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VST Tractors and Tillers Sales in FY’24 Decline by 3254 Units

VST Tractors and Tillers Sales in FY’24 Decline by 3254 Units

    VST Tractors and Tillers Sales in FY’24 Decline by 3254 Units

01 Apr, 2024

With the end of March 2024, we marked the wrap of FY'24 as well. TractorGyan brings you the right and relevant information related to VST tillers and tractors sales in FY’24. Let’s review the VST FY’24 performance in each category.

Overview of VST Tillers Sales in FY'24

VST power tiller sales in FY'24 were impressive as 7 out of 12 months experienced notable growth. These 7 months are May 2023, June 2023, July 2023, August 2023, September 2023, January 2024, and February 2024.  It’s great for VST to notice growth in so many months and indicates its strong position in the Indian power tiller market.

Overview of VST Tractors Sales in FY'24

In the tractor sales domain, June 2023 was the only month where VST demonstrated noticeable growth in financial year 2024.

VST Tillers and Tractors Sales in FY'24: Monthly Breakdown

  VST FY’24 Tillers and Tractors Sales VST FY’23 Tillers and Tractor Sales
Months Tillers Tractor Total Tillers Trator Total
April 1,790 412 2,202 2,355 507 2,862
May 3,319 437 3,756 3,037 849 3,886
June 4,016 622 4,638 3,769 589 4,358
July 5,021 485 5,506 3,747 502 4,249
August 3,616 421 4,037 3,002 600 3,602
September 2,092 535 2,627 2,070 586 2,656
October 1,220 289 1,509 1,368 474 1,842
November 1,801 295 2,096 2,045 547 2,592
December 2,039 395 2,434 4,043 516 4,559
January 3,820 326 4,146 3,706 600 4,306
February 3,773 397 4,170 3,511 491 4,002
March 4,061 762 4,823 5,596 872 6,468
Total 36,480 5,388 41,868 38,247 6,875 45,122

Total VST Sales in FY’24

The combined (tillers & tractors) VST sales in FY'24 is 41,868 units. Compared to FY'23, FY’24 experienced a considerable drop in both power tillers and tractor sales. The combined VST FY’23 sale was 45,122 units. 

If we talk about total VST tillers sales in FY'24 against FY’23, we learn that FY'23 was a better year. VST FY'24 total power tiller sales is 36,480 units whereas total VST FY’23 power tiller sales was 38,247 units. 

VST tractor sales in FY'24 are 5,388 units, which is less than the tractor sales in FY’23. VST tractor sales in FY'23 were 6,875 units. 

Total VST Sales in March 2024 

The total VST Sales in March 2024 is 4,823 units while it was 6,468 units in March 2023. As a consequence of this downturn in sales, VST demonstrated a considerable year-on-year decline.

The VST tiller sales in March 2024 is 4,061 units against 5,596 units sold in March 2023. This sale demonstrates a drop in YoY power tiller sales. 

VST tractor sales in March 2024 are 762 units, which is lesser compared to March 2023. With recorded VST tractor sales of 872 units in March 2023, VST registered a YoY decline for tractors as well.  

TractorGyan’s Take on VST Tillers Tractors in Financial Year 2024

As a leading online marketplace for farmers, TractorGyan maintains a keen oversight of the Indian tractor market and tries to provide farmers with useful insights. Our careful examination of FY'24 VST Tiller Tractor performance indicates that FY’24 for VST remained a little dull for the tractor domain. 

However, VST tillers FY'24 sales are near what it was in FY’23. VST dominates the power tiller realm and these sales numbers proved it again. VST Tillers Tractors launched Series 9 in FY’23. This is a mini tractor series with advanced features. TractorGyan believes that this new launch will certainly boost VST tractor sales in the future. 

In addition, VST smart farm machines like VST 165 DI electric start power tiller and more will certainly help this manufacturer to have positive growth in upcoming months. 

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