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Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Experience 7.2% Down in FY'24; 16.7% Down in March 2024

Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Experience 7.2% Down in FY'24; 16.7% Down in March 2024

    Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Experience 7.2% Down in FY'24; 16.7% Down in March 2024

01 Apr, 2024

Escorts Kubota is a trusted name in both domestic & international tractor markets and with the approaching end of FY'24, it’s time to review Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales in FY’24 performance.

This is why TractorGyan tracked the month-on-month performance of Escorts Kubota and provided you with a crisp overview of Escorts Kubota FY'24 sales.

Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales in March 2024 

Last month of financial year FY’24, March 2024, remained a little dull for Escorts Kubota as it demonstrated a significant drop in YoY sales in total, domestic, and export tractor sales. 
The total Escorts Kubota tractor sales in March 2024 is 8,587 units, out of which 8,054 tractors were sold in domestic markets and 533 tractors were sold in export markets. The total Escorts Kubota tractor sales in March 2023 was 10,305 units and domestic and export market breakdown was 9,601 units and 704 units. This way, Escorts Kubota experienced a drop of 16.7%, 16.1%, and 24.3% in YoY total, domestic, and export sales. 

Overview of Escorts Kubota Domestic and Export Tractors Sales in Financial Year 2024

For FY'24, Escorts Kubota (Farmtrac tractor and Powertrac tractor) recorded a laudable growth in only four months, May 2023, June 2023, July 2023, and November 2023, for the domestic tractor market.

In export markets, FY’24 Escorts Kubota was a little slow as no month demonstrated a noticeable growth.

Monthly Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales in 2024

  Escorts Kubota FY’24 Tractor Sales    Escorts Kubota FY’23 Tractor Sales
Months Domestic Export Total Domestic Export Total
April 7,252 313 7,565 7,676 649 8,325
May 8,704 463 9,167 7,667 754 8,421
June 9,270 580 9,850 9,265 786 10,051
July 5,161 409 5,570 4,704 656 5,360
August 5,198 395 5,593 5,308 803 6,111
September 10,114 747 10,861 11,384 848 12,232
October 12,642 563 13,205 13,843 649 14,492
November 7,855 403 8,258 7,359 601 7,960
December 4,131 405 4,536 4,979 594 5,573
January 5,817 368 6,185 6,235 414 6,649
February 6,041 440 6,481 7,245 566 7,811
March 8,054 533 8,587 9,601 704 10,305
Total 90,239 5,619 95,858 95,266 8,024 1,03,290

FY- Financial Year from April to March

Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales in FY’24

The total Escorts Kubota tractor sales for FY'24 is 95,858 units against the 1,03,290 units sales in FY’23. This way, Escorts Kubota demonstrated a drop of 7.2% in total YoY tractor sales.

The total Escorts Kubota FY'24 tractor sales for domestic markets is 90,239 units while it was 95,266 units in FY’23. With this recorded sale, Escorts Kubota experienced a drop of 5.3% in YoY sales. In export markets, Escorts Kubota FY '24 tractor sales are 5,619 units against the 8,024 units sold in FY’23. This way, Escorts Kubota experienced a drop of 30% in YoY export market sales.


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