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Captain tractors are one of the leading manufacturers of Mini Tractors and implement in India that are suitable for all agricultural crops, seasons, and operations. Captain tractors offer a variety of tractors ranging from 15 HP to 26 HP. Captain tractor prices in India in 2023 starting from Rs. 2.95 lakhs to 5.20 Lakhs* in 2023. The company also exports its agricultural products and machinery. Captain tractors provide the best tractors that are affordable, efficient, lower in maintenance cost and high millage. Captain Mini Tractor consumes 40% less fuel in comparison to other tractors in India. The heart of Captain Mini Tractors is its superior engine, tested and certified by ARAI as a norm for pollution control. At TractorGyan, You will get a wide range of captain tractors at an affordable budget.

Captain Tractors Price List 2023 in India


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Recently Asked Question about Captain Tractors:

The Captain tractor HP range starts from 15 hp to 28 hp.

Captain tractor price range starts from Rs. 2.95 lakh to Rs. 5.20 lakh.

The most fuel-efficient Captain tractor is the Captain 200 DI.

Captain 250 DI 4WD is the best tractor in Captain tractor.

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated Captain tractor price list.

The best Captain 4WD tractor in India is the Captain 273 4WD.

At tractorgyan, visit the Locate tractor dealer page to find the Captain tractor dealers and showrooms.

The Captain tractor's average lifting capacity is 500 kg to 1000 kg.

Mr. G.T. Patel & Mr. M.T. Patel are the founders of Captain Tractor brand.

The best 15 HP Captain tractor is the Captain 120 DI.

The Captain 283 4wd 8G has the best hydraulic lifting capacity.

A popular Captain tractor in India is the Captain 250 DI 4WD.

All Captain tractor models work well with tractor implements.

The latest models of Captain tractors are Captain 263 4WD 8G and Captain 273 4WD 8G.

Captain's most powerful tractor is the Captain 280 4WD with a 28 hp engine.

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About Captain Tractor Price list in India

In 2023, Captain Tractor Price ranges from Rs. 2.85 to Rs. 5.20 lakh. In India, Captain Tractor offers eight tractor types with a hp range from 15 hp to 28 hp.

Captain Tractors Pvt. Ltd. has also developed a number of attachments and implements that are required to boost the overall capacity of Captain mini tractors. Aside from compact tractors, they're working on self-propelled reapers for wheat, rice, and soya bean harvesting that can run on petrol, diesel, or kerosene.

Captain Mini Tractor's functioning is superior to that of other Mini Tractors and Power Tillers in comparison. In comparison to other tractors, the Captain Mini Tractor uses roughly 40% less fuel and the price of captain mini tractors in India is economical for farmers.

Captain Tractors Pvt ltd has established itself in the market in such a way that it is now considered one of the best tractors and agricultural machinery manufacturers. Captain Tractor is a well-known and well-recognized tractor brand in India, as well as a leading manufacturer of micro tractors and other tools.  

Captain Tractor brand was founded in India with the goal of manufacturing highly efficient and effective tractors at a cost that is both cheap and sensible. The company's goal is to make efficient tractors with reduced maintenance costs and higher mileage.

The company, on the other hand, proudly claims to be the reason for thousands of farmers finding comfort and relaxation in their farming operations, as well as success stories that have been shared throughout the world. Captain Tractor is dedicated to working in tandem with the farmer's dreams and aspirations by designing high-quality, fuel-efficient tractor manufacturing.


History of Captain Tractors in India-

The company was founded in 1994 by the Patel brothers, G.T. Patel and M.T. Patel, who did everything they could to bring up unique Captain tractor models in India that could do everything they could to make Captain tractors the best and most popular in the market.

After long days of toil and sleepless nights, India finally saw the introduction of innovative Agri products and ideal "Mini tractors" that could meet all of the farmers' needs and demands while keeping their living standards within their budgetary constraints. With quick growth, Captain Mini tractors assisted the farmers in increasing and improving their production. They have created new items, equipment, advanced and inventive machinery, and high-quality Captain tractors that are ideal for every farming use.

Captain Tractor has earned the reputation of having superb and ideal farm machines since that time. In India, the Captain tractor models have engines ranging from 20 hp to 28 horsepower. In addition, Captain Tractor offers nine exclusive models in the mini or compact tractor categories, and the price of captain mini tractors is not a matter of concern. Tractors with 2WD and 4WD are also available.

What are the Popular Models of Captain Tractors in India?

Captain tractors are highly preferred for small lands or orchards, and the Captain tractor brand has earned a reputation for producing the best tractors to meet the needs of farmers. However, there are some excellent performing Captain tractor new models that fall into the category of the most popular and highly demanded Captain tractor models.

The Captain brand of tractors is ideal for the majority of agricultural applications in Indian fields. As a result, these Captain tractors in India are based on a sturdy frame and powerful tractor mechanism, making them the best in every way. The Captain tractor Price list is far too low, and it is based on cutting-edge technology and modernization. 

Popular Captain Tractors List in India in 2023

Captain 283 4WD- 8G, Captain 200 DI, Captain 280 4WD, Captain 250 DI, Captain 280 DI, Captain 250 DI-4WD, Captain 273 DI, Captain 200 DI-4WD.


Captain Tractor HP Range:

Captain Tractors need no introduction when it comes to the mini tractor segment. Captain mini tractors have really set the bar high for mini tractors because they have changed the game with their amazing design and latest features built with amazing technology.

The mini tractors by Captain consume 40% less fuel than any other mini tractor. The Captain mini tractors start from 15 HP and go up to 26 HP. Here the best tractor models under the two HP range under 20 HP and 21-30 HP are given below with their specifications.

Captain Tractor Under 20 HP:

Mini tractors under the range of 20 HP are fit for small scaled tasks, the best Captain tractor under 20 HP is Captain 200 DI  4wd which is a 20 HP tractor that comes with 1 cylinder, can lift up to 500 kg comes with a wheelbase that is 1500 mm wide, and comes with the water-based cooling system with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, single type clutch and this captain 20 hp tractor price is  Rs.3.60 Lac*- Rs.3.95 Lacs*.

Captain Tractor Under 21-30 HP:

Captain 21 hp - 30 hp tractors are fit for medium-level tasks. And this is the highest hp range offered by captain tractor. The best Captain 25 hp tractor is Captain 250 DI 4wd tractor which is a mini tractor with a water-based cooling system, and 2 engine cylinders. All of it and more only at a price range of Rs. 3.90 Lacs* -Rs.4.40 Lacs*.


What are the Captain tractor prices in India?

When compared to the competition, the pricing for a Captain tractor in India is relatively inexpensive. Captain tractor Price in India starts at Rs 3.85 lakhs*. The most costly Captain tractor in the bunch costs Rs 5.20 lakhs* and comes with all of the necessary features and characteristics. As a result, captain tractors are well worth the money.

Furthermore, the Captain tractors perform with integrity, honesty, efficiency, and a high level of belief that never allows them to go out of favor with the market. Furthermore, this brand's tiny tractors are well-liked and are the greatest exporters of compact tractors in India, both locally and globally.


Where can we find videos of Captain Tractors?

Tractor Gyan's YouTube channel will teach you everything you need to know through Captain Tractors videos. All of the videos on the tractor gyan channel were shot with a high-resolution camera to ensure that you have all of the information you need about Captain Tractor. So, head over to Tractor Gyan's YouTube channel to learn everything you need to know about Captain Tractor prices in India, features, and other details. You can also show your support for our tractor education efforts by leaving comments on videos and giving likes.


What are the second-hand Captain tractors in India that can be purchased?

Second-hand products are typically thought to be the most heavily worn and undeserving of utility and price, but the used Captain tractors for sale in India on Tractor Gyan are in excellent condition and have been thoroughly tested for quality and effectiveness. Captain tractors are of exceptional quality and efficiency, ensuring their utility and long-term durability.

Second-hand captain tractors, on the other hand, are worth repurposing. You should check for second-hand tractors advertised on Tractor Gyan if you want a tractor that meets your budget in the most basic aspects while still being compatible and efficient as a brand-new Captain tractor.

We've compiled a list of tractors, along with specifications and prices, to help you make an informed decision about which tractors to buy and which dealers to contact. Tractor Gyan has compiled a wealth of material to assist you in learning everything there is to know about Captain Tractor


How to get Captain Tractor on loan?

Tractorgyan has now assisted thousands of farmers in obtaining a tractor loan and made the process easier for them; many of them have successfully repaid the loan and are now in full control of their profits. Captain Tractor Loans come with simple installments and negotiable rates, but the element that makes them even more appealing is that you may get up to 90% of the cost of your tractor covered by the loan.


Who are the dealers of Captain tractors in India? 

For Captain Tractor brands, dealership marketing is the next big thing. They have certified dealers all over the country who have a better rapport and reputation in the market. Because the Captain tractor dealers are large and powerful, finding a Captain tractor showroom near you is now simple and convenient. If you wish to meet a local dealer of Captain tractors, go to Tractor Gyan and receive the contact information for the closest Captain tractor dealers in India that can provide you with the best tractor for commercial and agricultural use.

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