as a modern design, and stylish projector headlamps for better night operations.

  • The tractor also offers the versatility to attach different implements with its heavy-duty 3-point linkage, which offers better precision while operating heavy loads.

  • This advanced technology tractor also has a side shift easy gear, PTO, and hydraulic lever for more comfort.

  • 540/540 ERPM 2 PTO allows efficient and high performance with different mechanical equipment.

  • The 4WD Captain tractor has a wheel setting that allows the wheel adjustments according to the different crop operations like;

  1. 28” track width - suitable for cotton, sugarcane, potato, groundnut, soybean, chickpeas.

  2. 29”  Track Width - suitable for groundnut, cotton, and chickpeas

  3. 32” Track Width - Chilli, groundnut, cotton, and castor.

  4. 33” Track Width - for Corn and Chilli

  5. 35” Track Width - For soybean, Banana, groundnut, chickpeas, and cotton

  6. 37” Track Width - for groundnut

  7. 39” Track width - capable of groundnut, chickpeas, and soybean.

  • Captain 280 4WD LS provides 1000 kg of hydraulics lift for several heavy farming tasks.

  • It has a short turning radius of 2.5 nm allows it to work in narrow fields more efficiently.

  • The tractor also brings modern safety features such as a fully protective silencer and elbow that ensure smooth and seamless agriculture operations.

  • It has oil-immersed brakes and modern parking brakes for better grip in different fields.

So, this newly launched Captain 280 4WD LS is a power-packed tractor that offers a fuel-efficient engine, and exceptional features ensuring safety and comfort. Moreover, the tractor will ensure increased productivity, efficiency, and performance in different farming operations. In addition, farmers can benefit from this reliable and durable tractor in improving their outcome with less operational cost.

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