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Top 5 Happy Seeders Machine: Transforming Farm Work into Delightful Endeavors

Top 5 Happy Seeders Machine: Transforming Farm Work into Delightful Endeavors

    Top 5 Happy Seeders Machine: Transforming Farm Work into Delightful Endeavors

30 Apr, 2024

A happy seeder machine is an efficient agriculture implement, which helps in sowing the seeds without a prior need for seedbed preparation. It directly sows the seed into the untilled soil. It is mainly practised in wheat and paddy fields. Happy Seeder Machine eliminates the need to till or burn the crop residues left after harvesting, thereby preventing the emission of greenhouse gases. It even fosters sustainable agriculture practices. Happy Seeder Machine works by cutting the residue while simultaneously placing seeds into the soil. Moreover, this practice also helps conserve soil moisture and improve soil health. Happy Seeder Machine has a straw managing chopper and a zero till drill, which helps in sowing new crops in the leftover residues of previous crops. 

How Happy Seeder Works

Happy Seeder Machine is a one-stop solution for farmers seeking sustainable farming operations, which helps them prevent soil erosion and improves productivity. Happy Seeder Machine works by sowing seeds directly into the untilled soil while also managing crop residue. The machinery has many blades which help in cutting the previous crop residues that remained after harvesting. It cuts the residues into smaller pieces thereby enabling the smoother planting of seeds and promoting decomposition.

Furthermore, the Happy seeder machine then makes small furrows where the seeds are planted. Moreover, the seed distribution is carried out efficiently with the help of a seedbox where seeds are placed and then distributed evenly and metered out. Many happy seeder machines perform compaction, where the soils are compacted upon seeds with the help of roller and press wheels equipped in the happy seeder machine. This ensures the seed soil contains sand and also helps in retaining moisture. 

Where does Happy Seeder help in agriculture?

Happy seeder machines help in various farming practices from sowing, tilling, seeding, and managing crop residues. It is mainly practised in wheat and paddy fields. It is beneficial in fields facing soil degradation, air pollution, water scarcity, and more. There are various other areas where happy seeder machine can be beneficial for farming. 

They can be used to conserve soil from degradation, happy seeder machine practices a tilling formula where it plants seeds without tilling the soil and then covers the soil with leftover residues. Thus, it retains moisture in the soil and prevents emissions of greenhouse gases caused by to burning of residues.

Direct seeding through happy seeder machines helps in water conservation as it retains the moisture in the soil thereby requiring less water through irrigation. It benefits areas with water scarcity.

Moreover, using the crop residue as mulch also resists weed growth. Thus, eliminating the need for herbicides and manual weeding. Hence, Happy Seeder Machine saves the time and resources of farmers.

Overall, the functionalities of Happy seeder Machine can improve the crop's yields and bring sustainable intensification and happy seeder cost makes it an even better option.

Best 5 Happy Seeder Machines

1. Fieldking Happy Seeder 

fieldking happy seeder

Fieldking happy seeder machine is the on-the-go time-saving solution for sowing seeds directly into the soil. It is a combination of rotary tiller and seed planters. Happy Seeder Machine can effectively sow seeds while simultaneously cutting the residues mixing them with soil and conserving the soil from degradation.

Key Features are:

  • It has an efficient metering and easy metering system that ensures proper germination while changing seed varieties with minimum seed waste.

  • Happy Seeder Machine has features like a seed box, fertilizer box, seed and fertilizer metering mechanisms, furrow opener tynes, PTO drive gearbox, cutter blades, adjustable depth wheels, etc.

  • It has Cutter blades which shred crop residue. Plus, forged tynes make furrows for sowing seeds.

  • The Fieldking Happy seeder Machine has many models with different numbers of tynes present. It can be   9, 10, 11 and 12 with 48, 54, 60 and more blades.

The Fieldking Happy seeder price in India starts from Rs.1.70 lakh* in India in 2024.

2. KS agrotech Happy Seeder  

ks agrotech happy seeder

KS agrotech happy seeder machine is designed to sow seeds and spread fertilizer with the tractor above 50 HP. It has ten tines to sow seeds while maintaining a row distance of 228 mm. It allows the farmer to sow wheat right after the harvest of the rice from the field. The weight of this happy seeder is 650 kg.

Key features are:

  • KS agrotech Happy seeder machine allows farmers to sow wheat and rice one after another in the same field.

  • Capability to sow crops in the previous residue itself, retaining moisture while saving for irrigation.

  •  It helps in improving soil health and is environmentally friendly. 

The KS agrotech Happy seeder price in India starts from Rs. 1 lakh* in India in 2024.

3. Malkit Happy Seeder

malkit happy seeder

Malkit happy seeder machine is an environmentally and fuel-efficient agriculture machinery which efficiently sows seeds while cutting residues and then using it as mulch. Thus, helps in fertilizing the field and helps in retaining moisture. They ensure durability and efficiency with this Happy seeder machine.

Key features are:

  • Malkit Happy seeder technology is environment-friendly technology

  • It helps in improving soil health while mixing the previous residues into the soil.

  • It is fuel efficient and helps in retaining moisture in the soil, thus improving the quality of the yield.

  • It is capable of working with banana, sugarcane, vegetables and rice fields.

The Malkit Happy seeder price in India starts at Rs. 2.40 lakhs* in India in 2024.

4. Jagatjit Happy Seeder 

jagatjit happy seeder

Jagatjit Happy seeder technology is an efficient seeding technology, which helps in sowing the seeds without the need to form a seed bed, it helps in mixing the residue in the soil while seeding. This helps in cutting the cost of labour, while saving your time and money.

Key features are:

  • It is fuel efficient implement

  • Offers compatibility with tractors above 50 HP

  • Works seamlessly and faster

The Jagatjit Happy seeder price in India starts from Rs.1.70 lakhs* in India in 2024.

5. Dasmesh Happy Seeder 

dasmesh happy seeder

Dashmesh Happy seeder machine is a modern seeding machinery, which enhances the work efficiency of farmers. It is a fuel-efficient engine, that guarantees more work in less time with its improved 10 tines 3 stroke feature. You can accomplish your seeding process seamlessly.

Key features are:

  • 10 Tines 3 stroke feature

  • Fuel efficient 

  • Ensures productivity and durability

The Dashmesh Happy seeder price in India starts from Rs. 1.58 lakhs in India in 2024

Happy Seeder vs Super Seeder

Happy Seeder and Super Seeder are used for the same purpose which is for sowing seeds without tilling. However, Happy Seeder and Super Seeder have different approach in doing it and offer advantages and disadvantages respectively.

Happy Seeder Super Seeder
Happy Seeder uses the cutting mechanism to cut the leftover residues into smaller parts. Whereas, super seeder uses more aggressive tools for tilling like rotavators to incorporate residues into the soil.
This can be capable of working in lighter soils. It is used in more compacted or heavier soils.
It works well for wheat and rice stubbles. It is suitable where the field has heavy stubble.
Happy seeder price in India is less expensive. Super seders are a little more expensive than happy seeders.
Small-size farms can use happy seeders, which are quite affordable and simple to use. Super Seeders can be used in large fields with high quantity crop fields.
It is an environmentally friendly option which prevents soil disturbance and improves soil health. Super Seeders uses more aggressive tools compared to happy seeders.

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Recently Asked Question about Top 5 Happy Seeders Machine: Transforming Farm Work into Delightful Endeavors

What is a Happy Seeder?

A Happy Seeder is an agricultural implement that sows seeds directly into untilled soil, eliminating the need for seedbed preparation.

What are some popular Happy Seeder brands?

Fieldking, KS AgroTech, Malkit, Jagatjit, and Dasmesh are some popular Happy Seeder brands in India.

What are the key features of a Happy Seeder Machine ?

Happy Seeder machine has cutter blades for residue management, seedboxes for efficient seed distribution, and furrow opener tynes for planting seeds.

What are the advantages of using Happy Seeder over traditional methods?

Happy Seeder machine saves time and labor by combining residue management and seed planting in one operation, enhancing soil health and crop yields.

What is the price range of Happy Seeder machines in India?

Happy Seeder Price in India starts from Rs. 1 lakh* and can go up to Rs. 2.4 lakhs*.

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