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CNH Expands India Technology Center with first-of-its-kind Cutting-Edge Multi-Vehicle Simulator

CNH Expands India Technology Center with first-of-its-kind Cutting-Edge Multi-Vehicle Simulator

    CNH Expands India Technology Center with first-of-its-kind Cutting-Edge Multi-Vehicle Simulator

12 Apr, 2024

Gurugram, April 11, 2024: CNH, a global leader in agricultural and construction solutions, today announced the addition of a cutting-edge Multi-Vehicle Simulator (MVS) at the company’s India Technology Center (ITC).

The first-of-its-kind MVS in the Indian off-highway segment will play a pivotal role in CNH's global operations. This will serve as a key platform for various functions, including ergonomics simulation, user experience testing of controls, customer  clinics, design reviews for product development teams, product validation and employee training.

Speaking at the inauguration, Friedrich Eichler, Chief Technology Officer, CNH, said, “The expansion and enhancement of our India Technology Center (ITC) exemplify our unwavering commitment to innovation, harnessing India’s rich  talent pool. This strategic move reflects our dedication to leveraging top-notch  expertise to drive technological advancements in the agricultural and construction sectors in the region for the region. The ITC is a cornerstone of CNH's commitment to deliver technologically advanced products to our customers.”

“This technological advancement also supports our sustainability goals by helping us reduce waste and improve quality by testing and evaluating our products in the virtual world before developing a prototype or testing them in the real world," he added.

The Simulator is equipped with advanced features such as body tracking sensors, virtual reality headsets and devices, multiple display screens, video and audio conference capture and playback systems, related software, Software - Hardware integration, and an adjustable frame to replicate various cabs.

“The new Multi-Vehicle Simulator is a significant advancement in our R&D capabilities at the ITC,” said Ashish Sharma, Vice President and Managing Director – ITC, CNH. “With its cutting-edge features and versatile applications, it will empower our teams to innovate and refine our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. This development is a further step towards CNH’s vision to position India as a key technology location, in addition to its role as an industrial hub.”

The company also announced an expansion of the ITC. The new floor, spanning 32,000 square feet is equipped with high-tech amenities including three R&D labs as well as collaborative work areas. The modern design and advanced technology in this new space will enhance the working environment and boost productivity of the teams.

Established in 2021, the ITC plays a strategic role in forging collaborative efforts with its sister R&D centers around the world to innovate and leverage the leadingedge technology and digital ecosystem in India, with increased efficiency to benefit customers. The center develops groundbreaking technologies, including software, embedded electronics, and data analytics, to support CNH’s India business as well as its global product portfolio.

CNH India serves the country through its Case IH, New Holland, and CASE Construction Equipment brands, delivering on the promise to provide world-class products of engineering excellence. The company has a robust network of 470+ dealers and over 1,000 touchpoints in India, demonstrating its strong and trusted presence.

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वित्तीय वर्ष 2024 के लिए फाड़ा रिटेल ट्रैक्टर बिक्री रिपोर्ट में भारतीय ट्रैक्टर बाजार के लिए अच्छी खबरें। महिंद्रा ने बिक्री में उत्कृष्ट प्रदर्शन किय...
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ट्रैक्टर खरीदते समय हॉर्सपॉवर (एचपी) और सीसी को ध्यान में रखें। एचपी ट्रैक्टर की कार्यक्षमता को बढ़ाता है, जबकि सीसी इंजन की भरपूरता को निर्धारित करता...

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